January Favourites | Daniela

New little video on my channel! Thought I’d share with you my favourites for this month! Hope you like it :)


This song has been requested by so many of you for so many years and whilst I put it on my cover album that came out this past April, I still hadn’t uploaded a video for it so here it finally is! I hope you guys enjoy my rendition of this truly beautiful song. 

- D


Snippet Talks - Did You Think You’d Make It This Far?

This is a snippet of a small interview I did a few months ago for some lovely girls in Honduras. A lot of you have questions you ask me but doing long q&a videos is hard to sit through, I know. So I thought it’d be nice to start a new series answering most frequently asked questions or select ones I’d like to answer and talk about in less than a minute or two. 

So feel free to leave me new questions in the comment section and lets get talking…about anything and everything!