Social Roundup: J.K. Rowling and the Play that isn’t a Prequel

We raced into July this week and summer is finally here, with our “Potter” stars busy on social media, sharing recent book releases, encounters, and much more.


Do you know why kill your darlings was a good watch? It was a good watch because it was interesting. i was intrigued and wondering what the fuck was up the entire time, the characters were interesting and what was happening had me going “holy shit.” kill your darlings left me in awe and a bit angry, which is exactly what i want from a movie. Don’t give me that shit like “you only like it because you’re gay too, go watch it with your girlfriend,” because f u c k  n o , it was a great fucking movie and the fact that it having non straight characters made you think of it as not worth watching or inappropriate or what the fuck ever you sectioned it off as says a whole lot about you 


**Note it is scheduled for the same date, time and place as X-Men: Apocalypse**

20th Century Fox

Saturday July 11, 2015 5:45pm - 7:30pm
 Hall H

20th Century Fox presents a sneak peek at a few upcoming releases. Confirmed panels:

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN - Stars in attendance: James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe. Directed by Paul McGuigan and starring James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe, and Jessica Brown Findlay, VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN is scheduled for theatrical release on November 25th, 2015.


Petition to have Daniel Radcliffe star in a horror movie with all of the other major characters from Harry Potter. Literally everyone is aware of their role in Harry Potter except for Daniel.
“Harry!!! Use your wand”
“Hermione I’m not waving my dick at some Demon”

“It’s You know who!!!”
“No, no Ron. I don’t”
“You know…you know who”
“What the fuck are you guys on”