daniela vega

  • Hamilton: It's alright Burr, I wish you brought this girl with you tonight Burr
  • Burr: You're very kind but I'm afraid it's unlawful, sir.
  • Hamilton: What do you mean?
  • Burr: She's married
  • Hamilton: I see
  • Burr: She's married to a british officer
  • Hamilton: ¡NO ME DIGA!

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people

It was a shock, to say the least. 

The whole neighborhood was in the bodega when it happened.  Nina, was there too. She felt lucky enough to get a chance to see this with everyone she loved. After a stressful year of working, and here she was, with everyone she loved. And Benny right by her side.
Radios were blasting the results, TV’s were on, and everyone gathered to De La Vega’s. Usnavi rarely uses that flat screen for anything, only for special events. Fifa; surprisingly, the Olympics; and previously for those last few debates. There was no doubt in everybody’s mind that he wouldn’t use the TV today.<br />
Almost everyone one of age had a sticker proudly displayed on their chest, like a medal of honor. Those who didn’t, couldn’t. Many have already thanked Nina for registering them.
Flags from all around hung from the fire escapes but one flag appeared the most constant: red, white and blue, donning stars and stripes. And all flown so freely in the soft breeze.
Usnavi and Vanessa were behind the counter busting out change and receipts, from energy drinks and cafe. Tonight was going to be a late one.
Daniela and Carla were in the corner, watching the screen, holding hands. Their hands seemed to be gripping to each others more as the states start to change colors. Some squeezes out of excitement, some out of fear.
Camila and Kevin were standing just outside the bodega. They eyed their little street. Oh, how it has changed, without looking any different day after day, until one day you notice, in retrospect, it’s has changed. It’s grown right before their eyes. And it just made a decision to change the world. They marveled at their street; they marveled at their daughter.
The Piragüero, is also outside the bodega, selling to neighbors walking into the store. Today’s special was, strawberry (red), Coconut (white), or raspberry (blue).
For once, Sonny didn’t have to drag Pete to the polls, they were there first thing in the morning. They were sucking down on one of Sonny’s slushie concoctions, to stay awake.

And then the night went on. People began holding their breath. Candle sales when up. Curses were screamed, prayers were whispered.

By the time the west coast was all counted up, it was late. And it was called.
It was called when Nina stood tall with tears gleaming in her eyes. For the first time in a long time she felt like she let everyone down.
It was called when Benny was holding on behind her, he was the only one to feel her tremble. He was the only one to hear her hold her breath for too long. He reminded her to breathe.
It was called when Carla was sobbing hard into Daniela’s shoulder. A thousand prayers and verses running through her mind. Her hands holding on to Dani more than ever.
It was called when Daniela stood blinking passed the tears in shock, not knowing what to do.  What to say. But somehow just knew to take a moment and smell Carla’s hair, like it was her last. It could be her last….
It was called when Camila felt a chill. Her mind was calculating just how much money they had in their accounts, just what they could leave behind in their apartment. It would be the first time she left somewhere with just a suitcase. For a flickering second, she thought of Claudia.
It was called when Kevin suddenly remembered his father’s stinging slap across his face. He could vaguely hear his voice in his ear, “Inútil”.
It was called when the Piragüero had a second thought of selling his piragua in those colors. He had a second thought of being here…
It was called when a curse fell from Pete’s mouth and a drink from Sonny’s hand. Fear rose over their faces, while their faith in humanity also fell.
It was called with every vile thing Vanessa was ever called and yelled at ringing in her ears. And for once, she let it get to her. She felt like she was those slurs. And she broke. She started crying harder than she ever thought she could.
It was called with cringes and curses and tears. It was called with people facing their screens in fear.
It was called. And in an instant, the rushing city was frozen. Usnavi knew every thoughts that ran across everyone’s mind. And then he had to face what was going through his mind. Would he have to sacrifice DR to be American? No matter what he knew he couldn’t. It’s as much of him now presently that it was his past. Would he have to sacrifice New York to be Dominican? How could he? After everything he’s parents gone through, how could he just reverse it? Was he welcomed here? Where any of them welcome here? Was this really home?
He stepped closer to comfort Vanessa, right when her legs gave out. He steadied her. Tears dampened his guayabera, and with every whimper she made he felt a pang of something he can’t even explain. He wrapped his arms tightly around her. There are many things they can take from him, but she’s not one of them.
Nina was right by her side. Vanessa turned to Nina enveloping her in a hug. Nina trying to keep it together for her friend who has always been so strong. But everything is weighing on her. And together they both cried.
Usnavi raised his gaze up high. Maybe to God, or maybe to the TV, maybe both. Just waiting to see the colors on the map change. Just waiting to see the numbers change. Just waiting to see the Ashton Kutcher come out, or something. After a minute of searching, he turned off the screen.
The store filled fell to a hush, with a few whimpers and quiet prayers.
The Nina and Vanessa stood there, shifting back and forth crying until Benny’s hand touched her shoulder. Nina looked up sniffling to see the whole community grieving, working through every emotion they can. She squeezed Vanessa’s hand as a final embrace and she turned to the crowd.

She spoke; Usnavi echoed her in Spanish, “Listen everyone, what just happened,” she pauses to find the best phrasing, “was an American Tragedy. It’s a disgrace to have been the product of a democratic system. Now I know, all of us are frightened for the consequences. Notice, I said consequences. It seems like: when there is a mix up, we pay the price. It seems like: even when we are Americans we are treated still like second class citizens. We are treat like we don’t have the same rights as everyone else.”
Grunts of approval come from the crowd.
“And today we went to the polls to tell them how we felt. How we suffer. And we suffer for simply being. Being the gender we are. For being the race we are. For having our skin be the shade it is. For loving who we love and praying to who we believe in. For just being here. And we are scared. But I know one thing. But we are not alone. And there are more of us, out there, demanding justice. We will exercise our right to protest, but we will do it by showing to the country what we think America is, or at least what it should be. We will show them our colors proudly. We will raise our voices high. We will stick together, with comfort and defense. Because, we are so many things but the most uniting factor is that we are Americans!
Many of us has been through dictators and corrupt governments Maybe, that’s why some of us are here. Let me ask those people: through everything that regime has put your country through… Do you still love that country?”
“Is there still a pride for that country?”
“Is there still a love for that country?”
“Is it still apart of you?”
“Then let this country also be apart of you, because you are apart of it! No one should have to sacrifice one of their identities over another. We should feel comfortable in our own home. We should hold who we are with pride and still be treated as equal. It will take time and will be hard work, but like Abuela said:”
“Tomorrow, is going to be surreal. Somehow, the world is going to get up and go on with it’s day. And you are going to wake up and you still are going to be here. And as long as we are here, we can make a difference.”

The bodega burst with applause. People’s tear streaked faces were met with enough confidence to get them through the night. The crowd exited the doors branching off in the street. One branch was lead by José, keys jingling in hand, ready to open his doors; the others went to their homes, minds, still processing what had happened.

The bodega was left quiet and empty. Some cups and wrappers confettied the floor.
Vanessa had joined Daniela and Carla in the corner, hugging and wiping away tears. Carla, all tired out, leaned on Daniela’s shoulder. Daniela stroking her hair, singing Juan Gabriel. With Carla nodding off on her shoulder, she invites Vanessa and Usnavi to sleepover at their place tonight. It was too late and too scary to go back downtown tonight. Vanessa took her up on that offer.
Camila and Kevin had gathered around their shaking daughter, with eyes beaming from pride and wet with fear. They tell her how proud they are of her. They tell her how much they love her. They tell her they will be right by her side.
Sonny got up to pick the abandoned cups. Pete still own the floor, eyes glossy and red. With all of the cups were picked up, Sonny began sweeping. Pete blinked out of his shock and got up, walking over to Sonny, ready to take the broom from him. Sonny didn’t surrender it. Instead, he kissed Pete’s forehead and asks him to sit down again. He wasn’t looking too good.
Usnavi stood there for a second, then did the only thing that seemed natural: count and move inventory. When he struggled to move the shipments of water bottles to the back, Benny stepped in to help. After moving the three shipments they took a rest, using the bulk packaging as a seat. The was a silence in there. Just the sounds of their panting. And then, Usnavi heard a different sound, a quiet sob. He turned to see Benny crying silently, hands hiding his face.
“Benny. Hey, man, we’re going to fine.”
“Are we though? Man, anyone we love can be taken away from us. I see how people look at me when I walk down the street. Almost everywhere in this city, I get side eyes. Stares. You’re probably the only store owner who doesn’t watch me when I’m in here. And it’s cause you know me.”
Usnavi grips his shoulder in solidarity.
“There a lot of things, I’m angry about. And a lot I’m worried about. But most of all, any day it seems like I could taken from Nina. Ever morning when I leave the mattress, I pray I make it home to her. I’m very aware I might just step off the curb at the wrong time, or have a busted tail light, and that could be the end for me. And I know she’s in high places, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a target. And I can’t…. I can’t imagine, what that would do to her. It would destroy her. I can’t leave her. I love her.”
Usnavi brings him in for a hug. And he holds his friend while he cries. There’s a silence in the back that seems allow the sobs echo, Benny felt not quite so alone.

With everyone out of the bodega, Usnavi took a moment to himself. And looked around at the livelihood his parents made. It was still standing. He goes behind the counter, and pulled out a Dominican flag and American flag. He hung them in the window, side by side.
He exited and locked up the door and  looked around. Everyone had gone home. Even the Piragüero had gone. Where does he go? Usnavi hoped to see him again.
Pulling down the grate, he was met with Abuela Claudia’s mural and with an idea.
He caught a glimpse of Sonny and Pete walking towards home, just down the street. He rushes over to catch up with them.
“‘Paciencia y Fe’ and ‘No pare, sigue, sigue’!” He calls out.
Pete and Sonny turned around, “What?”
“‘No pare, sigue, sigue’. It means don’t stop keep going and ‘Paciencia y Fe’ means-”
“Yeah, I know what it means, why you telling me?
“Can you write those. If you finish tonight I’ll pay you extra”
“Pete! He has a job for you.”
“Now, I know you’re tired, but, if you can-” Usnavi reacted into his pocket, pulling out his wallet.
“Naw, I can paint tonight.”
“Good. You’re going to need some new cans.”

Sorting Characters in Hogwarts Houses

•Usnavi — Hufflepuff, definitely
•Sonny — People think he is a Hufflepuff, Nope, he is a Ravenclaw
•Grafitti Pete — Slytherin, he is so ambitious, really
•Benny — Slytherin, “I’m the #1 Earner, the fastest learner”
•Vanessa — Gryffindor, just think about it.
•Carla — Hufflepuff (maybe Slytherin, is she a Slytherpuff?) “Dani…What would Jesus Do?”
•Daniela — Slytherin “Carla, DO I LOOK LIKE JESUS TO YOU?”
•Piragua Guy — Most people think he is a Hufflepuff, Nope, he is a Gryffindor, I know it deep in my heart.

[This is Just my opinion, ugh]

Usnavi falls in love with Nina instantly the first time he sees her, a little baby in a bundle of blankets, so tiny and pink and precious, a brother falling hard for his sister. He thought he’d never love anyone this much. Twenty-five years later and Nina lets him hold her firstborn child and Usnavi feels it all over again.

Vanessa's Types of Friendships
  • Nina: I don't care if we live ten minutes away, if you call me in the middle of the night and tell me something is wrong I will be there in five.
  • Daniela: Do I look up to you? Yes. Am I going to let anyone know that? No.
  • Carla: I can be pretty rude to you but as soon as someone else tries to be they won't know what hit them.
  • Sonny: The honorary sibling who will always be innocent no matter what you say.
Una Mujer Fantástica

Spoiler-free summary: I liked “Una Mujer Fantástica”’s (A Fantastic Woman) technical chops, and I like how Daniela Vega commits to the part of Marina, but the movie as a whole comes up short.

Spoilers after the bear.

Una Mujer Fantástica” never ends up coming together for me.

Marina looks to be in her twenties. She’s seeing a man in his late fifties, Orlando, the owner of a textile firm. They’re in love, moving in together, looking to go on a trip to Iguazú falls. Then Orlando has an aneurysm and, as Marina races to take him to the hospital, dies in the car.

Things will only get worse for Marina.

Chile is still a fundamentally macho country. Retrograde mentality instilled by the Catholic church still overrides basic human decency. Nevermind the age difference between her and Orlando, or that Orlando had left his wife to go with Marina. Marina is a trans woman. Once Orlando dies, his family members start tripping over each other to tell her what they think of her. Then an overeager cop starts asking questions about some bruises Orlando had, bruises we saw had an innocuous explanation. But on the situation, and coming from Marina’s mouth, the explanation is taken as the laziest excuse possible.

Una Mujer Fantástica” works as a drama. It’s hard to not feel sorry for Marina, who is just trying to be left alone and move on. There’s tension in waiting for her to either explode or melt down. There are some brilliant scenes. In a delirious sequence, we see her at the height of what might be a stress-related breakdown or drug fever. On a much calmer shot, she’s laying on a couch, naked, gazing into a mirror placed over her groin, her identity reflected on the area where her unseen genitalia is.

But then it just sputters out. Marina throws a fit. She says goodbye in what I expect it’s her head. It ends.

I liked it, for the most part. It’s well made. But I’m uncomfortable with the way it was all so nicely wrapped, with a bow on top and all. We get too many signs that Marina is losing it, and then, at the flick of a switch, it’s all good. She has recovered the only memento from the relationship that she cared about. She doesn’t seem to have any anger left. She has moved from singing latino covers in a club to choral with a quartet at a theater.

I’m not familiar with Sebastián Leilo’s filmography. There are comments about his first three films being very dark. Maybe he wanted to compensate while keeping things positive here.

Without the last grounded, homely scene before she goes to work, the ending would be more ambiguous. But as it is, it feels like cheating, like Leilo treats Marina not as a character but as a way to catalogue offences against trans people. If the message was supposed to be an unambiguous “it gets better”, at least a scene of how she got Diabla back would have improved things.

The impression I get is like Leilo wasn’t sure what he wanted the movie to feel like. That’s the wrong fit for a story about a woman who, regardless of what Chilean society might think of her, is so comfortable in her own skin.

Harry Potter P.S.A for all fandoms

Alright all you movers and shakers I am so not in a good move and am tired of explaining this by word of mouth or to them so our all gonna read it, I mean you don’t have to but I would like you to its important to me. So today I was scrolling through Tumblr going through my favorite ships, not even harry potter just the ships I go to day to day. And of course every fandom has at least on potter fic or head cannon. While I was doing this I came across yet another person who was pissed and throwing a fit about a character they liked being put into slytherin by this particular ship group, and this person was against this ship which is ok if the anti-shipper hadn’t been blaming this head cannon on this group of shippers and trashing all over SLYTHERIN HOUSE because the character they liked was categorized as a slytherin. They went on this whole long ass rant about how everyone in this ship group for the fandom were assholes for putting this character in slytherin like it was an insult to the character. My response to this is DID YOU EVN READ THE FUCKING BOOK! Slytherins are NOT EVIL or even mean. Your upset with us for deciding that a strong female working character is in this house but do you even understand what gets a person put into slytherin? Your stereotyping a whole house and yes some Slytherins are dicks but I think anyone upset about a character you like being put into slytherin is really stupid research the damn book, read the wiki, watch J.K Rowling’s interviews.

Traits of a slytherin
Slytherins who were not evil dick bags
Horace Slughorn
Andromeda Tonks
Severus Snape
Regulus Black
Draco Malfoy
Albus Potter
Scorpious Malfoy

Please do your damn research just because a house is known for making dark wizards does not mean all wizards in that house are dark.

some ITH family headcanons

Benny and Nina have a ridiculously perfect family of five kids. They have a girl, a boy, a girl, a boy, and a girl, all of them spaced 2 years apart, all of them smart and beautiful and healthy. Nina was actually pregnant with her first when she got married ; it happened by accident, the wedding was already planned when they found out, a happy surprise. She is insufferably know-it-all in her parenting skills, giving unprompted advice to others because she started having kids earlier than them (her first child was born two years after she graduated) and considers herself an expert. She tells the dad jokes. Benny is an amazing fun dad who is much more lenient than her and for this reason always sends the kids to her when they have to ask permission for something because he knows he’ll just bend and say yes if he lets them ask him.

Kevin and Camila are amazing grandparents, both completely gaga over their many grandkids. Camila is constantly feeding them, hiding them away under layers of handknitted sweaters to make sure they don’t catch a cold, while Kevin is teaching them everything he knows, reads books with them, speaks to them only in Spanish (he wants to make up for the fact that he initially didn’t speak Spanish with Nina − thought it’d be better for her to know only English), and he will often brag that in a way, he helped make them because his blood is in their veins too, as their Abuelo.

Sonny and Pete don’t have kids of their own, but both are involved with youth in their job. With his 32k, Sonny invested in a youth center to promote education for all the kids of the barrio and he’s a youth counselor there. Pete is an art teacher. They both find it very easy to talk to kids and teenagers and love spending time with them, but maybe because their jobs are so focused on them yougins, they never felt the need to found a family of their own. Sonny is constantly begging to babysit any kid at all, though.

Carla and Jane (how I call Sonny’s mom) both want kids, even though Jane has her Sonny who she loves more than anything. Carla is the one who carries the children because she’s younger (I hc that Jane had Sonny at 16 and that Carla is 6 years younger than her), and they have a girl, and then a boy. Carla is unbelievably soft with the kids but since they’re being raised by two angels, they’re not spoiled and are just well-behaved, gentle children with a huge heart and strong values taught by their big brother Sonny. Jane takes all three of her kids to protests and they all go to Pride together.

Usnavi and Vanessa have one child, a daughter. They have her pretty later on, like almost 15 years after getting together because they wanted to spend a big chunk of their adult lives together, just the two of them, but eventually, seeing Nina’s crew keep growing, Vanessa ended up wanting one of her own. Just one. They call her Claudia because Vanessa and Usnavi had a pact that one of them would pick the first name and the other the last name. Usnavi asked for the first name because it was more important for him to keep Abuela’s legacy than his own, so Claudia García it is. They still have not settled for either of their homes so they keep switching, spending one night at hers, another at his, and Claudia has two homes all her life where she’s safe and loved and cared for. As a baby/little kid, she spends all days at the bodega where Usnavi can keep an eye on her, and usually they ride a train back downtown to spend the night together as a family at Vanessa’s. Usnavi is exceptionally protective, a true mama hen, whereas Vanessa is more the kind of mom who tries to let her child find herself and be free. Claudia was born the same week as Nina’s youngest daughter, just like Vanessa and Nina were, and they’re also best friends. Usnavi constantly cries over it.

Daniela once considers buying a goldfish but changes her mind.

Hello I am here to bring your attention to the Chilean film “Una Mujer Fantástica” (”A Fantastic Woman”). It’s directed by Sebastián Lelio (Gloria) and you wanna hear some good stuff? It’s a movie about a trans woman, with the lead role played by an actual trans woman. Hollywood is shook. The lead actress is called Daniela Vega and critics are calling her performance “ravishing”, “stellar”, “remarkable” and “exceptional”.  Just a couple quick reviews:

“[A] stunning, deeply involving portrait of a woman with the borderline superhuman capacity not to hate herself for who she is, no matter who else does.” - The Playlist

“The movie represents a huge leap in terms of trans narratives onscreen, but by any standard, it’s a powerful drama of a woman whose suffering never dims her determination to keep moving forward.” - THR

Here’s the trailer:

[tw for transmisogyny and death]

And a summary:

Marina and Orlando are in love and planning for the future. Marina is a young waitress and aspiring singer. Orlando is 20 years older than her, and owns a printing company. After celebrating Marina’s birthday one evening, Orlando falls seriously ill. Marina rushes him to the emergency room, but he passes away just after arriving at the hospital. Instead of being able to mourn her lover, suddenly Marina is treated with suspicion. The doctors and Orlando’s family don’t trust her. A woman detective investigates Marina to see if she was involved in his death. Orlando’s ex-wife forbids her from attending the funeral. And to make matters worse, Orlando’s son threatens to throw Marina out of the flat she shared with Orlando. Marina is a trans woman and for most of Orlando’s family, her sexual identity is an aberration, a perversion. So Marina struggles for the right to be herself. She battles the very same forces that she has spent a lifetime fighting just to become the woman she is now - a complex, strong, forthright and fantastic woman.

So what I’m saying is: go support this movie. Show the world that stories about trans people sell and are a success. Support this movie with a real trans actress in the lead.

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first of all: love this blog!! you have such great ideas! i was wondering of there was a Mamma Mia! au yet. i imagine Sonny trying to find the girl of Usnavi's dreams by using his old diary, and thinks his cousin seemed to write a LOT about some girls named Vanessa, Daniela and Carla (in this AU sonny doesnt know them). he invites them to come over by pretending to be Usnavi, and aaah i could rant more but character limit :P if u domt know the musical i can fill u in! any thoughts?

First of all, thank you! I’m glad you like all this stuff I post here!

Second: Mamma Mia, huh? I actually think this AU could make the story more believable than the original did! I actually think we could just make it be about Usnavi and Vanessa. Yeah, Sonny looks in Usnavi’s diary (just the idea that Usnavi has a diary; that dork) and there’s a BUNCH of entries about a girl named Vanessa. Daniela and Carla are mentioned, but it’s clear that Usnavi has feelings for Vanessa but the diary makes it unclear as to why they broke up. So maybe Sonny gets in contact with Daniela and Carla first and they reveal that they don’t know why they broke up either, but they DO want Vanessa to hook up with him, so the three of them work together to invite Vanessa to wherever Sonny and Usnavi are, NOT telling them that the other is going to be there, and hijinks ensue. Just imagining their reaction to seeing each other after years would be hilarious. Usnavi would probably just turn white and Vanessa’s jaw would hit the floor and they would both just shut down until one of them breaks it and they run away (and later on they could sing Mamma Mia as a duet or something :3) And the rest of the story is Sonny, Daniela, and Carla trying to get them back together maybe Parent Trap style or at least figure out why they broke up and if they still love each other (spoiler alert, they do).


Nina’s first language is English, the Rosarios’ didn’t want her to live with the ridicule of having an accent, so she only knew English and a few words or phrases in Spanish. 
Even though the Rosario’s believed they were protecting her, Nina felt like they took something away from her. Ever since then she’s been trying to learn the language. It started with the drivers. When ever they were on break, she’d interview them, which only left her with knowing the bad words.
In 4th grade, she went to Abuela to teach her, but after realizing how different Cuban Spanish was from Puerto Rican Spanish, she then approached to Daniela for help. There was a power the language gave her. Her whole life she felt out of the loop, different, but Spanish just allowed everything to fall into place. She didn’t have to feel like she had to prove how Puerto Rican she was. With the language, she didn’t just prove to everyone else, she proved to herself.
In 6th grade, her parents found out about her lessons. After she convinced them that she could get payed more for being fluent in both languages, they allowed it. They even began teaching her at home.
Throughout high school she pushed herself to learn the language perfectly. She’s even mastered the accents which she’s trying to teach Usnavi how to use. And of course, Nina, being Nina, took the AP Test for both English and Spanish, written and spoken, and passed with flying colors.
Currently, she’s teaching herself Portuguese, to greet the new Brazilian family on the street. Nina knows how much a language can feel like home. 

in my 2D class we’ve all been given 12 seconds of uptown funk to rotoscope and ive finally finished my roughs

no prizes for guessing what theme ive gone for

i call it “sonny’s day off”

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what about daniela messing with teenage usnavi's hair???

i have two words for u: FROSTED. TIPS.

she gets rid of them straight after (but she takes a photo first)