While at my job interview today the one supervisor asked me to tell him a story (any kind of story real or fake)

I was so thrown off by the request, and as a result my mind refused to think of anything else other than Harry Potter……

I just had a professional interview where I told a story about Harry Potter and I am pretty damn positive I got the job!


Favorite Movies (9/10)

What If (2013)

Wallace: I thought a lot about something you said. About how when you realize how quickly everything can fall apart it makes you never want to give up anything good ever again. Whatever this is between us, it is good. It is so good. It is actually the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I don’t want it to be over.
Chantry: I don’t want it to be over either. I kind of wish we could invent a time machine or something.
Wallace: If we ever invent time travel I would go back to the night we met.
Chantry: What would you do differently?
Wallace: Nothing.
Chantry: Me too.

i love this photo because there’s a guy pretending to be a snake and Emma is like ??? bish whet and Daniel and some guy are gonna make out next to them and behind them there’s another guy being angsty on a ladder like “when will the old pottermore return from the war” and Tom is trying to flirt with his arm or some shit and is that a dementor in the back???? anyways

The Great Marauder’s prank wall headcanon
Okay but imagine this…
-The Marauders having a wall in the dorm covered with paper
-It starts out when James writes a note to Sirius about the potions homework
-Then it just becomes the default place to stick reminders and notes that are just never taken down again
-Then Remus takes a risk and adds a photo of the four of them at the end of the first year
-The photo stays up and is quickly joined by hundreds of others
-When Sirius starts writing really bad poetry he sticks that up there too
-The others like to write feedback to him
-James kind of misses the point of ‘constructive’ criticism
-When the war starts they stick up articles about disappearances they want to solve
-A shrine is made in one corner to commemorate those lost
-When they leave they each sign the wall with non-removable ink
-They also write one thing they want to try and do before they die
-When the war is over Mcgonagall finds the wall
-On it is written the following
-'Before I die I want to make peace with my brother’
-'Before I die I want to gain control’
'Before I die I want to have a whole bunch of kids with the best woman ever and then they’ll all form a super Potter quidditch team’
-And last of all in the smallest and neatest writing it says
-'Before I die I want to not be afraid’
-Mcgonagall takes everything down and puts it in a large box
-She sends it to Harry anomalously
-She adds a note saying this
-'Before I die I want to be outlived’


“People do ask me, ‘Why do you choose such weird movies?’ but I don’t think they’re weird, they’re just stories I’m interested in. Isn’t having weird tastes good, though? I think so. I think that’s better than always wanting to play the handsome hero. You think I’m weird? I’ll take that.” Happy 27th birthday, Daniel Jacob Radcliffe! (July 23, 1989)


“ A hero is also someone who, in their day to day interactions with the world, despite all the pain, uncertainty and doubt that can plague us, is resiliently and unashamedly themselves. If you can wake up every day and be emotionally open and honest regardless of what you get back from the world then you can be the hero of your own story. Each and every person who can say that despite life’s various buffetings that they are proud to be the person they are is a hero.”

Happy 27th birthday, Daniel Jacob Radcliffe!! (July 23, 1989)