Help us get this happy trio together again to work on the film Young Americans!

Last night I tweeted at John Krokidas, director of Kill Your Darlings, to say that I still wanted to see the film Young Americans, which had been rumored for ages to have Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan on board and John would direct. All three of them still want to do the film, but we need to show studios that there’s enough interest to garner funding. John suggested a petition.

Well…I have created said petition.

Please sign and share this around! We all know how amazing these men work together and letting this opportunity pass us all by would be nothing short of a cinematographic tragedy.

Young Americans aka College Republicans // Aspiring politician Karl Rove (DeHaan) leads a dirty campaign for College Republican chairman under the guidance of Lee Atwater (Radcliffe). Screenplay by Wes Jones.

                                                     Help green-light this film


Now that it´s my blogs 1 year anniversary, I would just like to thank each and everyone of you who takes their time to look at my stuff and put up with me not always being online <3 

I love you from the bottom of my cold soul, I will bedste around for many years to come, I promise <3 


These are drawings of Ron Weasley, Gollum, Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. For the record, I am aware of digital art. However, I prefer to create my artwork by hand. I know it is the less flashy way. Therefore, it is less popular. In my opinion, artwork done by hand is more real than artwork done by a computer screen.