Hey lovelies from the NCIS:LA Fandom!

As some of you might have heard – Eric and Daniela will be attending MCM Comic Con 2017 in Hannover, Germany – and I can call myself one of the lucky people that will be going there and meet them.
However I know that not all of you can get such an opportunity which is why my dear friend Nadja ( @richardsprincessbob ) and I thought we would make a fanbook for each of them and give you all the chance to send a message/edit/or whatever you come up with.

Of course there are certain rules:

  • Please keep in mind we are talking about and to the actors and not the characters they play – it’s okay for you to voice your favoritism to their character but please don’t send in fanfictions because that might be awkward for you, as well as us giving it to them!
  • Also: Respect their privacy!! Both of them try to keep their kids out of the media/tv business – so please don’t use pictures of e.g. Wyatt or Esmé if Eric (or Sarah) did not post it himself(/herself). The same obviously goes for Daniela too!!

We would really love for this project to catch on, but we can only do that if we have enough people sending something in – therefore we set a minimum of at least 10 people participating (since we want them to receive a FULL book and not just barely 5 pages, if you know what I mean ;) )

Deadline: 8th May 2017 – 8 pm CEST

Now if you want to participate – do your edits, write your letters, do whatever you want.

If you have questions feel free to message me or Nadja (She will take over the book for Daniela) and we will try to answer your questions the best way possible.

When you’re finished – just message me and I will give you the E-Mail address you can send your things to.

Much love,



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