Social Roundup: The one with the photo shoot

In this week’s social roundup, catch up with how Matt Lewis’s latest photo shoot took over the internet, plus “Potter” stars travel over the world to attend “Potter” events.


Radcliffe Round-Up - 24/05/2015

– Rockstar Games, the makers of the Grand Theft Auto games have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the BBC for their upcoming drama Game Changer which Dan has been filming in South Africa this month. It’s not clear if this will affect when or if the drama airs, but we’ll keep you posted on any developements.

Social Media

– Dan updated his Google+ with a picture of him at the summit of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa!
– Someone spotted Dan riding a bike while filming Game Changer in a very convincing mock-New York in Cape Town.
– This Reddit user posted a picture of his meeting with Dan.
– He was also spotted by this fan, dining in New York.
– An actress/dancer was on News24 in Cape Town, where she spoke about working with Dan on a party scene in Game Changer.

We’ll have more for you next week!