When I first listened to Daniel Moir’s debut EP The Country and the Sea, I only knew the artist was from Edmonton.  That was all.  I didn’t read anything about him prior to hearing his music.  I listened blindly, finding his arrangements beautiful and his songwriting thoughtful.  The first word that came to mind was “mature”; I expected Moir to be a veteran musician.  Imagine my surprise when I found out he was only 20.

I quickly learned that I was not the only one surprised by his talent.  Off the Dial’s own Rob Latham caught Moir at a coffee shop gig in Vancouver and described Moir’s folk-inspired style as “Bob Dylan-esque”.  Latham stated in the article Edmonton Singer/Songwriters Set for Success, “Comparing anyone to the great Dylan is obviously a dangerous game, but Moir possesses a special musical talent that warrants the comparison”.

It’s a great accomplishment to be compared to a singer and songwriter like Dylan.  It’s even greater to be young and have the ability to so concisely convey a fact about the world.  In title track “The Country and the Sea”, for example, Moir manages to widdle down the complexities of life to a few words: “You get what you get and that’s all”.  Even the worldliest adults struggle with this concept and yet, at age 20, Moir is able to pare it down to eight words.

All five tracks on this debut EP are mature, peaceful, and well produced.  The Country and the Sea is a teaser – a few songs to peak your interest and introduce you to Daniel Moir.  I’m excited to see what this young artist creates when he has more than five songs to work with.  He’s at a wonderful point with his musical abilities where his youth blends with his old musical soul to create fresh and inspiring music.  Moir’s first full-length album, Road, drops July 9th.

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