daniella is a turnip

Just saw Peter Capaldi live at a panel thing here in Auckland and here’s some of the best moments and hints for the season presented tonight:

- They showed us a clip from Heaven Sent. (Short clip mainly showing the place he’s in etc.)

- Peter said that Clara’s death onscreen is not a lie but the Doctor hasn’t given up on her yet. (Referring to a scene or more scenes with Clara, possibly dinner!Clara or an echo of her we are yet to see.

- He hinted that the Sonic Screwdriver will be back and that it will change it’s model because the previous one was the Eleventh Doctor’s model.

- He performed an extended version of an excerpt of the speech in the Zygon Inversion. They gave him a script and he performed it and it was beautiful.

- Flatline and Mummy on the Orient Express were filmed at the same time, that’s why Flatline needed to have less of the Doctor in it because he was filming Mummy on the Orient Express and vice versa with Jenna because she was filming Flatline.

- Whilst filming these, Jenna sent Peter a video of her and the cast and crew she was working with on Flatline singing ‘All by Myself’. In return Peter and some of the cast and crew of Mummy on the Orient Express took a video singing ‘Thank You For Being A Friend’ really badly (like they forgot all the lyrics).

- Peter was talking about how he was really proud that he grew his own goatee for The Three Musketeers, and subsequently how upset he was when he had to shave it off when he was announced as the Doctor.

- Peter demonstrated onstage his ‘Doctor’ running and pivoting at the end, which caused the knee injury (same as Matt Smith’s) that he had surgery for.

- Peter, Steven and Mark took part in a Doctor Who Pub Quiz thing at the Sydney Doctor Who Festical and came third place, the name of their team was ‘The Time Wasters’. 

- Peter said that Steven got questions wrong about scripts that he had written.

- Peter fanboyed about meeting the Dalek in Into the Dalek. Before they filmed the scene he had rehearsed with Barnaby Collins and Nick Briggs.

- Peter told us that his daughter used to walk Michelle Gomez’s dog long ago and knew her well.

- When Peter got the role as the Doctor, he couldn’t contain his excitement and because he couldn’t tell anyone, he would go out for walks on the street and hum the Doctor Who theme loudly to himself.

- In the first part of the show, they played this cool montage of all the Doctor’s last moments and regenerating over the top of Vale Decem and the screen dropped and smoke appeared and Peter walked through.

- In the second half, smoke appeared again and Peter came on stage wearing sunglasses and doing the air guitar.

- For the scene on the tank in The Magician’s Apprentice, Peter went home and learnt how to play the Doctor Who theme on the guitar. The part her played during the scene was ‘The Missing 8′ from the Doctor Who theme (the part in the middle that they don’t have in the theme anymore).

- Peter wants to have a sword fight with Michelle on the show with a real sword. He reckons the Doctor would win eventually.

- Peter said that the Auckland Show was the last night of his Doctor Who Press Tour for the year.


Welcome to the universe…you are here.

So we lay in the dark, ‘cause we’ve got nothing to say,                                                                       just the beating of hearts , like two drums in the grey,                                                                         I don’t know where we’re going, I don’t know what we’ve done,                                                           but the fire is coming and I think we should run…..

While I put on my shoes, he will button is coat,                                                                                   and we will step outside, checking the coast is clear,                                                                         on both sides, we don’t wanna be seen….
I think we should run…