“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”

-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)


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In this GIF here we can see Adele revealing her true identity underneath her ski mask and an unidentifiable species of bird who we think is called “joshuawilliamdun” this bird is indeed…how shall we say it….spooky.
This is not a lie.

Alfred Darling || Age: 21 || Parents: John and Merideth Darling || FC: Daniel Radcliffe || TAKEN

As a child, Alfred had always been very quiet. He was not shy as many people thought, he just liked to take everything in and process it before speaking. The world was such a complex and interesting place that he didn’t want to ruin it by saying something out of line. Maybe that was why he loved his Aunt Wendy’s stories so much. They made the world that much more interesting, what with her tales of pixie dust and fighting pirates, Alfred found he just wanted to be apart of those stories.

Regardless of all this, he was closest with his cousin, Charlotte. He was a very sophisticated boy and liked the idea of getting older. It was just responsibility that he had become afraid of. Becoming an adult was a lot more difficult than saying he was one. Bills, jobs that never satisfied him, friends that were never close by, the real world was a terrible place for someone like Alfred.

Especially when his mother died in a car crash. She was the glue that held the Darling family together and without her, Alfred found himself lost and terrified. He became moody and a little more outspoken when it came to matters he was passionate about. If his strong mother could die like she did in an instant, he could find the strength to speak up when it came time to do so. There was no better time than the present. Now, he had only wanted to find the place that his Aunt and Uncle once called home and live the rest his days adventuring rather than face the reality of death and adulthood.

When Alfred’s father, John, decided that the threat of Captain Hook and his children had become too great, he sent him on his way to the protection palace to meet up with his cousins. He couldn’t send his son to Neverland but he could give him a safe place to adventure until their world became a little safer.

Attributes: Serious, Moody, Affectionate

Secret: When a girl called for Alfred’s help to save her from a thief that was attacking her, he did just that without any fear or hesistation. What he hadn’t anticipated when he did save her was that he had accidentally killed the thief in the process. Now he believes the thief’s ghost is haunting him.

Family: Unknown

Threat: The Hook family


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