David Stoupakis

“Blue Mourning”

“I will be exhibiting "Blue Mourning” tonight at Raison D'être Gallery for there Halcyon group exhibition. For inquiries on the painting. Please hit up jason@raisongallery.com

I am grateful to be showing among so many amazing artists: Kate Zambrano, Kit King, Victor Grasso, Alpay Efe, David Cheifetz, Aaron Westerberg, Corey Popp, John Wentz, Daniel Maidman, Derrick Harrison, Jackee Sandelands-Strom, Che Leviathan and Matthew Bober. ‘Halcyon’ will be on display through the month of December.“


Daniel Maidman, on Lennart Anderson:

“In this early painting (top), Anderson chases after form, describing every little thing with an over-eager tracery of lines and a literal-minded application of value which trends, in its excitability, toward pure white. That pure white is characteristic of the nudes of young representationalists. They do not see a complete body, but rather a pile of parts….Getting the right mediums and darks is not, ultimately, a matter of compositional ideas or using darker paints. It is a matter of comprehending subjects holistically.

Now consider a recent figure. (bottom)  Observe how effortless and complete this looks. The range of values is much smaller, but their arrangement by strict priority lends them more apparent variation. The brights, dim as they are, read bright, because Anderson has let go so much in the mediums and darks. The pose and composition are complex but appear simple, because they are organically unified into a shape like a medieval drawing of a shooting star.”