I am SERIOUSLY disturbed!!! My totally radical Cobra Kai Hoody has gone missing! I went to work at the Y this morning and left it in one of the family locker rooms. It’s like a part of my soul has gone missing. My favorite Hoody - my Karate Kid pride and joy. I can’t even find where to order another one online. There is an undisclosed reward for anyone who has any information as to its whereabouts. 

If I find you just wearing it on the street though - you’re gonna see what “Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy” means!

Fuckin Crane Kick!



Little known fact: You’re the Best Around was written by Joe Esposito specifically about Elisabeth Shue. She is the Best Around. She’s Marty’s girlfriend, the Karate Kid’s girlfriend, and the best god damn babysitter in the Cold War-era and any era before or since.