daniela guzman


Women Who Kill
Daniela Guzman

Justice Afoa was a 17 year old rising football star at Newark Memorial High School, California, until his life was cut short on the 10th of December 2010. Justice was brutally stabbed to death on a street by Rafael Tover and Daniel Howard. Investigators thought this could of been gang related, however it was down to a jealous woman, Daniela Guzman.

Months prior in September, Justice beat up Rafael (Daniela’s brother) after Rafael started a fight with one of the football stars friends. The friend in question had broken up with Daniela and left her raging. Rafael’s pride was knocked as well and was willing to let it go, however Daniela couldn’t. It was Daniela who egged on and manipulated both men to kill Justice.

In a text Daniela sent, it said “karma is taking to long so I took matters into my own hands”.

In 2015, Daniela Guzman received 15 - life