“I saw Rupert on stage last year in London and he was fantastic. It was brilliant to see him and you know doing stage work was the making of me as an actor and it continues to be. Learning in a different way and being in a different place is going to be incredibly valuable.”  - Daniel Radcliffe

Did you catch Daniel when he was in The Cripple of Inishmaan?

When it was in England. He was great. My other friend was in that as well, Conor MacNeill. It’s quite inspiring. Whenever I’ve watched Dan, he’s just completely alive. It’s great to see him up there. - Rupert Grint

Need Blogs to Follow

So I unfollowed quite a few blogs today because they haven’t updated in over a year. So I need more to follow, plus I want to see more of certain things on my dash. Like, Reblog, or Follow (I usually follow back unless you have a weird preset Tumblr pic and/or don’t update every so often.

Here is what I follow:

- Harry Potter

- The Hunger Games

- Game of Thrones

- Teen Wolf

- Disney

- Lunarry

- Daniel Radcliffe

- Richard Madden

- Lily James

- Dylan O’Brien

- Josh Hutcherson

- Kelly Clarkson

- Taylor Swift

- Panic! At the Disco

- Paramore

- Fall Out Boy

- Hayley Williams

- Brendon Urie

- Parks & Recreation

- New Girl

- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

- The Office

- Modern Family

- Feminism/ LGBTQIPA rights/ The Daily Show and Colbert

- Some cute animals, fashion, other random things I love at the moment, and personal tidbits

San Diego Comic-Con is only two days away! WE’RE SO EXCITED WOOOO.

On today’s Nerdist News, we preview everything fans can look forward to including panels, laser tag, celebrity interviews, and more! Watch here.