daniele bianchi


This should never have happened.

Rest in peace, Jules. 


just found this video again and it is my everything.

You have DJ Giedo, Dan with his funky dance moves and Jules just being adorable as he always was. I wish we could have more of these videos.

We miss you Jules. 

The Hungarian GP was incredible and exactly what we needed for so many reasons, here are 10 off the top of my head, feel free to add anything:
1. Seb finally won again. At this point I’m hoping for literally anyone to win other than Lewis
2. Seb has now matched Senna’s win record
3. No Mercedes on the podium is always nice to see though I was hoping for Nico to get up there so he’d take the championship lead from Lewis but I’m okay
4. Kvyat’s first podium!!!!!! Also the first podium within the infant squad (what I call any driver under 24 basically)
5. Ricciardo’s first podium since fucking Christ rose from the dead
6. Lewis’ giant ego is shot down to the point where he’s being eerily silent on social media
7. MCLAREN PULLED THROUGH!!!! I’ve lovingly nicknamed Alonso “bitter beard” or “sad Spaniard” and I’m so glad he got high up in the top 10 after that rough weekend
8. Max (the youngest of the infant squad) got his highest place ever. This is only his 10th race in his career and he got fourth!
9. Even though Kimi had to drop out, he was super strong for most of the race and proved himself worthy of a spot in Ferrari next year. I’m still kinda doubting that he’ll stay but I think it’s more likely now
10. Pastor was being RUTHLESS

And they did it all for Jules!