Mariana Moraes and Daniella Rodrigues, two students from the UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais) in Brazil, have created a 2015 calendar using only transgender models. Their inspiration? “A daily political and social struggle,” as they told the Huffington Post

“‘Geni: A photo shoot with transitioned bodies’ wishes to present to a transphobic society, the violent producer of invisibility and barriers in which we live, that everyone can and should be recognized as human beings, and not be sorted by gender. We seek to exploit the performance potential that exists within these bodies and that clashes with the established stereotype, pointing out the possibility of breaking certain stigmas,” says Mariana, emphasizing the project’s social importance.

According to the organizers, “Geni” is a project that calls into question the representation of transgender bodies, while shifting these people from a place of marginalization to a place of visibility.

Download the calendar here. There’s some interesting conversation going on in the HuffPost comments section; some are saying that this calendar reinforces the stereotype of trans women as purely sexual objects, while others argue that it’s empowering to embrace sexuality as a trans woman and to destroy the toxic “man in a dress” trope. What say you?