It’s time the kid got free. The May issue of FASHION Magazine 
made a royal splash, with a cover adorned by the queen bee of pop, Lorde. That portrait and accompanying shots inside the mag—in which Lorde rocks splendid pieces from Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, and Louis Vuitton—were taken by photographer Chris Nicholls, who worked with stylist Zeina Esmail and hair/makeup artist Simone Otis on the job. 

Indulging our unflagging curiosity in the New Zealand songstress, Nicholls shares with us some behind-the-scenes details about the shoot:

“I flew to Houston to intercept Lorde at the beginning of her North American tour. Unexpectedly tall and bubbly, she bounced into the tiny studio space explaining that she hadn’t slept the previous night on the tour bus and had been up since 3:00am. Nonetheless, she was generous with her time and excited about the clothes we had brought.

"We chose a lighter hand with the makeup and refrained from giving her the goth look that she is known for. Instead we attempted to reveal an eloquent, beautiful girl at the height of fashion.”

Goal accomplished! Feast your eyes on more fashion photography by Chris Nicholls at DanieleForsythe.com.


When beauty pays more than mere lip service to social responsibility. Photographer Melissa Scheetz’s latest editorial for Elegant mag puts a spotlight on beauty with a conscience. “Mane Attraction” features cruelty-free skin and hair products, juxtaposed with a menagerie of small figurines representing a range of wild creatures that might otherwise suffer inhumane testing and production processes. “I had the idea to shoot this story for many years,” says Scheetz. “There should never be an ugly side to beauty. Protect our animals and the environment!”

Venus in furs. At Toronto’s historic Casa Loma, Chris Nicholls recently photographed chanteuse Lana del Rey in a lush assortment of vintage outfits for Fashion Magazine. As Nicholls tells us, it turned out to me a rather intimate session. “Several times she asked that the entire crew leave us to shoot in privacy. I never thought that I would find myself lying on a bed, in the master bedroom of a gothic castle, alone with Lana del Rey discussing the next shot."