daniela x eric

Everyone has three heart’s: The first you show only to strangers. The second you show only to your family and soul mate, and the third you never let anyone see because there’s too much truth and risk inside.
—  NCIS - Los Angeles

OMG. So this morning I was stewarding right near Eric and Daniela and all morning, he’s been introducing himself with “Hey, Eric” as if nobody knows who he is. So later on, I step up for my photo op with Eco and Dani and Eco says “Hey, Eric.” So I go “Who?” And Dani literally grabs me from behind in a bear hug and shouts “Yes! Thank you!” And she high fives me and then ECO fuckinfjdh goes “Touché”. And that is the story of how I met Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen.