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Wrong Culprit (D.S)

Description: The guys think you hurt Daniel when he’s the one who cheated on you.

Request: Can you do an imagine where all the boys blank you because they think that you’ve hurt Daniel when it was him who cheated on you? You are actually one of the best writers on tumblr💖

A/N: that is so sweet tysm

Warning(s): angst, swearing, cheating/cheater!daniel

Word Count: 3k

You and Daniel had first started dating around August of 2016, not long before he had become a member of the band Why Don’t We.

Due to the relationship between you and the Seavey boy, you grew close to the rest of the guys, that including Corbyn, Zach, Jack and Jonah.

Not only did you build great friendships with them, but you became friends with nearly every other one of theirs. Eventually, every one of your relationships was built off of theirs and everything was great because nothing could split any of you apart.

Or so you thought.

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gentle touch // daniel seavey short imagine

daniel was never really into pda. well he wasn’t until he met you.

he couldn’t help but show off his love, you were the most beautiful and incredible thing that had ever happened to him. but he tended to keep it lowkey when the two of you were out in public.

he was always super affectionate towards you, but he’d keep it behind closed doors. the kisses, the hugs, the touches, all of the things he wished to keep to himself and to you were kept in closed hands.

but he never failed to show his love for you when others were around. 

he’d hold your hand, playing with your fingers and rubbing the back of your hand with his calloused thumb. his fingertips dancing with yours as he held a conversation with others, occasionally squeezing your hand to let you know that he was still there, that he was still paying attention to you.

he’d rest his hand on your thigh, squeezing it gently as a sign of his affection. he’d trace gentle circles on your skin, soothing you to no end. sometimes he’d drum his fingers against your thigh in a happy beat.

he’d pull you into gentle hugs when he was feeling exceptionally affectionate, resting his chin on the top of your head as his hands made gentle circles on your back. he’d smell like fresh cologne, the scent never being too overwhelming. it was always just right.

sometimes he’d come up to you from behind, wrapping his arms around your waist and settling his chin into the crook of your neck, taking in your sweet scent and pressing light kisses onto your shoulders and the column of your neck.

he’d press his perfectly pink lips to your forehead every so often, giving you occasional and quick pecks to your skin as the two of you swayed slightly, enjoying each other’s presence. he’d whisper sweet nothings into your ear, telling you how amazing you looked, how lucky he was to have you.

on the rare occasion that he’d properly kiss you out in public, he’d make it worth it. normally it’d be when he had to leave for tour or interviews, as the two of you stood in the airport awaiting for him to leave to his gate. the two of you would say your goodbyes before he’d abruptly pull you into a long, passionate kiss, the two of you melting slowly into the embrace. the two of you would ignore the rambunctious wolf-whistles and cheers coming from the fans and boys, because all you could focus on was him. his taste, his smell, his form, his eyes. 

he’d take in all of you. your gorgeousness, your bright smile, your kind eyes. he’d study every inch of your face as if it were to be the last thing he ever saw, and he’d gently lean his forehead down so it would rest against yours. his large, calloused hands would softly cup your cheeks, his ocean eyes looking into yours.

“i love you so much darling.”

Younow Terror ♡ Jack Avery Imagine

Title: Younow Terror

Pairing: Jack x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 431

Summary: You go to the WDW house and scare Jack by climbing through the window while he’s on Younow.

Warning(s): Breaking into house, scaring someone

A/N: Thank you so much for the request! If anyone would like to request an imagine, you can do so here: x

You didn’t know why you were doing it. Well, actually, you did. You were a fairly popular Youtuber, and you had a series on your channel where you would try to scare your boyfriend. Most of the time, you failed miserably. A lot of your fans thought your attempts were hilarious, but this time you were determined to not fail. You had to succeed just once. One time, and then you’d be satisfied.

That’s how you ended up outside of the WDW house in the dead of night. You were dressed head-to-toe in black. You had parked your car at the end of the street, and walked to the boys’ house. You prayed none of their neighbors would call the police about some creep wandering around the neighborhood carrying a camera. 

When you got to their house, you walked over to where Jack’s room was. You peaked through the window, seeing that Jack was alone. You crouched down under the window, explaining to your camera that the boys’ always left their window unlocked and that you were planning on sneaking through and scare the living daylights out of your boyfriend.

You stood back up and lifted the window open. You could hear Jack talking to himself—he was probably on Younow. Trying to stop yourself from laughing and giving yourself away, you began to climb through the window. Your feet hit the floor, but Jack didn’t hear you. Or, if he did, he didn’t react to it. 

You snuck up behind Jack, wrapping your arms around him and whispered “boo” in his ear. He let out the loudest scream you ever heard, pushing you away from him as he ran out of the room.

You began to laugh, shouting, “Jack! JACK! It’s just me! Come back!”

You chased him through the house, laughing as he hid behind the couch. You crouched down beside him, saying, “Jack, chill, it’s just me.”

He glared at you. “That wasn’t funny, Y/N!”

You giggled. “I disagree—I thought it was hilarious.”

The two of you got up, returning to his room. He sat in front of the camera and said, “Sorry ‘bout that, guys. My girlfriend thought it’d be funny to give me a heart attack.” 

You grinned. “And it worked! If you want to see the full video, it’ll be uploaded on my channel tomorrow!”

“No no no, don’t watch her video! Don’t support her!” Jack argued, giving you a playful shove.

“Oh, you know you love me.”

“I mean, I guess,” Jack said, leaning in to give you a kiss.

Manipulation | D.S

Requested by anon!

Summary: When Daniel gets a girlfriend, Y/n finds herself distancing from him due to threats from his new girlfriend and the weight of her feelings

Warnings: swearing, angst

Word Count: 2.1k

Tags: @heyowdw @angelseavey @lovablebesson @superseavey @averysgarl @lovableherron @jackaverybabe @jackaverysboo @jonahmaraismakesmyday @faithinwdw @ijustreallylovethem @ishouldtakeyoutothemoon @adorkableavery

A/n: So this has been one of my most highly anticipated imagines since I posted the upcoming masterlist so I really really hope it reaches your standards! It’s kinda bad idk. Thank you so much and I’m sorry if you have the same name as the rude gal in the story! Also sorry there’s a bunch of little time skips

You and Daniel had been best friends before either of you were even able to walk. With moms who were best friends, the two of you were basically inseparable from the moment you knew each other, and that never changed.

As the two of you got older, your feelings towards Daniel began to alter from simply platonic, to something more than that. You never mentioned it to Daniel, not wanting to ruin anything you had, but you longed to be with him, even if it seemed unattainable.

“Are we still going out today?” you asked Daniel over the phone, your legs up in the air as you lay on your bed, a small smile spread across your face.

“Oh shit, I forgot I said we would do something!” Daniel remarked quickly, your smile faltering slightly.

“Yeah, what are you doing instead? Band stuff?” you inquired, wondering what he was doing that prevented him from seeing you.

“No, uh, I’m actually going on a date,” he muttered under his breath, “remember Vanessa? I think you met her.”

“I know her,” I confirmed, my teeth grazing over my lower lip briefly. “have fun then. I’ll see you at some point.”

After you said your goodbyes and hung up, you couldn’t help but feel a slight sinking feeling in your heart.

Vanessa was one of the last people you ever thought Daniel would be interested in. She was so different from him, almost too different. As much as you wanted to feel happy for him, the only thing that kept running through your head was the fact that it wasn’t you, and you wanted it to be.

Maybe one date is where it will end.

“Where’s Daniel?” you wondered as you entered the Why Don’t We house, your best friends huddled around the TV as they invested themselves in a video game.

“He’s with Vanessa,” Corbyn answered, pausing the game to turn around and acknowledge me.

“Vanessa? They’re still talking?” I asked, sitting down on the couch as I tucked my feet under me, resting my elbow on top of my knee.

“Yeah, they’re official,” Corbyn nodded, “he didn’t tell you?”

“No,” I mumbled, looking down at my lap, “he doesn’t seem to really tell me anything anymore I guess.”

Daniel sat on your floor, legs sprawled out in front of him as he sat on your carpet, head titled up to look at where you were sitting.

He had come over to spend time with you before you met up with the boys to go out.

“Look at this,” you chuckled, turning your phone screen to face him to show him a funny video you found on Twitter.

“Vanessa showed me that yesterday,” he laughed, “it’s pretty funny.”

Of course she did.

You tried not to feel jealous, or upset, but every mention of her name just made you feel worse, like your importance in Daniel’s life was decreasing.

He already blew you off constantly to be with her, and when he wasn’t with her, he was still talking about her.

You tried not to think about it, and live your life even if Daniel was with another girl, but the thoughts kept intruding, breaking your heart more and more. Every time you pretended you didn’t care, it just reminded you of how much you really did.

I have no right to be upset. I’m the one who didn’t tell him how I felt when I should have. It’s too late and I need to suck it up and move on.

“Ready?” Daniel asked as he stood up, brushing the front of his jeans before the two of you made your way to the front door, leaving to meet with the boys.

After going out for dinner, you all made your way back to the house to go swimming and just hang out in the backyard on the warm summer day.

The night was almost perfect, except for the fact that Vanessa came along, shooting you the side eye and sucking Daniel’s face every opportunity she had.

You sat with your feet in the water, Jonah next to you as everyone else swam.

Daniel came over to you, flashing a mischievous grin as he reached his hands to your ankles, tilting his head.

“You better not,” you warned, your eyes narrowing as you looked at your best friend, his eyes matching the color of the pool below him.

“Or else what?” he asked, lifting his eyebrow.

“Or else I’ll burn the friendship bracelet you gave me when we were 5,” you threatened jokingly, lifting your wrist and shaking it, the bracelet dangling.

“You wouldn’t!” Daniel gasped, placing a hand over his heart in exaggeration, the matching friendship bracelet attached to his wrist.

“Oh I would,” I said, nodding my head as I attempted to free my ankles from the grasp of his hands.

“Well, I guess I’m willing to risk it then,” he winked, and before I could even register what he had said, I was under water, the shock of the cold on my body making me tense up before rising to the surface, wiping the water from my eyes.

“You little shit!” I exclaimed, swimming over to him and splashing him, pushing his shoulder playfully as I laughed.

“I had to, it’s what best friends are for,” he shrugged, grabbing you and putting you over his shoulder before throwing you into the water again, making you squeal.

After getting out of the pool, you scurried inside and up to Daniel’s room to get changed into dry clothes. You put your shorts back on but pulled one of Daniel’s hoodies from his closet and over your body, the warm fabric hanging loosely, feeling protected from the slight chill that had appeared in the air.

You walked out of the room to head back outside but gasped as Vanessa unexpectedly appeared in front of you.

“You scared me,” you chuckled, your hand over your chest. You noticed her staring at the bracelet on your wrist before averting her gaze back up to meet yours.

“What are you trying to do?” she asked harshly, making you furrow your brows.

“What do you mean?” you asked, feeling really confused.

“Trying to steal Daniel. It’s obvious you’re flirting with him. Just back off, he likes me, not you,” she replied.

“Daniel has been my best friend since childhood, I’m not trying to steal him from you,” I scoffed, laughing at how ridiculous she was being right now.

“I know you’re just a slut. All over all the guys. You’re not as great as you think you are. Just back off Daniel, or you’ll regret it,” she said.

“Yeah very threatening, you don’t control me,” you snapped back, suddenly feeling angry by the way she was speaking to you as if she knew you at all.

“Trust me,” she whispered, “I can ruin you.”

“Hey guys,” Daniel grinned as he turned the corner.

“Hi baby!” she exclaimed, a fake smile brightening her face as she kissed him quickly.

“What are you guys talking about?” he asked, moving his eyes between you and his girlfriend.

“Oh nothing, just girl stuff,” she said in a high pitched voice before looking at you, her smile dropping, the nastiest look you had ever been given.

You knew there was something off about her, and part of you thought that maybe, despite it being crazy, she could do something to ruin your friendship entirely.

Maybe taking the chance wasn’t even worth it anymore.

After receiving more dirty looks and threats from Vanessa, you decided maybe it would be better to keep your distance.

You didn’t want to cause problems, and quite frankly were more fed up of Vanessa than anything. You just wanted her to stop talking to you and belittling you every time you spoke to Daniel. She clearly had personal issues and was probably capable of spreading lies about you to all the boys, not even only Daniel.

You wanted to tell Daniel about what she was saying, but she was so good at putting up a front that you knew he would never believe you and accuse you of trying to ruin your relationship.

You would just rather him be happy, nothing else really mattered.

Avoiding him allowed you to not think about him so much. Allowed you to forget the strong feelings you had for Daniel.

Maybe forgetting and moving on was what you needed, but at this point, you weren’t entirely sure what you needed.

You heard a knock on your door and you jogged towards it, opening the door. You assumed Daniel would walk in, taking his usual spot on the couch, but he stayed at the front door.

“Why have you been ignoring and avoiding me?” he asked.

“What?” I questioned.

“You haven’t been answering my calls, we haven’t hung out in forever, even with the boys you hardly ever show up. What’s going on with you? Did I do something wrong?” he said, his voice cracking slightly as he looked into your eyes.

“No, Daniel, you didn’t do anything. I’ve just been busy,” you lied, looking down a your feet.

“You’re lying,” Daniel accused, “I’ve known you forever, I know you’re lying. Tell me what’s going on.”

“Vanessa told me to stay away. She threatened a bunch of shit and I figured it’s just easier if I stay out of the way and let you be happy without any added bullshit from me,” you explained truthfully.

“She wouldn’t do that,” Daniel defended.

“I knew you would say that. Danny I’m happy you’re happy, I wouldn’t lie,” I added.

“Vanessa isn’t like that though. She told me she loves you and thinks you’re great. You must have misunderstood or you’re making it up,” he said.

“Daniel I didn’t misunderstand,” you snapped, “since when do you question whether or not I’m telling you the truth? What is happening to you I feel like I don’t even know you sometimes.”

“You’re the one pushing yourself away, I’m not the one who’s changed,” he accused again, taking a step forward. “Besides, since when do you care what people tell you? If she threatened you, when did you become the type of person to just back down?”

“Because I didn’t see that it was worth fighting for,” I muttered, “it gave me an excuse to avoid you.”

“Why do you want to avoid me?” he asked, his eyebrows lifting on his forehead, concern washing over his face.

“Because I can’t stand to see you with her! I can’t stand seeing you change and become this ‘make out in public’ guy with a superficial girl. It’s not you, Daniel!” I exclaimed.

“Why do you care so much?” he asked, an edge to his voice.

“Because I don’t want you with her. I’m in love with you, Daniel, okay? I said it. I don’t want you with her because it hurts me that it’s not me!” I confessed, my voice raising.

He stumbled backwards slightly, his lips parting as he stared back at you, unsure of how to respond.

“Why did you wait so long to tell me this?” he asked.

“Because it’s just easier to pretend it’s not there,” I mumbled, avoiding Daniel’s gaze once again.

“Y/n, I’ve loved you since I was 12 years old. All this time I have been waiting for you, waiting for some sign that you might like me too, waiting for the courage to say something. Why do you only wait until I finally stop beating myself up over you to tell me this?” he asked, his voice raising as well, something that almost never happened.

“So it’s my fault?” I asked.

“I’ve waited for you for years, Y/n. Years. Only now you decide to tell me this. It’s like you’re purposely trying to keep me from letting you go!” he accused.

“Daniel I was tired of living a lie. I’m sorry you think I’m doing this to ruin things but it’s just how I feel. How I’ve been feeling this whole time,” I replied, lowering my voice in hopes he would lower his as well.

“I don’t want you to let me go,” I muttered.

“I hate you for making me be so in love with you,” he said in a low voice, taking a step towards you as he roughly smashed his lips against yours, all the anticipation and love between the two of you being felt. 

Words didn’t even need to be spoken, it was all either of you ever wanted.

Jet Lagged Sightseers

Pairing: Daniel Seavey x reader (female)

Requested: No

Word Count: 1990

Warnings: cursing and i think that’s it

Summary: This is taking place when the boys are in Europe. Y/N and Daniel spend a whole day walking around London taking in the foreign city. They take loads of pictures and they share cute moments on this little adventure. However, they’re still not used to the time differences. In short terms, they’re jet lagged. The couple is at dinner with the boys when they begin to fall sleep on each other, causing multiple pictures of the cute couple to surface the internet.

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Babe, baby, princess, darling, swe-” 

“What, Daniel?” I mumbled sleepily.

“It’s time to wake up, everyone is getting ready to go get breakfast. You’re the last one to wake up,” he said sweetly kissing my cheek.

“Ugh but it’s too early for this!” I pulled the covers over my head.

“Y/N, it’s 10:25 in the morning.”

“Yeah, but that would have 2 in the morning back home.” I had to calculate the time difference quickly.

“If you’re able to do the math, you’re awake. Now get up, besides you promised we would go sightseeing,” I could practically see Daniel pouting.

I grabbed my pillow and hit his head, before sitting up.

“First of all, ouch! And now that you’re awake, hurry up and do your girl things so we can go eat something.” He pecked my lips really quick before getting out of the bed.

“How the f-”

“Language, Y/N,” he warned me.

I rolled my eyes and walked towards my suitcase at the edge of our bed.

I looked through the suitcase before finding a nice outfit and some undergarments. 

I walked into the bathroom and stripped so I could shower, and also because it would wake me up.

Half an hour later and I was out of the shower, actually getting ready.

“Babe, you’ve been in there for half an hour, are you dead?” I heard my boyfriend question.

“I mean, internally, I’ve been dead. Externally, I believe my heart is still beating,” I answered.

“What’s taking you so long? I think Jack is on the verge of becoming a cannibal on how hungry he is,” Daniel noted.

“I’m trying to finish doing my make up and hair. I’m almost done I swear.”

I heard him groan behind the door, “How much longer?”

I rolled my eyes before pulling the door open, “Nothing, because I just finished.”

“Great! We’re all starving,” he gently pulled me out of the room.

“Y/N has finally finished getting ready!” He announced.

“Why does everyone but Corbyn look like they’ve gone insane,” I asked.

“Because I have a girlfriend, and I know how long girls take to get ready. From experience that is,” the blonde said with a warm smile.

“True,” I responded before we all left the hotel.

We walked out of the hotel to be met by a few fans.

I felt Daniel squeeze my hand, in a way to ask me if it was okay to stop and talk to them really quick. 

“Go ahead, I mean they’re the reason why we’re here,” my boyfriend shined me a heartwarming smile.

They walked off and interacted with the fans. The occasional fan came up to me and asked for a picture or wanted to ask a question.

A good 15 minutes later and we continued our commute to breakfast.

We arrived at a cute little coffee shop and we all walked into the shop and looked for a place to sit.

We eventually found a booth and we sat down trying to decide what to get. We ordered and began to eat when Jonah brought up today’s plans.

“So, what are we planning on doing today?” the eldest boy asked.

“Well, Y/N and I were planning on going sightseeing. Alone,” Daniel emphasized, causing me to giggle.

“Then I guess, we’ll do the same. Just apart from the gross little couple,” Jack mumbled.

Zach laughed at the curly headed boy’s comment, “Someone’s still grumpy.”

“Okay I guess we’ll send you the address of where we’ll meet up to get dinner,” Jonah smiled at me and Daniel.

“But first we should eat some breakfast because I’m starving!” Corbyn rubbed his stomach, causing us all to laugh.

Time Skip

“We’ll get dinner like at 7:00, so try not to go too far. We’ll send you the address of the place we’ll be eating at, like 2 hours before we go eat.” Jonah told us.

“That’s cool. We’ll see you then,” Daniel smiled at his bandmates.

We said our goodbyes and made our way down chilly London.

“So, what are we doing first?” I looked up at Daniel.

He looked down at me smiling, “Well, first I thought we could stop by the Museum because I know how much you love museums.” He gently rolled his eyes at my love for museums.

“Stop bullying my love for learning,” I playfully whined pushing him slightly.

He laughed and interlaced our fingers before continuing, “Then, I thought we could go tour the Buckingham Palace, because well, Queen Elizabeth, am I right?” 

His comment made me giggle. 

“After that, we’ll go to see good ole Big Ben and our day will end off on the London Eye,” he concluded.

“Sounds like fun,” I said swinging our hands back and forth.

“Only the best for my baby,” he said kissing the top of my head. 

“Oh wow, you’re super cute,” I said leaning into Daniel’s side.

“I mean I sure hope I was cute because then I’d be a little confused why we’re dating.” He chuckled.

“Okay, your looks are more of an extra to why I’m dating you.”

“So, why are you dating me?” He questioned.

“You just really want me to boost your ego, huh?” I teased him.

“Of course! Why else would I be dating you?” 

I gasped, “Daniel!”

This caused him to erupt into laughs.

“I’m just kidding, baby girl. You know I love everything about you.” He reassured me.

“Nah, nah. I see how it is, Seavey. We can no longer be friends. Actually, we can no longer hang out. Bye!” I removed my hand from his and began walking away dramatically.

“Bye, Y/N!” I heard him shout.

I walked a good 5 feet before walking back to my boyfriend.

Once he saw me he smirked at me, “Back already?”

“Shut up,” I mumbled.

“We can no longer hang out,” Daniel raised the pitch of his voice, mocking me.

“Stop bullying me, Danielson.” 

“It’s just funny.”

“I would have left your ugly ass if we weren’t in a different country,” I grumbled.

“Last time I checked you thought my ass was cute,” he kept teasing me.

“I am in a relationship with a bully,” I gasped.

“No, you’re not.” Daniel defended himself.

“I hate you.”

“You love me,” he said smiling at me, before pulling me into his side, snaking his arm around my waist.

“Not when you’re bullying me.” I snapped back.

“I do it with love.”

“I don’t feel very loved.”

“Y/N, I’m taking you to a museum,” he said.

“So?” I looked up into his blue eyes.

“I don’t even like museums that much, so thus that means I love you.” He smiled at me.

“Ahaha you right. Thanks, baby.” I leaned up to kiss his cheek.

“You’re so annoying,” he joked.

“You know what, Danielson? We finna fight.” Daniel only laughed.

The rest of that day was spent being the typical tourists. 

Being amazed at the beautiful displays at the British Museum.

Fangirling when we were at the Buckingham Palace.

Taking cheesy couple pictures outside Big Ben.

And then finally sitting down and enjoying the scenery of London on the London Eye.

It was now 6:27 PM and we were tired as hell. Jet lag was being quite the bitch.

It would have been 2:27 PM back home in Los Angeles but we also kinda woke up at 10, 2 AM back home. 

“Where did the boys say we were eating dinner?” I asked Daniel yawning at the end.

Daniel, very tiredly, pulled out his phone from his pocket to check the message Jonah sent him. 

“It’s like a 40-minute walk from here.” He said.

I groaned, “I’m not tryna walk that long.”

“C’mon, babe. We gotta enjoy the atmosphere while we’re here. What are the chances we’ll be here again?”

“Pretty high, once you start booking international shows,” I replied.

“Well true, but that’ll be a while from now. Just stop being a baby and let’s just go down there.” He said dragging me along the street, earning weird looks from people.

Well, those entire 40 minutes were filled with complaints from me, and Daniel scolding me for acting like a child.

Once we got to the restaurant we looked around trying to find the guys. 

“I can’t seem to find th-” Daniel was interrupted by a loud voice.

“Hey, Daniel! Hey Y/N! We’re over here!” We heard Zach’s too familiar ring across the restaurant.

I cringed at the loudness, “Oh, jeez.”

Slightly embarrassed, we walked over to the crowded table.

“We saved you guys seats between Zach and Jonah,” Corbyn pointed at the two empty seats between the guys.

“Thanks, buddy,” Daniel said to the blonde.

We sat down and looked down at the menus in front of us.

“Did you guys already order?” I asked the rest of them.

They all shook their heads.

“Nah, we were waiting for you guys to get here first,” Zach looked up from his menu.

“Oh, now I feel bad.” I slightly frowned.

“Don’t. I mean we haven’t been here for long so it’s fine.” Jack smiled at me.

“What are you gonna get?” I asked Daniel.

“Well, the chicken nuggets and chips sounds appealing to me,” I said in all seriousness.

“You’re joking right?” Daniel looked at me.

“No, I love chicken nuggets.” I looked at him.

“Y/N, you’re a teenager,” he insisted.

“Okay, I’m a teenager who loves chicken nuggets?” I shrugged at him.

“I swear I’m dating a 6-year-old.” He shook his head.

“There you go bullying me again!” I shook my head as well.

A few moments later a waiter came by and took our orders.

Daniel ended up convincing me to order something more ‘age appropriate’, which saddened me because I really do love my chicken nuggets, but it didn’t matter too much.

As we were waiting for our food, I got extremely tired. 

I decided to lean my head on Daniel’s shoulder just to rest my eyes for a while.

“You tired?” He whispered.

“Mhm,” I responded sleepily.

“Aww, sweetie. Just lean your head, I’ll wake you up when our food gets here.” He kissed my hair before patting my head. He then wrapped his arm around my waist to pull me closer to him.

I placed one of my arms around his torso and closed my eyes.

After a while, I felt him lean his own head on my own.

I guess I wasn’t the only tired one.

Corbyn’s P.O.V

“Hey, I should upload a story to the band’s Instagram page,” I announced looking at my phone.

“I mean, sure. Go for it, Corbyn.” Zach said not looking up from his phone.

I went onto Instagram icon slid to the right so I could see my face on the screen.

I looked up and saw that Jack, Daniel, and Y/N were all sleeping on the table.

I looked at the couple and awed at the sight. They were leaning their heads on each other’s and they were also in an embrace.

“Wow, what a cute couple. Not as cute as me and Christina, but cute.” I smiled. 

“Back to the Instagram story!” I said to myself.

I began recording, “So, we’re at dinner right now, and if you can’t tell…we’re pretty jet-lagged.”

I turned the camera and recorded Jack sleeping on the table who was to my left. I then moved the camera to in front of me and zoomed into the sleeping camera.

“And here we have a cute little couple sleeping on each other. Aren’t they your goals guys?” I laughed and ended the video.

“Are they really asleep?” Zach questioned.

“Looks like it,” I replied.

“You know, we should all take pictures of them,” Jonah said focusing his phone on Daniel and Y/N.

“Oh, we should. We love ourselves a good iconic couple.” 

“Wow, I love my parents.” Zack joked.

“They’ll love these I promise,” Jonah added causing us to laugh.

Aisle 6 (D.S)

Description: You and a friend are goofing around in a grocery store when you catch a certain boy’s attention.

Request: Could you do an imagine with Daniel where y/n is grocery shopping with a friend and they’re goofing around and all the boys come in the store and Daniel sees y/n and low-key falls in love with her and tries to ask her out?

Warning(s): fluff and a shitload of horrid food puns

Word Count: 1.5k

Thank God for 24-hour grocery stores. That’s what you thought as you and your best friend, Isabella, strolled into the marked at one in the morning, giggles falling from both of your mouths.

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☆ Z A C H ☆

Wake Up

Zach gets back from tour and surprises you

Thank You, Jack

Jack tricks Zach in to confessing to you that he has a crush on you

Twinkle Twinkle: Part One | Part Two (Coming Soon)

Zach asks if you’re still upset after he takes back all of his hoodies that you stole.

Not Good Enough, Never Good Enough

After reading hate comments on pictures and videos of you and Zach, you start to wonder why he’s dating you


You catch Zach’s eye at an award show

Caught His Eye

You’re at one of Why Don’t We’s concerts and you catch Zach’s eye

Basic Bad Boy: Part One | Part Two (Coming Soon)

Zach Herron is the bad boy, and you’re the goody-two-shoes

The Talk

One of the boys sees Zach left some hickeys on you

Hard to Find


△ D A N I E L ▽

Baby Sis 

You like one of the WDW boys and your brother Logan doesn’t approve.

How to Get the Girl

For the longest time, Daniel denies that he likes you until one day, he realizes that he loves you

Road Trip

You and Daniel go on a road trip so you can go stargazing

Stupid Small Guitar

Daniel tries to teach the reader how to play the mandarin.

♡ C O R B Y N ♡

When She Loved Me

Songfic for “When She Loved Me” from Toy Story 2

Stop. Cuddle Time

You have a stressful day, so Corbyn tries to make you feel better by cuddling you

To the One Who Loves Her Next

Corbyn writes a letter after the two of you break up

Summer Fling: Part 1

You and Daniel were internet best friends before he was in Why Don’t We. You flew out to L.A. to hang out with him before you go off to college and, when you arrive, you meet all of his friends. You and Corbyn get along really well, and when it’s time for you to go back home, he has something to confess to you

A Million and One

You and Corbyn have a lazy day together.

Mon Amour

You and Corbyn go on a romantic walk through Paris

Just a Ghost Now

Songfic for Out Loud by Gabbie Hanna

Bride Squad

Your the maid of honor at the Corbina wedding

⟡ J A C K ⟡


The Invitation EP dropped and Jack hasn’t been able to spend time with you

Younow Terror

You go to the WDW house and scare Jack by climbing through the window while he’s live on Younow

Sugar High

You have too many sweets and can’t go to sleep because of it, so you try to tire yourself out by dancing wildly in the backyard. Your boyfriend, Jack, finds you and rushes to get his camera so he can film the glorious moment

Can You Hear Me Now?

You’re deaf, and Jack is the first guy to ever express interest in you

Stages of Dying (Sister!Reader)

You were diagnosed with terminal cancer, and you go through the stages of dying

Forever and a Day

Your boyfriend cheats on you, and Jack is there to comfort you

What the Hell is a Hufflepuff?

Jack gets jealous because you’re bonding with Jonah

Love You a Lottle

You like Jack, but he has a girlfriend

Accident Prone

Jack gets into an accident and goes into a coma

Learning to Dance

Jack teaches you how to dance

Puppy Dog Eyes

You and Jack are being a cute couple on Younow

Coffee and Crushes

Jack’s always been a sucker for a cute girl with a British accent.



☽ J O N A H ☽


Jonah’s been on tour, so you haven’t been able to see him in a long time. Towards the end of their tour, you fly out to surprise him

Turn It Off

Jonah is paying more attention to his phone than to you, so you take matters into your own hands

Off Guard

You’re always concerned about how you look, but Jonah doesn’t care if you wear makeup or not. One day, he catches you off guard and sees you without makeup

Dazed and Distracted

Jonah’s live on Younow but he’s more focused on you

Caught on Camera

You’re being stupid while Jonah is live on Younow, so he catches you on camera so all of the fans can see your antics

Deserve You

You’re dating Daniel, but Jonah wishes you were his

Divine Intervention

You play 7 minutes in Heaven with Jonah

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Jonah finds a picture you drew of him


You go into labor, and Jonah isn’t there

The Dress | D.S.

Title: The Dress

Pairing: Daniel Seavey X Reader

Word Count: 1489

Summary: In efforts to get Daniel to notice her, Y/n finds a sultry dress to catch the blue eyed boys attention.

Warnings: Cursing, eye smut (does that even make sense?)

A/N: This is based off of one of the first imagines I read on tumblr, I cannot remember for the life of me who it was written by, but I do know it was amazing and if I ever find it again I’ll highly recommend it to all of you. (Even though it isn’t even Why Don’t We related.)

Y/n stood before her body length mirror staring at her two dress options that hung on the closet door’s handles. She took a deep breath her eyes focusing on the one to the left that she hadn’t looked at in weeks.

She and Daniel had returned to her apartment after an afternoon spent exploring the city. Although she had been living in New York for the past eight months, and Daniel was no stranger to the big Apple, they often made plans to navigate through Times Square together when he was in town. It becoming a ritual for the pair.

Y/n had coaxed Daniel to stop at her apartment before dinner with the guys, at a new night club opening, to change into a more night friendly outfit rather than the yellow sundress she had been sporting all day.

Daniel thought she had looked fine, the dress highlighting her colorful personality well, he enjoyed watching the fabric flow around her hips as she swayed, and the constant flashes off her long legs appearing from between the slit on the side of her dress.

He had agreed to her demand of changing though, as much as he wished to get to the club early, he’d rather spend the extra time with Y/n.

The boy had been head over heels for her since the day they met, she wasn’t fond of the whole dating thing at the time, and he felt as though their friendship was in to deep to change sense of direction. So Daniel stayed silent, holding his breath when the word love popped into his mind.

However as time passed Y/n quickly regretted her decision of turning the blue eyed boy down when he had asked her out that day at the book shop. She cursed herself for being snobby and insisting on focusing on her school work rather than a love interest. Maintaining a friendship with Daniel would’ve been the same amount of work as keeping a relationship with him, except she’d be happier.

She found herself constantly falling for him at times least expected, his heart beat thumping at the same speed as hers even though the two were bliss to their obvious feelings towards the other.

The blush dress before her was roughly fit for a child, it’s short length and thin material revealing. She bit her lip thinking about if her friends were right about the whole dress scheme. It took her a couple of moments before making the decision to put on the risqué attire.

She shot herself a final glance in the mirror, pulling at the bottom of the skirts hem. The dress fell around her waist loosely, she had made sure to get a size up so that the material flowed across her upper body. Her back was open, the baggy fabric falling so her lower back was left uncovered.

Y/n quickly strapped on a pair of nude heels, the extra calf exposure and tall stilettos making her legs seem endless as she strut down the hall to meet Daniel in the living room.

Daniel’s eyes moved from where they were examining a copy of War and Peace he had found Y/n crying over one night up to the click of the girls heels approaching.

He wasn’t expecting the sight he laid his eyes on. Y/n stood before him, wearing only a napkin of a dress. Daniel’s eyes bulged from his head, mouth dropping open slightly.

The boy threw himself to his feet, rushing towards her no exactly sure of what he was planning on saying. “You’re going to be wearing that?”

She nodded, adjusting it so the smallest amount of side boob was left was in view, Daniel’s vision dropping away from her body.

“It’s cute right?” She did a small spin, beaming widely as she came to a halt and swayed so the skirt would oscillate around her waist.

He wet his lip, the boys gaze locked on the girl before him. “It’s kind of cold outside, you sure you don’t want to change into something that’ll keep you warmer?” Daniel ran his thumb over his bottom lip, hoping she’d at least think about his suggestion.

“No I’ll just grab a jacket,” before she could step out of the room Daniel shoved his jean jacket towards her, the girl smiling as she took it. “Thanks.” She draped it over her shoulders, Daniel praying she would at least have the decency to button it up.

Hesitantly he followed her out the door, biting his tongue to resist the urge.

Y/n wasn’t planning on taking it easy on the boy, she was in the mood for a bit of chaos. On the walk towards the club she managed to find a way to get him to rebuckle her heel twice and asking if her lipstick was messed up by puckering her lips centimeters away from his own.

Daniel wasn’t slow to catch on to her cruel joke. Quickly becoming annoyed as she asked him to check her shoe, positioning her leg so her lace panties were just out of view, a small sliver of them peeking into his vision. Daniel looking away immediately and focusing on the complex buckle on her shoe.

He held his tongue the entire walk to the club, digging his nails into his palms as they strolled down the bustling road, whistles and glances being sent their way. Daniel throwing himself in front of Y/n everytime he got the feeling someone was looking at her funny.

By the time they got to the club, the VIP room was full of people, only one remaining seat by the guys. Y/n had placed herself on Daniel’s lap, feed him food from directly off of her fork. This not being unnatural for the two, but tonight it just felt odd.

There wasn’t a single spot on her body he could hold that wasn’t bare skin, everytime his finger twitched and tapping her bare back, he lost his mind.

Daniel had had quite enough, leaning back and whispering in her ear harshly “we’re going outside.” He stood hastily, pulling her quickly behind him down the steps and outside by the alley way.

Y/n crossed her arms raising a brow at why Daniel was acting so odd tonight. “Why are you doing this?” He snapped, flailing his arms.

“Doing what?” She questioned, knowing bloody well what she had been doing to him all night.

“Don’t play dumb, you know exactly what you’re doing to me!” He was beginning to become impatient, Y/n starting to feel bad for her actions.

She lowered her gaze, “d-do you want to kiss me?” She asked, looking at him briefly before dropping her glance again.

“What?” Daniel asked, taken aback.

“Do you want to kiss me?” She repeated louder, her eyes locking with his. Daniel searched his mind for words, he was at a loss. “It’s fine if you don’t, but I want to kiss you.”

He answered with his lips suddenly connecting with her own. Y/n’s hand immediately caressing Daniel’s face as he interlocked his lips with her own.

She parted mouths, her forehead still pressed against his, Y/n holding her eyes closed so the moment wouldn’t last. She pressed her lips together inhaling deeply as she fluttered her eyes open slowly and meeting his vivid blue ones.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” He whispered against her mouth, the air escaping from his mouth hot.

“So it isn’t, it isn’t because of… this.” She gestured down at the slight outfit she had pieced together.

Daniel nodded, tightening his grasp around her waist as he leaned his face closer to hers. “As amazing as you look,” his gaze fell to her body, returning to her eyes immediately, “I fell for the girl who smiled at me awkwardly from across the book store and laughed at my fall while no one else turned a blind eye. That’s the girl who has my whole damn heart, and this new ‘Y/n’, she’s got nothing on the old you.”

“I like you a lot Seavey.” She pecked his lips, Daniel pulling away to correct her before pushing himself back into her.

“I love you a lot Y/l/n.”


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Invitation | D.S

Requested? @adorkableavery

Summary: Invitation video IRL

Warnings? None

Word Count: 1.5k

Tags: @averys-headass @adorkableavery @seavveywdw @im-on-something-different @lovingseavey @superseavey @lovableherron @samithepixie @manimanimanl @selflovebesson

A/n: I hope you guys like this! I’m really trying to step up my game on my imagines since I have so many in my inbox (thank you all for requesting btw ily), I hope you enjoy this nice lil light hearted Danny imagine

“Hey, Y/n!” Daniel called out to you as you got ready to leave the Why Don’t We house and go home. You had been spending a lot of time with them lately since you guys had grown to become really close friends.

“Yeah?” you asked, turning around to face the ocean eyed boy, you hand resting on the door knob as you waited for him to say whatever he wanted to say.

“Do you wanna maybe go out tomorrow night? Just you and I?” he asked shyly, his hands together as he shifted from one foot to the other.

“Yeah, i would love to,” you grinned, telling him to just text you all the details and you would be there.

Daniel had told you he would pick you up at 9 and you could go out together to have a late dinner together. You were excited and were getting ready to go when there was a knock on your door. You lifted your eyebrows and checked your phone, it was only 6:30.

Assuming it wasn’t Daniel, you jogged to the door and opened it, revealing the other 4 boys, big smiles on their faces.

“Hey boys,” you smiled, still confused as to what was going on.

“Hey Y/N,” Jack grinned, “may we come in?”

“Uh, sure,” you said as you took a step to the side, letting the boys shuffle into your house, Daniel nowhere to be seen.

“May I ask what you guys are doing here?” you asked, your eyes shifting between the four of them as they stared at you.

“We just wanted to see you,” Zach shrugged.

“Uh huh,” you said sarcastically, still looking at them, “well you have to be out at 9 I have somewhere to be.”

“Yeah yeah, we know,” Jack said, waving his hand at you as he went into your living room and plopped onto your couch.

“I’m gonna go get changed, there’s some snacks if you guys want,” you offered, going back upstairs into your room to finish getting ready.

Third Person POV

“Guys Daniel’s gonna hate us,” Jonah said, laughing slightly as he grabbed the chips that Jack had in his lap.

“But it’ll be funny so whatever. He’ll be fine,” Jack shrugged, brushing off any concern Jonah had for what they were about to do.

“We’re bad people,” Jonah laughed.

“Keeps me awake at night,” Corbyn chimed in, flashing a smile to the rest of the boys.
Daniel should have been expecting it though. I mean, when did they ever not prank him?

2nd person POV

After sitting with the boys and watching TV together, you noticed that 9pm was approaching. You checked your phone and saw that Daniel hadn’t text you yet. That was good, it gave you enough time to get them out of your house before he showed up.

“Okay guys you should get going,” you suggested, taking the TV remote and pausing the show, standing up in hopes that they would follow suit. 

“Yeah one sec I just gotta pee,” Zach said, going to where he knew your washroom was, making you stand by the front door and tap your foot.

They each conveniently needed to use the washroom one after the other, leaving you there, rolling your eyes.

The doorbell rang and your eyes widened, the boys running away from you. You opened the front door and saw Daniel, who gave you a warm smile as he shook his car keys in the air.

“Ready?” he asked, earning a nod from you as you prayed that the boys were just going to stay in your house until you had left and then make their way back.

“Hey Daniel where we going tonight?!” Zach exclaimed loudly as all the boys showed up behind you, making you let out yet another loud sigh.

“What are they doing here?” Daniel asked, motioning to his 4 friends who stood behind you, all incoherently exclaiming things in his general direction.

“They showed up a few hours ago and I couldn’t get them to leave,” you answered, giving him an apologetic smile and mumbling that you were sorry.

The boys pushed passed you slightly and piled into Daniel’s car. Daniel turned back to face you and let out a sigh just as you had done right before.

“Rain check? Tomorrow?” he asked, a disappointed tone in his voice.

“Yeah,” you nodded, “I’m sorry Danny,” 

The next day you got ready for your date with Daniel, hoping that this time it would go much better than the attempt you both had made yesterday. You stood in front of your mirror, running your hand over your shirt and twisting your necklace to the right spot as you gave yourself a nod, leaving you room and heading downstairs since Daniel was supposed to be there any second.

You opened the door once he rang the doorbell and he looked around for the boys behind you, but was only met by silence.

“They’re not here?” he asked.

“Nope,” you smiled, walking out of your house and shutting the door behind you, grabbing Daniel’s arm as you walked to his car, him opening the passenger door for you to get in.

Daniel turned the radio on and began driving to your destination, starting to talk to you about what you had been doing recently when he was suddenly interrupted by the yelling of his best friends who had popped up in the back seat. You turned around and burst out laughing, seeing the boys with blow up instruments and stupid props as they sang along to the music, making Daniel groan and look over at you as you shrugged again, feeling bad despite the fact that you continued to laugh.

“I hate you guys,” Daniel mumbled as he continued driving.

“Thid time is the charm, right?” you asked once you opened the door, Daniel taking your hand as you walked to his car for the third time to go on a date together which had been ruined both times prior.

You got in the car and both of you looked int he back seat, not seeing anyone or anything.

“I think we’re good,” Daniel sighed in relief, starting the car and beginning to drive, calming down once he realized there was no one else in the car with you two.

As the two of you joked together, you felt Daniel’s arm snake around your shoulder, one hand still on the wheel as you leaned into him slightly, a blush creeping onto your cheeks as you looked over at him, admiring his face.

Daniel parked and you walked into the movie theater, excited to finally spend the night just the two of you for the first time.

The theater was empty so after getting your tickets to get in you walked up to get food, when suddenly the person turned around to reveal none other than Jonah Marais.

“Jonah?” Daniel asked. 

“Are you kidding me guys why are you here?” Daniel asked, throwing his hands up and his head back in defeat, letting out a small groan.

Zach turned from the popcorn machine, giving you a wink as Daniel covered his face with his hands, calling out a “come on” to his friends.
Jack appeared next to the arcade machine, clipboard in hand as Daniel got more irritated, only to be met by Corbyn mopping by his feet.

Daniel kept asking what they were doing as you stood there and stifled your giggles, finding it pretty funny that the boys went so far just for a little joke, although you saw it was bothering Daniel, but he was honestly adorable.

Jonah extended his arm with your popcorn and you grabbed it from him, thanking him as you and Daniel walked into the theater together, sitting in the middle, talking before the movie started.

“I’m so sorry about that, I can’t believe they’re here,” he groaned, still smiling apologetically.

“It’s okay, it was kinda funny,” you laughed.

The movie started and you noticed Daniel moving around a lot, looking from side to side and behind him.

“You okay?” you asked as you looked over to him, earning a nod.

After a few more seconds he stood up and you felt the back of your head being hit with something and you turned around to, seeing all the boys tossing popcorn at both of you.

Daniel surprisingly just began laughing at them, telling them he hated them in a joking way.

“Sorry Danny, we had to bug you a bit,” Zach winked.

“It’s okay, but I would like a normal date at some point,” he said.

“Don’t worry, last time we promise,” Corbyn chuckled, giving Daniel a high five.

“You guys are crazy,” you mumbled, shaking your head as you continued to laugh.

If there was one thing you could say, is that you admired their dedication.

“Ya know, this would make a good music video.”


Description: You have to bribe Daniel to let you out of his embrace in the morning.

Request: Hey could you do a Daniel imagine where he doesn’t want to let her out of bed so she has to bribe him thanks!❤

Word Count: 500

“Daniel,” you huff for what seemed like the hundredth time. “Baby, I have to get up. I gotta be at work in an hour and a half.”

“I don’t want you to get up,” he grumbles into the back of your head, his arms tightly wrapped around you.

“I have to shower,” you pat his hand that rested on your stomach.

“You already smell good.” he lazily shrugs.

“That’s not how the female hygiene works… neither does the male- Daniel,” you say, more of a warning edge to your tone.

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Omegle | J. M.

i’ll be accepting requests (if you guys have hehz) just message me!

In which y/n had an interesting conversation with a stranger on omegle

warning(s): cursing(?), lowercase intended (for the most part)

word count: 1046

It was already one in the morning but you still couldn’t find yourself to bed. You went to Twitter and scrolling on your timeline. When you found nothing but tweets that were posted few hours ago. Of course, it was already night and nobody’s awake.

You found your fingers tapping letters for a tweet.


I lie awake on sleepless nights

You tapped tweet.

What to do when you’re bored? Easy, talk to strangers.

It didn’t take long when you decided to go to Omegle and typed Why Don’t We in the interests.

Your heart has been captured by these five cute and talented boys. You were hyped and you loved their songs so much. It would be nice to converse with people who loves the boys too, you thought.

You’re talking to a stranger. You both like Why Don’t We. Say hi!

You: Corbyn Besson is my babyy

Stranger: uh corbyn who ?

Stranger Disconnected.

Well, let’s try again.

You’re talking to a stranger. You both like Why Don’t We. Say hi!

You: Jack Avery is my sunshineee

Stranger: 19 M

Stranger Disconnected.

Okay. This is going to be the last, you said to yourself. You tried again.

You’re talking to a stranger. You both like Why Don’t We. Say hi!

You: Jonah Marais is my sunshinee

Stranger: what? haha

Finally, someone I can talk to. I guess? You thought to yourself.

You: hi so you’re a limelight too??

Stranger: uhh yes, i guess you could say that. their songs are lit

You: i know right! they do deserve more recognition tbh

You: but i’m sure they’ll get there, i know they can do it!

Stranger: wow thanks :) i’m jonah.

You: cool i’m camila cabello.

Stranger: no way that can’t be

You: of course it can! if you can be jonah then i can be camila hmm

You: i’m y/n.

Stranger: oh hi y/n. well, have you met the boys then?

You: nope, i haven’t but i was able to go to a show here in nyc. have you?

Stranger: i guess i’m meeting them tomorrow ?

You: wtf ?? really? tell jack i love him. thanks

Stranger: i thought you love jonah, and now you’re saying you love jack?

You: don’t get me wrong i love all of them, but jack robert avery has my heart. ❤

Stranger: how bout jonah?

You: you keep saying jonah, is he your fave?

Stranger: not really, but earlier you mentioned jonah is your sunshine.

You: I mean, jonah’s great. he’s very good-looking and has a great voice.

You: but i’m not really into him. sorry hehz. not like jack, his sense of humor damnnn

Stranger: but he’s already taken

You: it doesn’t matter. im stealing him from gabbie lol jk

Stranger: ohhh i’m telling gabbie to guard her man hahaha anyway, so jack it is?

You: of course! he’s my baby and he’s boyfriend material i cry

Stranger: jonah’s a boyfriend material too. i mean, when you ask the boys, they’d say jonah’s kinda dad in the group.

You: daddy hahahah

Stranger: haha very funny y/n

Stranger: what is something that made you admire jack so much?

You: he’s a very caring guy especially to isla and dude jachary is damn real

You: i remember going to the first and only show I went of wdw, jack was making sure zach’s okay as often as possible and i thought, it was the sweetest thing ever.

Stranger: well how about jonah? what are your thoughts?

You: i guess, jonah is very secretive. very mysterious.

You: but i feel like jonah is the kind of guy who can easily make you fall and then dump you afterwards, like a fuckboy. lol idk what i’m saying, but that’s just what i thought. but he’s cool but really though, i wanna know who the heck he is dating rn?

Stranger: uhm no one. i mean, i don’t think he is seeing anyone.

You: well that’s good news, so we have a chance on daniel, jonah and zach meheheh

Stranger: hmm i don’t think jonah is a fuckboy, he seems to be a nice guy and gentleman like what other fans say. but yeah, you shouldn’t judge him.

You: ohh it’s just my first impressions tho lol

Stranger: it’s already 3am, aren’t you going to bed? what are you doing atm?

You: talking to you. I couldn’t sleep. how bout you? wait, are you always here on omegle?

Stranger: same, couldn’t sleep. and no, i just recently found this app cos i was more familiar with tinder hahaha

You: ohh i smell something fishy on youu haha


Stranger: y/n? it’s already almost five in the morning. i’m sorry if i made you stay up all night.

You: yeah, i’m kinda sleepy now. i don’t mind at all. i had fun talking to you :)

Stranger: me too (: you should sleep already.

Stranger: by the way, what’s your twitter username?

You: @y/n/y/l/n

You: wait

Stranger: okay, thanks. i’ll ahead now. good mornight :) it was a fun chat with you y/n! sleep well.

You: i never got the chance to get your real name

You: what’s your user on twitter?

And before you even click the send

Stranger Disconnected.

You got frustrated from what happened, you almost gained a new friend but then again, unfortunately, you didn’t get his name. After hours of talking about each other, it turns out he is a boy.

You sighed. At least you gave him your username. Maybe he’ll find your account? You thought. But what if he doesn’t?

What if it was only one time thing?

You checked your phone seeing that you have one percent left before your phone dies. Your phone went off when you received new notifications from Twitter.

Your eyes couldn’t believe to what it is seeing right now.

@JonahMarais followed you.

Another notification pops, as you read.

@JonahMarais sent you a direct message.

Hey @y/n/y/l/n you owe me a dinner for calling me a fuckboy ;) see you on the next show there in nyc? and i guess i’ll see you after show for our dinner? have a good sleep y/n :)

Then your phone went black.

Oh shit.

Baby Sis ♡ Daniel Seavey Imagine

Title: Baby Sis

Pairing: Daniel x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 1,182

Summary: You like one of the WDW boys and Logan doesn’t approve.

Warning(s): An argument between Logan and the reader, maybe one or two cuss words?

A/N: Thanks so much for the request @carolyn5sos! I wasn’t quite sure how to end it, but I hope you like it. If anyone would like to request a fic, you can do so here! (This fic wasn’t edited, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes.)

Being the youngest Paul wasn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. Like your brothers, you had acting aspirations and had moved to L.A. to chase your dreams. In between acting jobs, you ran a Youtube account, usually focusing on more artistic expression than Logan’s vlog style or Jake’s prank content. However, being a Paul, you were cast in the same light as your brothers. People rarely took you seriously and believed you to be a carbon copy of your Logan and Jake.

Enter the Why Don’t We boys. Because Logan had become friends with the band and had directed some of their music videos, it was inevitable that you would meet them. You expected them to treat you the same way everyone else did. You never in a million years thought one of them would recognize you from your own content. 

Mr. Daniel Seavey took you by surprise the second you met him. On the day Logan was filming the video for the Nobody Gotta Know video, you had come into the apartment after running some errands to find a group of boys huddled in the kitchen eating lunch. One of them, the one with the most beautiful blue eyes, looked up at you and grinned. The butterflies in your stomach went crazy.

Hey he said. I’ve seen you on Youtube beforeI’m a big fan, actually.

You didn’t remember the last time someone recognized you from your own work. Your legacy was being the youngest Paul. You never felt like you were your own person. Then, suddenly, there was this kid—a very attractive kid, no less—that knew you because of something you did. Not something about Jake. Not something about Logan. You, and you alone.

After that day, Daniel became your best friend. Whenever you two were together, you were attached by the hip. Whenever you were apart, you always, always, always texted each other. If you didn’t text, you Facetimed each other or sent each other embarrassing Snapchats. You always found a way to talk to each other, even if it was just a #tbt on Instagram.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise when you started to develop feelings beyond friendship. You were almost positive that Daniel felt the same way. When you were together, he always seemed to be reaching out to hold your hand or was wrapping an arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to him. You hugged a bit too long. You always greeted each other first, ignoring everyone in the room until one of you said hi to the other one. But neither of you ever made a move to  turn your friendship into an actual relationship. One thing stood in the way of that, and his name was Logan Paul. The day you met the boys was always the day that Logan declared that none of the boys were allowed to date you. You were officially off limits.

But Logan knew something was up—contrary to popular belief, he was far from stupid. He knew his baby sister liked someone, but he couldn’t figure out who. He didn’t like not knowing. After all, he felt like it was his responsibility to protect you from the heartbreak and pain of the real world. So, he made it his personal mission to figure out who the hell you liked.

One day, you were in the living room, brainstorming ideas for a new video when Logan came wandering in. He sat across from you, smiling. You knew something was up almost immediately. He wasn’t vlogging, he wasn’t try to scare you for the views. You gave him a suspicious look and said, “Hey, what’s up?”

“Oh, nothing, just wanna hang out with my baby sis. I feel like I haven’t actually talked to you in forever” he said.

“Okay?” you said, raising a brow. “Is there anything you wanna talk about or?”

He shook his head. Then, a moment later, he asked, “Is there anybody you like?”

Your face turned red. “Um, why?”

“Well, girls your age are supposed to crush on people, right?”

“Ummm, there’s this one guy I like? I don’t know if it’ll turn into an actual relationship or not…but I do like him a bit.”

A grin stretched across Logan’s face. “Oh, really? Who’s the lucky guy that’s won you over?”

“I’m not going to tell you that!” you laughed. “You’re probably going to harass him or some shit.” 

“C’mon, I gotta know who my baby sis likes! It’s my responsibility as your older brother to interrogate all potential love interests!”

“Logan, no!”

“Oh, at least gimme a hint!”

You thought for a moment, trying to figure out the least obvious hint ever. “Ummm, it’s someone you know.”

He frowned. “Someone I know? You wouldn’t date anyone I know! Unless…Unless you like one of the Why Don’t We boys!”

Your eyes widened. You didn’t think he’d figure it out that first. Upon seeing your reaction, he said, “Oh, so it is? Y/N, you know you can’t date one of them!”

“I can’t help that I like Daniel!” you snapped, too upset to realize that you revealed your crush. “It’s not like I can control who I’m attracted to!”

Logan rolled his eyes. “Yes you can! It’s as simple as not liking someone! You know that you can’t date any of the boys!”

“Wait, are you seriously pissed about this? Logan, I can date whoever the hell I want to!”

“No, you can’t!” Logan shouted. “You are not allowed to date any of the boys! And especially not Daniel!”

Neither of you had realized that the Why Don’t We boys had come in. You’d forgotten that you had invited them over. But when you heard one of them cough awkwardly, both yours and Logan’s head snapped over to stare at them. Your face became even redder as you wondered how much they heard.

Your eyes landed on Daniel and tried to gauge his reaction. He was staring with wide eyes, looking between you and Logan. 

No one said anything.

Then, Daniel said quietly, “You want to date me?”

You were afraid to talk, afraid to trip over your words. You nodded.

A small smile graced Daniel’s lips. “I’d like to take you out sometime.”

Logan jumped in. “Um, in case you’ve forgotten, none of you are allowed to date my sister!”

You stared at Logan. “Please, just trust me to make my own decisions.”

Logan didn’t anything for a long time. He would look at you, then at Daniel, then back to you. Finally, he stood up, pointing a finger at Daniel and said, “If you break her heart, I will end you.”

He left the room and the other boys wandered off, leaving you and Daniel alone. You stood up and walked over to him. “I hope you make this date worthwhile. If you take me on a crappy first date, I don’t think Logan ever let you be me boyfriend.”

Daniel grinned. “Trust me, I’ll be taking you on the best first date ever imagined.”

3 AM ~ D.S.

A/N: I lowkey had a moment of weakness for the Daniel lane while writing this. Anyway, I wrote this last night at like 1 am and I hope you guys like this. Hugeeee thank you to my babe Viki ( @nightsspentthinking ) for proofreading this, you’re the real mvp ily Vik.

REQUESTED? No, I just felt like writing some fluff 

SUMMARY: You move to the other side of the country and are hoping for a fresh start and new people. Turns out that’s exactly what you find when you meet the boy next door

As your mom drives on the freeway, for what seems like hours you hum along to the songs in your playlist while following the raindrops on the window.  She finally pulls up to your driveway and you go to grab your last few bags from the backseat. Your mom traveled a lot for her work and once again they asked her to take over an office on the other side of the country. You’d been to the house a few times before to help your mom out with furniture and already bring some things over, but today you finally brought the last of your stuff to the house. In a way you were kind of excited this time around, you were ready for a fresh start and new people. When you and your mom came to see the house for the first time you briefly met your neighbor. You remember him introducing himself as Daniel. He seemed really nice and he came to bring you and your mom a cake his mom baked, he said it was this thing she did whenever new people moved into the neighborhood, sort of like a welcome gift.

A few weeks went by and even though you lived next to him, you only saw him in the morning when you went to your car to leave for class. You guys would always shyly wave and greet each other. But that would change soon enough you just didn’t know it yet.

It was about almost 3 am and you were just listening to some music in your room while trying to write an essay for your psychology class. You started to get tired around 1 am so you’d already had about 3 cups of coffee to stay awake and finish it. “Ugh” you say as you delete the last paragraph you wrote. Suddenly you hear a knock on your window. You get up from your chair to investigate the window. Your curtain had been open just a little and you peeked through the small crack before opening the rest of the curtain. You’re surprised when you see Daniel squatting in front of your bedroom window and raise your eyebrow at him before opening the window. “Before you ask I’m aware it’s 3 in the morning but, I lost my cat.” You can’t help but chuckle at his comment. “So, you knocked on my window at 3 in the morning because you lost your cat?” “Yes, well actually no, it’s not my cat I’m cat-sitting for a friend but I need you to help me find it.”

“Why me?” He looked at you and thought about it for a second. “Well, doesn’t this qualify as one of those spontaneous midnight things you do with the girl next door?”  You both chuckle and you eventually give in to help him find the cat. “Alright I’ll help you, what does it look like?” Daniel smiles, beaming with excitement as you agree to help him. “It’s a white Persian cat, he’s kind of chubby and looks angry at all times like he’s plotting a murder.“ You giggle because of Daniels description. “Okay, let’s go find your killer cat then.” You follow Daniel through your window to go outside. “So what’s the plan Danny boy?” “Really? Danny boy? You could’ve picked anything and you went with that?.” He shakes his head while chuckling. “If you get to call me ‘the girl next door’ I get to give you a nickname too.” He sighs and pulls a face. “Alright, Danny boy it is then.”  

“That’s him!” Daniel exclaims pointing at a white ball of fur. After staying out for about 2 hours looking for the cat and joking around with Daniel, you finally found him 2 blocks away from yours, napping on someone’s front porch. “Well, what are you waiting for, go grab him.” As Daniel walked up the porch quietly to try and grab the cat, you stood on the road watching him with a smile on your face. This boy was something else and you had to admit it intrigued you.  Daniel walked back to you with the cat in his arms and proudly said: “I caught him.” You couldn’t help but smile and took a quick picture of him with the cat. “What was that for?” he asked in amusement. “Just to remember you by.” You answered with a smirk. “Danny boy, the guy next door that comes knocking on your window at 3 in the morning on a school night, to ask for help finding a cat.” Daniel smiled and answered: “That will be my legacy.” He took out his phone as you were laughing at his comment and took a picture. You asked him the same question he had asked you and the blue-eyed boy looked you straight in the eyes. “To remember that I can always count on the cute girl next door that has a beautiful smile.” You couldn’t help but blush and look away after quickly whispering a ‘thank you’.

It was around 6 AM by the time you and Daniel had made it back to your street. Daniel had insisted on climbing up to your window with you to make sure you got inside safely. After you’d agreed and got inside, he sat down in your window. “I had a lot of fun.” he said while looking at you intently. “me too” you answered and paused for a second before continuing. “You’re the only person I would follow outside at 3 in the morning to go search for a cat.” Daniel smirked while scratching the back of his neck. “We should do this more often, it can be our thing.” You thought about it for a second and smiled. “Yeah, I’d like that.” After saying your goodbyes and giving him a hug, he looked back while getting out through the window and said: “Sweet dreams, Y/N”. “So you do know my name!” you had answered him before shooting him a radiant smile. “Of course I do, how can I forget the name of the pretty girl next door?” That’s the last he said before climbing down again and you thank god that he didn’t see you blush at his comment again.

After that night Daniel would come knocking on your window in the middle of the night every so often. He’d use anything as an excuse to come over and see you and tonight was no different. Once again you were up late working on a paper for one of your classes when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turn around ready to fight someone only to see Daniel standing in front of you. “Woah easy there Y/N, it’s just me.” He said before bursting out in laughter. “Would you stop coming in through the window, it scares the hell out of me every time! I told you to knock, and not just waltz in.” He chuckled “I know, I’m sorry, but your reaction is just so priceless every time.” “One day I will end up actually hitting you and it won’t be so funny anymore Danny boy.” He scoffed jokingly and swung his arm over your shoulder. “You wouldn’t hurt a fly, let’s be real.” “Hey” you whined at him “I don’t need the confirmation, Daniel.” You messed up his hair before asking what he wanted to do this time.

 “I was wondering if you wanted to go outside and stargaze for a little, I couldn’t sleep and I sat on the roof for a little and saw the light in your room was still on, so I thought I’d come over and ask if you wanted to join me.” You had always been a big fan of stargazing and excitedly exclaimed ‘yes’ before grabbing his hand and dragging him outside. You and Daniel sat on your roof for about an hour talking about all different kinds of things with a nice cup of coffee to stay warm. Daniel had brought a thermos filled with coffee because he knew you’d eventually need it. It was pretty chilly tonight and you hadn’t bothered to change out of your top and shorts to go outside. Daniel saw you shiver from the corner of his eye. “Are you cold?” he asked a little worried about you. “Just a little, I’ll go grab a jacket in a second.” He took off the sweatshirt he was wearing and gave it to you “nonsense, you can wear my sweatshirt.” You gladly took it and thanked him with a hug. “You look cute” he blurted out looking at you while biting his lip. You covered half of your face with the big sleeves of Daniels sweatshirt so he couldn’t see you smile. “I know you’re blushing Y/N, it’s no use to try and hide it.” He gently took your hands away from your face and looked at your face in the moonlight. He brushed his thumb over your cheek while staring into your eyes. “Do you want to kiss as badly as I do right now?” he asked while shifting his gaze to your lips. “yes” is all you said and with that, your lips connected.

After the gentle kiss Daniel grabbed his phone and snapped a picture of you blushing and smiling. It had become a habit to snap a quick picture by the end of the night, to remember your little spontaneous adventures. Even though you would always take these pictures you would still ask each other what you wanted to remember this night by. “What memory is going to go with that picture?” you asked him curiously. “It’s the night I kissed the beautiful girl next door and asked her to be my girlfriend.” You blushed even harder after hearing those words but end up grabbing your phone to snap a picture as well. “To me, it’ll be the night the cute boy next door finally kissed me and I said yes to being his girlfriend.” He gave you a gentle kiss on the forehead and you laid your head on his shoulder to continue stargazing.

come back to me // daniel seavey

summary: y/n was involved in a near fatal accident, and has to watch from afar as her boyfriend daniel struggles with her condition.

this shit makes me e m o lemme tell you that sisters

request: none

pairing: daniel x fem!reader

triggers: hospitals, implications of accidents/injuries

the gentle, steady beat of a heart monitor was all y/n could hear. it was the melody she lived by, the melody that kept her living.

and then, she heard it. the soft sobs beginning to ring in her ear. the unmistakable, angelic voice of her boyfriend, daniel.

“why can’t you come back to me y/n,” she heard him whisper, feeling the grip of his calloused hands on hers. “please, come back to me.”

his fingers trembled as he brought his hand up to his beloved’s pale face, feeling her cool, smooth skin underneath his fingertips.

i’m trying daniel, please, i’m trying.

she willed herself to open her eyes, but to no avail. she tried as hard as she could to even move a fingertip, but it was as if her entire body was concrete. she was trapped in her own body. her own personal prison.

“i just feel stupid, talking to you like you can respond.” daniel mumbled, playing with y/n’s limp fingers. “the boys say it’s gonna help me get through this, so i guess it’s all i have until you wake up.”

i will wake up daniel, i’m trying.

y/n summoned every molecule of strength in her body, willing her eyes to open. and to her surprise, they did.

the bright lights of the hospital room blinded her for a few moments, rendering her confused.

“daniel?” she mumbled quietly, looking over to see her boyfriend, who had not yet noticed she was awake.

“i just want to see you smile again, hold your body and kiss your lips. i want you to be okay.” the blue-eyed boy began to tear up again. he brought his hands up to his face, covering himself as he began to cry again.

“daniel, i’m right here. i’m okay,” she reached for his hands, wanting - no, needing- to comfort her boyfriend.

she went to grasp daniel’s calloused hands in hers, but her hands went right through them. she gasped in horror, her hand shooting back from her beloved’s.

y/n took a moment to soak in what had just happened, studying her own hand like it was a foreign object. she moved her fingers, each of them moving like they always had.

maybe it’s just my imagination.

she tried to convince herself, moving her wrist around a few times. y/n took in a deep breath, reaching back over to daniel. her hands went to cup his cheek, beckoning him to look at her.

but to her horror, her hand simply went through him as if he wasn’t there.

or was it her who wasn’t there?

y/n closed her eyes, before summoning the strength to stand up from her hospital bed. she felt lightheaded, her legs failing her for a moment before she steadied herself.

breathe in, breathe out.

she slowly pried her eyes open, looking at the hospital bed that she was previously laying on. and to her horror, she saw herself lying on that bed.

it was an odd sensation, realizing that she was looking at herself. her pale, cold, lifeless self. y/n stood in shock for a beat or two, before approaching her own body.

she circled the bed, tracing her finger on her own skin. she studied her sleeping face, which had a few cuts and bruises on it from the incident. her hands laid limp at her sides, the veins prominent through her paper pale skin.

her hair was sprawled around her head, creating some sort of ghostly halo around her face. iv tubes and wires came out of her arms, leading up to various machines and bags that were hung up.

a cannula was wrapped around her face, two little tubes stuck up her nostrils to help her breathe. she could hear the faint, gentle breaths exiting her nearly still body, the only thing indicating her life was the steady up-down movements of her chest and the beeping of the heart monitor. 

her eyes caught the large, white cast cemented to her right leg, and she winced at the sight. that would take a while to heal.

this is by far, the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me.

“i wish i was there with you when it happened.” daniel’s voice cut through her thoughts. she had been so rigid with the shock of being out of her body that she had nearly forgotten the boy who was sitting right next to her form.

“maybe if i was there, it would’ve never happened. or maybe it would be me in that bed.” his voice was soft, his bloodshot eyes never leaving her face. “i would give the world and more for it to have been me rather than you, you don’t deserve this y/n. you never deserved this.”

y/n’s heart broke with each word, and she took a seat down next to daniel. and even though she knew he wouldn’t feel it, she placed her hand on his. and to her surprise, this time her hand didn’t fall through his.

she could feel his warmth, the comforting essence of him radiating through her body. she kept one hand on his and placed the other on his cheek, desperately wanting to wipe the tears that fell down his face. she gently ran her thumb back and forth across his smooth skin, just as she would if she was really there.

“don’t say that daniel, never say that,” she whispered, tilting her head so she could get a full view of his face. “what’s done is done. nothing could’ve stopped it from happening. stop beating yourself up about it.” she exclaimed softly, but in her heart she knew her words couldn’t comfort the boy. hell, he didn’t even know she was next to him.

“god, i’m your boyfriend! i’m supposed to protect you!” daniel leaped up from his chair in frustration, his fingers tangling themselves in his dark locks. “the one time you needed protection the most, i wasn’t there. i wasn’t fucking there.” his last words came out as a whisper, his voice breaking.

his expression was broken, and he sat himself back in the chair, slumping over. his hands went up to cover his face as tears began to streak his features, daniel beginning to sob heavily.

“daniel? i just wanted to check up on you,” a knock on the door sounded, corbyn’s soft voice cutting through the air. the older boy came inside the room, his heart breaking as he saw the state daniel was in. “oh daniel,”

corbyn sat himself down next to daniel, one arm going around his shoulders in an effort to comfort the blue-eyed boy.

“i-i-” daniel started, but the words seemed to get stuck in his throat. his hand went up to push a stray strand of hair from y/n’s physical face, which send a spark down her spine. “i just don’t know what to do anymore. it makes me want to throw up and cry my eyes out seeing her like this. she doesn’t deserve to be like this.” daniel mumbled, taking a hold of y/n’s physical hand.

corbyn moved his hand up and down daniel’s shoulder in a comforting gesture, taking a moment to gather a response.

“i know it’s a hard time for you right now, but you have to be here for y/n. and i know for a fact that both you and her want your face the first one she sees when she wakes up, and she will.” daniel took a moment to soak in what corbyn had just said. he slowly began to nod.

“you’re right.” daniel whispered, gripping y/n’s hand even tighter than he was before. “i have to be strong for her.” his eyes locked on her comatose body, never once wavering from her peaceful features.

“i’m gonna give you some time alone, okay?” corbyn stood up from his seat. “the boys and i are just out in the waiting room if you need anything.” he gave daniel a final pat on the shoulder, sending the blue-eyed boy a sad smile before exiting the room.

daniel sat in silence, words not coming to mind as he simply just gripped his lover’s hands in his. 

y/n’s hand tingled as she watched him stroke his thumb back and forth across the back of her hand, and she simply couldn’t take it anymore.

“c’mon y/n, you’re gonna wake up for daniel and you’re gonna do it right now.” she pep-talked to herself, thinking for a moment before stepping next to her hospital bed and laying back down.

she herself up with her body, feeling her soul sink back into her body. her vision went dark again, but the rest of her senses felt on high alert. y/n felt surprised, she didn’t know it’d be that easy to get back into her body.

okay y/n, you can do this. just a little bit of movement.

she summoned all her strength, trying her best to squeeze daniel’s hand. 

c’mon, even just the tiniest squeeze. you can do it. for him.

she tried again, feeling the tiniest bit of warmth enter her veins. a spark of determination flew through her veins, but faded as her next attempt went without avail.

just as she was about to begin her next attempt, she heard daniel’s phone go off and his hand left hers. 

“hey,” she heard the scrape of a chair as daniel stood up. “i’ll be right back baby, don’t wake up without me.” she heard daniel whisper into her ear, and he pressed a soft kiss on her temple before she heard his footsteps slowly padding away.

too bad daniel, i’m waking up now.

she summoned all of her strength, feeling every molecule in her body strain as she tried to wake up.

his footsteps were getting fainter now.

c’mon y/n.

she could heard him tiredly chat to whoever was on the other line of the phone.

do it for him.

she could hear the creak of the door as he began to open it to leave the room, and she gathered all of her willpower.

do it for daniel.

with one final push, she felt a wash of warmth flow over her. relief flooded her veins, and she gently cracked her eyes open.

immediately, a blinding white light flooded her vision. her eyes burned for a moment, and she blinked rapidly before attempting to open her eyes fully.

her y/e/c eyes scanned the room, seeing bleak, white walls and the complex machines she was hooked up to. she saw the chair that was pulled up next to her bedside, the one daniel was previously occupying.


y/n’s eyes swept to where to doorway was located, seeing that daniel was already halfway through the frame.

she wet her cracked lips with her tongue, clearing her throat softly.

“daniel?” her voice came out as barely a whisper, sounding rough and croaky after weeks of being mute.

but it seemed like daniel had heard her. his cerulean eyes went wide as he turned back around, seeing his girlfriend awake and alive as ever.

his phone slide out of his hand, hitting the floor with a resounding thud. 



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clumsy • daniel seavey

first WDW imagine yay! My requests are open! All of my imagines will be on Wattpad and tumblr :)


I sat down on the downstairs couch, comfortably wrapped in a fluffy blanket. My eyes scanned the pages of Stephen King’s, IT, as I drank hot chocolate out of a large mug. Everything was peaceful in the Why Don’t We house for once.

My calm night was interrupted by a loud slam from the upstairs. A thread of curse words filtered through the house and I sighed, knowing the boys were doing something stupid.

“It’s broken! I can’t feel my fucking elbow!” Daniel whimpered to what I’m assuming was Jack from their shared bedroom.

I rolled my eyes, not even sure if you could break your elbow but quickly shut my book and ran up the stairs. Busting open the door to the room, my eyes laid on my crippled boyfriend face down on the ground with Jack staring at him in concern.

“What did you do now, Daniel?” I questioned, with slight amusement in my voice. He was extremely dramatic when it came to stuff like this.

“My elbow is broken.” Daniel muttered, not even making eye contact with me and pouting.

“No it’s not. What happened boo?” I asked, walking over to him laying on the floor. I ran my fingers through his hair in effort to calm him down.

“So I was walking to get my guitar, and I wasn’t like paying attention. I wasn’t looking where I was going and I tripped over the corner of my bed, and face planted. I managed to land on my elbow in the process and now it hurts.” He explained, finally moving up to look at me. Jack tried to hold back a laugh at Daniel’s sad yet pathetic escapade but ultimately failed when he burst out in a chuckle.

“Dude sometimes you’re so dumb.” Jack grinned, walking out of the room leaving me and Daniel, who was very annoyed with his band mate’s comment.

“Jack is just joking around. Are you okay?” I wondered, concern evident in my tone of voice. I wanted to make sure he was genuinely not hurt from his ‘accident.’

“Yeah I’m fine. Just hit my funny bone I guess.” He mumbled, rubbing his arm. I frowned and wrapped my arms around him.

“Not so funny huh?” I joked and he just shot me a death glare, before releasing a small laugh.

“You’re lucky you’re cute Y/n.”


OKAY SO THIS IS SUPER SHORT! my imagines are usually 1000 words but this one is only about 400! I just really need some ideas so please request something I’ll write just about anything! Xoxo

A Christmas Carol (J.M)

Based off of ‘A Christmas Carol’

Description: Four ghosts visit Jonah after his selfishness and greed results in the end of your relationship and roughly affects his life.

Warnings: maybe a few curse words, angst

Word Count: 7.5k

Jonah sat on the recording studio couch as he and the guys all decided that a break from singing would do them justice. He sat with his elbows perched on his spread knees, his chin resting on his clasped hands.

“Stop being so glum,” Corbyn threw a Starburst wrapper at the curly headed boy. “It’s the holiday season,” he jokingly sang, looking at Jonah, expecting him to sing back.

Jonah merely glanced at Corbyn before lazily looking back at his phone.

“Can we hurry this up? I have to get back home,” Jonah’s sultry voice spoke up as the guys goofed around the studio.

“It’s not like you have anyone to get back to,” Daniel snaps, growing agitated with Jonah’s pissy mood that he’s been sporting for the past two weeks. The guys all come to a halt once they comprehend what had just come out of Daniel’s mouth. They cautiously look at Jonah, whose jaw is clenched as his face turns red. He abruptly stood up and stormed out of the room, slamming the door shut after his exit.

“Way to go,” Zach sarcastically drawled as Jack pat Daniel on the back. “Way to go.”

Jonah was silently grateful that he had driven his own car to the rehearsal. Otherwise, he’d be stranded outside of the studio. He drove home with anger fresh in his blood. When he finally arrived at his destination, he climbed out of his car and quickly headed inside.

He muttered curses along the entire way as if he was swearing at the world.

Jonah Marais has been very moody in the past four weeks, the reasons varying.

He might as well grumble ‘bah-humbug’ as he opens his front door and makes his way inside, tugging his coat off and throwing it on the ground before kicking his shoes off. He runs a hand down his face just as his phone rings. He plans to ignore it, but when he pulls his phone out, he sees that it’s his mom calling.

“Hey, Mom,” Jonah greeted, placing the call on speaker and putting his phone on the counter of his kitchen.

“Hey, Sweetie. I just wanted to call to see if you were packed. You know how you are with procrastination-”

“Packed?” Jonah furrows his eyebrows. “Packed for what?”

“What do you mean?” His mother chuckled.

“What am I supposedly packing for?”

“Please tell me you’re joking,” she sighed.

“I wish I knew what you’re talking about, but I don’t, Mom,” Jonah frowned.

“For the past three months, we’ve planned for you to come down here for Christmas!” She grew annoyed with that fact that Christmas with his family has completely left his mind. “Get your head out of the gutter! What have you been doing, lately? You haven’t called in a while.”

“I’m sorry, I forgot,” Jonah clenches his eyes shut and rubs his forehead. “I’ve been distracted lately.”

“Well get your mind back on track. Your flight is on Friday.”

“Mom, I don’t think I can make it,” Jonah quickly ripped the band-aid off before they both went silent.

“What the hell do you mean you won’t make it? You have three days!”

“A lot is going on-”

“The girls were so excited,” she exclaims. “You’re entire family was excited! Jonah, you’re getting on that flight and you’re bringing yourself down here.”

“I’m sorry, Mom. I have a lot of work to do.”

“Doing what? The rest of the boys are going home to their families!” When Jonah doesn’t respond, Kristin lets out an irritated sigh. “What about Y/N?” Jonah took a sharp inhale at your name. “You know she’s having issues with her family. She wanted to come down, too!”

“Y/N wouldn’t be coming down even if I decided to,” Jonah huffed.

“And why’s that?”

Jonah bit his bottom lip as he felt his heart wrench. “Y/N and I aren’t together, Mom,” he distressfully pulls at his hair.

His mother gasped and Jonah could imagine her placing a hand over her heart.

“What happened?” He could hear the disappointment and sadness in her voice.

“Things just didn’t work out.”

“Jonah, Sweetie, that doesn’t make sense. You two have been together since you were starting high school. Now tell me what happened.”

“I don’t feel like explaining, Mom,” Jonah groaned.

“Well then give it to me short, at least.”

Jonah stared at the wall as he nibbled at the inside of his cheek before giving in. “She left me.”

“That doesn’t sound like my Y/N-”

“She isn’t your Y/N and she isn’t mine. She’s her own person and she’s the one who walked out on me.”

She bit her bottom lip as thousands of thoughts consumed her mind. She wanted to ask so many questions, but Jonah already seemed heated and she was in the midst of persuasion.

“Jonah,” she starts, but he cuts her off before she can continue.

“I’ve gotta go.” He hung up not a second later.

Jonah settled himself on his couch after changing into more comfortable clothing, a sigh leaving his lips as he turns the television on. A Christmas claymation appears and he frowns before instantly changing the channel, nostalgia over the show creeping in on him.

He’s only five minutes into a random show on cable when a knock at his door takes his attention away.

He doesn’t move for a moment, hoping that whoever it was would just go away, but they knocked again.

Jonah huffed and pulled himself to his feet before heading to the door, going to look through the peephole when another rapid knock is heard from the other side.

“I’m opening it!” He groans, opening the door hastily. He looks straight ahead of him and furrows his eyebrows before looking downward. His eyes widen when they land on the little girl that stands on his doorstep. “Em?”

“Hi, Jonah!” The seven-year-old girl pushed herself into his home dejectedly.

“Wha-?” He turns to her with wide eyes. “What are you doing here? Alone?”

“Talking to you,” she says in a ‘duh’ tone, pulling herself up onto one of the stools that were placed beside the outward counters.

“How did you get here, Em?”

“You seem worked up,” the young girl pursed her lips to the side.

Jonah stared at her with wide eyes, confused and concerned.

“Where’s… where’s your aunt?” He asked.

“You mean Y/N?” Emilia hummed, cocking her head to the side. She had her book bag on her back and she was clad in her school uniform. Jonah then remembered picking her up from school with you a few times. “She’s probably doing homework. That’s all she ever does these days.”

“Em, why are you here and how did you get here?”

“I’m not gonna answer that,” she placed her chin the palm of her hand as her feet swung back and forth.

“I’m gonna call your mom,” he reached into his pocket to feel for his phone and frowned when he couldn’t feel it. He knew it was there just a second ago.

“You don’t even have her number,” Jonah looked up to where Emilia was just sitting. He then looked towards the couch, where her voice had come from and saw her toying with his phone in her little hands.

“How did you-”

“I came here for a reason,” she said to herself, tapping her chin. “Oh yeah!” She smiles and turns to Jonah, who’s genuinely and deeply confused. “You’ve gotta get your life together, dude.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re an asshole,” Emilia points at him and his eyes grow wide at her language. “You’ve been really mean to everybody lately, especially the guys and your family.”

“How would you know anything about-” he tries to talk but is once again interrupted by the seven-year-old.

“Not only have you been quite the Grinch, but you seriously messed Y/N up.”

“She left me,” Jonah argued.

“Because you’ve been an asshole,” Emilia says back.

“Watch your language, Em, seriously,” Jonah demands before running a hand through his hair. “Who sent you here! The guys? Y/N?”

“Nah,” she shakes her head.

Jonah begins to grow frustrated. “Give me my phone. I’m gonna call your mom, you might need a check-up.”

“With the way your heading, Jonah, your gonna end up down in the dumps,” she crossed her arms.


“Your ego is way too bloated. You’ve become a real pain to your friends and even to your family. You might as well go steal Christmas with the Grinch, you big grouch.”

Jonah deeply frowned, staring at the girl who sat on his couch.

“With the life you’re living now, you might as well go buy three cats and get a head start on a lonely life.”

“You have no idea what you’re talking about,” Jonah scoffed.

“Ya know, there’s a chance to fix your fate before Christmas,” Emilia claims.

“I think you’ve been watching too many Christmas movies, kid.”

She ignored him. “Your attitude is messing with too many lives,” she wiggles her index finger at him. “Especially Y/N’s.”

Jonah glanced at the floor at the mention of his ex-girlfriend.

“So we’re giving you a chance of redemption.”

“One, who’s ‘we’? And two, how do you even know what redemption means?”

“You’re missing the point here,” Emilia groans. “You’re hopeless.” With that being said and before Jonah could understand what was happening, she chucked his phone directly at his head.

Jonah jolted awake from his slumber with tired eyes. His first action was rapidly looking around him. He soon came to the conclusion that he had fallen asleep on the couch and everything that had to deal with Emilia was a dream.

Jonah ran a hand down his face as a groan left his mouth and he threw himself back into lying down on the couch.

He didn’t know how to feel about the non-existent conversation with your little sister that felt so real.


A loud scream ripped from Jonah’s throat at the sound of someone beside him in his home. He frantically looked around himself and let out another yelp when his eyes landed on Zach.

“What the hell?” Jonah held a hand up to his heart. “You were not just there a second ago!”

“Yes, I was,” Zach crossed his arms.

“No, you weren’t,” Jonah argued.

“No, I wasn’t,” Zach admitted with a shrug.

“How did you get inside?”

“Kind of just thought it and boom, I’m here,” he cracked a smile.

“That’s not funny,” Jonah furrowed his eyebrows. “How did you get in? Was my door unlocked?”

“I wasn’t joking, Marais.”

“Did you just call me Marais?” Jonah asked.

“You have too many questions. Get up,” Zach ordered.


“Nice bracelet,” Zach randomly said. “Let me see.” In the blink of an eye, the bracelet that was just on his right wrist was no longer on him and now in Zach’s hand.

Jonah hopped onto his feet. “How in the hell did you do that?”

“Who got you this? A special someone?” Zach analyzed the item thoroughly, twirling in between his fingers.

“Give it back,” Jonah demanded.

“Whatever.” The bracelet suddenly disappeared from Zach’s hold and appeared back around Jonah’s wrist.

“Did you slip something into my coffee, earlier?” Jonah rubbed his eyes.

“No, why would you ask that? Is there no trust in our friendship?” Zach dramatically held a hand up to his heart before all dramatics disappeared. “Good, you’re up. Now we can get the show on the road.”

“What show?” Jonah asked.

“How about we make a deal? You stop asking questions and just stick around and the quicker you’ll be back on your couch snoozing away.”

“What the fuck is going on, Zach?” Jonah’s voice rose as he grew angrier.

Zach simply rolled his eyes with a sigh.

“So no deal? Fine.” He then rubbed his hands together before quickly clapping.

Both he and Jonah stood in silence, Zach staring at his hands intensely.


“Just be patient,” Zach grumbled. Not two seconds later, Jonah felt a wave of something he couldn’t put his finger on pass throughout his body.

“Ah,” Zach sighed. “Here we are.”

Jonah felt his stomach drop when he came to the realization that they were no longer standing in his dim lighted living room.

“Another dream,” he facepalmed. “Alright. Let’s get this over with.”

He had to admit, this was the most realistic dream he had ever been in according to his memories.

“Sure, a dream,” Zach scoffed. “If that’ll stop you from asking so many questions, then we’ll go with that.”

Jonah observed his surrounding before a light bulb went off in his head.

“This is my backyard,” he stated.

“Correct,” Zach patted Jonah on the back before walking towards the back porch. Jonah glanced down at his feet and furrowed his eyes once he noticed that he only had socks on. He shifted on his feet, confused as to why the snow didn’t feel like freezing death.

He shook his head and went to follow Zach up the porch and through the back door that leads into his home.

“Woah,” Jonah stumbled a few inches back when he saw his home. “It looks like it did when I was younger.”

“You are mighty slow, Marais,” Zach commented as he flicked a child coat sleeve that hung on one of the hooks.

“You staying for dinner, Sweetie?” Jonah could hear his mother’s voice in the living room.

“My moms making dinner tonight, but I’ll come for dinner tomorrow!”

Jonah bit his bottom lip at the sound of your voice. It was different and higher, but he knew it was yours.

“Oh, your sister’s home tonight?” Jonah’s mother asks just as he and Zach turn the corner. He gasps when he sees the figures of you, his and his mother seven years ago. He was twelve and you were eleven.

You both were so young.

“Yeah, her first day of maternity leave,” you replied ecstatically.

“That’s amazing, truly.”

“Yeah, eventually she’s gonna pop,” twelve-year-old Jonah said.

Jonah merely chuckled at his younger self. Before he knew it, the scene before him fazed away and was replaced with another.

This time, you both were older. This was two years later, the year he had begun high-school and also the year your friendship had been threatened by the distance.

Now that the both of you were in different schools, you didn’t have as much time together as you did before and both of you were so sure your relationship would cut off there and then.

But one day you had shown up at Jonah’s house crying over how you missed him. You were going through tough times in school and him not being there made it even harder.

Jonah watched as he and you lied on his couch, your head on his shoulder as he ran his hand through your hair. Dry tear stains marked your cheeks as he murmured soothing things to you to calm you down, his lips on your forehead.

Jonah felt a small blush rise on his cheeks when he remembered that this was the night you two had shared your first kiss - the first of many. He turned to Zach with a questioning look and Zach knew exactly what was to be asked.

“Can we go now?” Jonah groaned.

“But we were just getting to the good part,” Zach grins, watching you glance up Jonah.

“Zach, please,” Jonah begged.

Zach rolled his eyes with a sigh. “Fine.” He turns from the scene and walks out of the living room and makes his way up the stairs.

“What’s the point of this?” Jonah suddenly asks as he follows behind.

“Have you never seen ‘A Christmas Carol’?” Zach scoffed, heading towards Jonah’s room.

“I have, but this isn’t real. Why does it feel so real?” Jonah furrowed his eyebrows as Zach opened Jonah’s bedroom door.

“Who said it wasn’t real?” Zach cocked his head to the side. Jonah opened his mouth to respond when his eyes landed on you and himself a little over two years ago. His eyes widened as he remembered everything that had to do with the scene placed out in front of him.

“This is the night,” he mumbled to himself, watching as his past self and you both lied on his bed laughing and giggling to a YouTube video he couldn’t remember what of. By then, you both had officially been a couple for a while.

“Yup,” Zach pops his 'p’, swinging back and forth on the balls of his feet. “The night.”

“Can we go?” Jonah diverted his eyes away from the both of your past selves.

“I’m enjoying myself,” Zach shrugged. “Watch.” His eyes narrow at Jonah as he points his finger at the both of your past selves on the bed. Jonah refuses to look But has no choice when the feeling of some force makes his head turn back and his eyes land on the sight in front of him.

Jonah watched as the seventeen-year-old version of himself stared down at you with adoration in his eyes. Past Jonah’s eyes didn’t leave your figure as you giggled, your attention on the video playing on the laptop screen.

He watches as your lips pursed when the video buffers because of the connection.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” You slightly tilt your head. Past Jonah furrows his eyebrows as if questioning how she knew. “I see you through the screen, you nut.”

He chuckles, trying to avoid answering the question when you turn around to face him. You raise your eyebrows when he suddenly leans in and places a lingering kiss on your lips. You don’t hesitate to respond, but before you could fully kiss back, he pulls away.

“I think I love you,” he whispers. Your entire body froze as you stared at him with wide eyes. “I mean, I don’t think. I know. I love you.”

He grows anxious as you sit there in awe, but his anxiety soon comes to an end when you begin beaming at him, your smile large and genuine.

“I love you, too!”

Jonah’s heart clenched as he watched his past self and your past self kiss once again.

“This is just too cute,” Zach holds a hand up to his heart, a pout on his lips. “Okay, now we can go. One more stop.”

“Why are you doing this?” Jonah asks just before Zach claps his hands, the sound echoing around them.

“Because it’s kind of my job,” Zach scoffs as what felt like a wave of air brushed past them.

Jonah immediately knew where they were. It was the studio he and the boys recorded at. As he looked at himself sitting in one of the swivel chairs, he instantly knew the scene that would take place in just a few moments.

“This one is more recent,” Zach says.

“I’m not watching this,” he objects.

Zach let out a laugh. “You say that as if you have a choice.” He points a finger at the two weeks prior version of Jonah, and Jonah was influenced by some force to watch.

He felt his heart beat increase when a soft tap hit the door.

Past Jonah got up with a groan and trudged to the door, opening it to reveal you.

“Hey,” he merely greeted before going back to his seat.

“What are you still doing here? It’s late,” you frown, slowly walking in.

“How’d you know I was here?”

“The boys told me you never left the studio,” you sighed. “Why are you doing this?”

“Doing what?” He scoffed. “Working? It’s kind of my job, Y/N.”

You rolled your eyes. “It’s the boys’ job, too, and they aren’t here trying to perfect everything at eleven in the evening.”

“Obviously, they don’t care as much as I do,” Jonah hummed.

“Could you just look at me for two seconds?” You frown, staring at the back of his head. He lets out a deep sigh and turns to you reluctantly. “Jonah this is getting out of hand.”

“What is?”

“This!” You gesture to the studio you’re in. “You, becoming a workaholic.”

“I have responsibilities, Y/N. I’m sorry if that comes in the way of me kissing you good night.”

You clench your teeth with agitation.

“I’m just trying to get shit done,” he snaps, turning back to the computer.

“Well if getting work done means that you become more of an asshole every day, then leave me out of it,” you argue.

“You know where the door is,” he responded heartlessly. You stared at the back of his head as your eyes become glossy with oncoming tears.

“Seriously?” You huff.

“Yes, seriously,” Jonah shrugged. “If you can’t deal with my life, then you can’t deal with me.”

“I’m not asking you to choose, Jonah!” You shout. “I’m asking you to take a break for one fucking second to look at me! I haven’t seen you in days and you never answer my calls or texts!”

“Because I’m always busy!” Jonah shouts back, turning to you and rising to his feet. “You were the one who told me to go forward with my dreams, and now that I’m where I want to be you want me to choose you over it? That’s not happening. So if that means we’re done, then we’re over.”

You stare at him as if he was a stranger.

“I came here for you,” you muttered, mentioning the fact that you moving to L.A was entirely because of him.

“That was your choice,” he huffed.

With a shake of the head, you quickly make your way to the door, tears falling down your face. Before you leave, you turn to him.

“I hope you accomplish everything you’ve ever wanted. Maybe it’ll be easier without me being apart of it.”

With that said, you walk out and slam the door behind you.

Past Jonah doesn’t say a thing as he stared at the door as random emotions passed through him.

Zach watched the events unfold with risen eyebrows, an amused look on his face. Jonah stared at himself with a puzzled expression, his jaw clenched as he felt his stomach drop.

“I should’ve gone after her,” he murmured to himself. “I should’ve done something. Anything.”

“But you didn’t,” Zach chuckled. Jonah quickly went from solemn to anger as he whipped his head towards Zach.

“You think it’s funny? Is my losing the love of my life entertaining to you?” He grew aggressive.

“I do, actually,” Zach shrugged. “Cliche story. Guy falls in love - guy grows in either wealth or fame - guy leaves everything good he has and deals with consequences. It’s nothing but on you, Marais.”

Jonah glares at Zach with pure hatred, irritation flooding his body. Without a second thought, he went to swing at the boy, but Zach caught his fist before it could hit his face.

“What? Did I piss you off with the truth?” Zach tilted his head to the side with a mocking grin on his face. Jonah didn’t reply, his glare being the only response. Zach let out a sigh. “Anyway, we’re done here.” Without a warning, Zach uses his free hand to slap Jonah in the face.

Jonah let’s out a loud grunt as he abruptly sits up from his lying position on the couch.

His eyes are wide as he looks around himself, his breathing a little heavier than normal.

After a few moments, he closes his eyes and lets out a small sigh, relieved that the dream was over.

“Let’s get this show on the road!”

Jonah let out a scream, quickly opening his eyes to reveal Jack and Daniel standing at the foot of his couch.

“You know the drill,” Jack grins as Jonah lets out a groan and falls back onto to couch.

“Let’s get to it,” Daniel then claps.

Jonah’s eyes are closed but he still feels the ripples surround his body. Before he knew it the couch beneath his body was gone and he fell to the ground harshly.

A grunt left his lips as he opened his eyes, staring at the ceiling of wherever they had just arrived.

Daniel lightly kicks Jonah’s side, causing him to huff and rise to his feet before he took a look around.

“Why are we here, again?” He asked as he came to the conclusion that they were in his living room again.

“Zach was right, you do ask a lot of questions,” Jack nudged Daniel, who nodded, with his elbow. Jonah rolled his eyes just before Svea, his younger sister, came running into the room. Her snow coat, hat, gloves and scarf covered most of her body as he sat on the couch. Esther, Jonah’s teenage sister, walked into the room while taking off her coat.

Jonah watched as his mother entered right after them, running a hand through her hair as she sighed.

“What’s the bad news?” Esther sighed, leaning back into her seat with her arms folded. Svea furrowed her eyebrows while glancing between her older sister and mother.

“What? Bad news?”

“With the way you’re acting, it can’t be good news,” Esther observed. “Unless you’re completely throwing me off here.”

“I’m sorry, girls,” Jonah’s mother frowned. “Jonah won’t be able to make it this Christmas.”

“What?!” Both girls cried out, their faces full of disappointment and sadness. “Why not?” Svea whined.

“He’s busy.”

“That’s such bull,” Esther scoffed.


“What’s keeping him so busy that he can’t come down for Christmas?”

“His career.”

“The other guys are going home to their families,” Svea replied, her tone glum.

“Jonah decided to stay behind and continue working on their upcoming music.”

Jonah frowned as he saw his sisters sulk because of his absence.

“I can’t believe he’s doing this,” Esther rose from her seat and hastily walked out of the room.

“What about Y/N? Can she still come down?” Svea asked hopefully. “She’s spent every Christmas with us.”

“I’m not sure she can, Hun.”

Jonah’s eyes fell to the ground.

“What a disappointment,” Jack countered. “Can’t even spend time with your own family.”

Daniel clapped as Jonah kept quiet, deciding to ignore the provoking comments. Waves enveloped the three boys and in the blink of an eye, they stood in your current apartment hallway.

“If you haven’t caught up by now, we’re Present,” Daniel grinned as he leaned against the wall, his hands in his jean pockets.

Jonah glanced between the two and let out a snort.

“I was most definitely drugged,” he ran a hand down his face and kept it there. A chill ran through his bones as the sound of footsteps and the jingle of keys echo through the hallway.

“I can’t come in tonight, you know that,” your voice sounded foreign to his ears as you turned the corner of the hall and came into Jonah’s sight. “You gave me the next two weeks off because of how much I’ve been working.”

You were balancing your phone between your ear and shoulder as you held your keys, along with a coffee, in one hand, your laptop in another, mail underneath your arm and your bag dangling off of your shoulder. You looked stressed and sleep deprived, bags showing under your eyes that you tried to cover with makeup. You wore jeans and a sweatshirt, your hair pulled back into a braid as a pair of reading glasses sat on top of your nose.

“I have things to do,” you said into the phone as you reached your door. You then balance the coffee between your chin and left forearm as you try to open the door, attempting twice before finally achieving. You then kicked the door open with your foot and hurried inside.

The three boys quickly followed after you, Jonah’s eyes never leaving your body.

This entire experience, he had denied the probability of anything going on had been truly happening. Seeing you with his own eyes now had a part of him believe that what was going on wasn’t a dream.

“Sorry, Kai. It’s not happening,” you huff into the phone as you place your things on your living room table. “I have two essays don’t by tonight and not only that but I have to pick up my niece soon.” You stood up and placed a hand on your hip. “Call Nora. Maybe she’ll work… okay, bye.”

Jonah held a deep frown on his face when you hung up, a loud breath leaving your lips as she falls onto your couch. When you and he had been together, he would always make you relax before all of the working and school work took such a toll on you. It’s then that he feels hypocrisy seep into him.

You fall on your couch just as your phone rang. You instantly answered and placed the call on speaker before putting the device on the seat beside you.

“Hey, Ronnie,” you greet your sister after seeing the caller ID.

“Hey, guess who I saw at the mall earlier,” Veronica hummed.

“Santa?” You raise a single eyebrow.

“Yeah, him too, but I also saw the guys.”

Jonah watched as your eyes fell to the floor, immediately knowing who she was talking about.

He wasn’t there,” Veronica added, the fact that 'he’ was Jonah being clear to everyone.

“Why are you telling me this?” You sit up and lean forward, grabbing your laptop from the table and pulling it onto your lap.

“They said that they miss you,” Veronica informs you.

“That’s nice,” you purse your lips to the side.

“I mean, they didn’t do anything. And it’s not fair to cut them off because of what he did.”

“I’m not cutting them off,” you reply. “I’m just taking a break. Seeing them would do nothing but remind me of everything.”

“Yeah,” Veronica sighed. You both went quiet for a few seconds before she hesitantly began once again. “They said he’s more of a douche bag than ever.”

“Why am I not surprised,” you murmured. “Why is it that every time you call you must bring up Jonah?”

“You say you’re moving on, but all you do is sulk in your room, work, eat and sleep.”

“It’s been two weeks, Ronnie,” you frown. “Jonah and I have been together four years. Not only did I lose the love of my life, but I lost my best friend.” Your eyes grew hazy as you stared at your blank television. “I thought he was the one.”

Jonah felt his heart clench at your words and he walked up to you hastily. He nearly forgot that you couldn’t see him and took a seat beside you, placing his hand on top of yours.

“I still love you,” he whispered, knowing that you couldn’t hear him. “I wish I could take everything back. I’m so sorry.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” Veronica’s voice took Jonah out of his daze. “I thought you guys would end up getting married.”

“The only thing he’s marrying is his career,” you murmured quietly to yourself, but Jonah and Veronica both heard. “I’ve got work to do, Ronnie. I’ll see you later when I come to pick up Emmie.”

“Okay, love you.”

“Love you, too, bye.”

Jonah furrows his eyebrows as you begin to fade from his sight. He looks to where Jack and Daniel had just been standing, only to see that they were gone.

He stood up as everything around him turned grey and he was standing in what seemed to be an endless hallway.

He looked around himself, turning in circles, trying to find whoever was here to explain what was going on.

“Hello?” His voice echoed throughout the hallway. Eventually, he gave up, letting out a sigh while running a hand down his face.

When his hand fell back to his side, he looked at the ground beneath him when the sound of typing was heard. He looked around himself once again, eyes widening at the sight of Corbyn.

Corbyn leaned up against one of the gray walls, the heel of his foot against the wall while he stared down at his phone, his fingers tapping away at some keyboard.

“I’m gonna take a guess and say that you’re gonna show me the Future,” Jonah cautiously spoke, but it didn’t grab Corbyn’s attention. “Hello?”

Corbyn briefly glanced up at Jonah before looking back down at his phone. Jonah furrowed his eyebrows as Corbyn shoved his phone into his pocket and clapped his hands once.

Jonah stayed still as the waves rolled in. He oddly stared at Corbyn, who went back to his phone, before observing where the two of them had arrived.

It was his Stillwater home living room once again. Christmas decorations were everywhere and everything was different - as if more things were added and many things were changed.

This was most definitely the future.

“Did you even invite him this year?”

Jonah turned at the sound of a foreign voice. His eyes almost popped out of his head at the sight of Svea. She looked about sixteen, and he didn’t like it one bit.

Her hair was in a long ponytail as she was clad in clothes that he would never agree with her wearing. She had makeup on and he felt his heart ache at the sight of his baby sister not being his baby sister.

He then saw his mother. She looked like she had aged a few years but she was still as healthy as could be.

“Why invite him when we know he’ll just be too busy?” Esther than walked in and Jonah felt the exact same way he had when he saw Svea.

“Because he’s our big brother and we haven’t seen him in a year,” Svea frowned.

“The last time we saw him, we just went to one of his shows and he didn’t even have time for us,” Esther scoffed, pulling on her winter coat.

“I invited him,” their mother sighed, taking a seat on the couch. “He has yet to respond, though.”

“Christmas is tomorrow, Mom,” Esther deadpanned. “He isn’t coming. Just like last time and the time before that and the time before that.”

Mother Marais let out a sigh, glancing down at her fingers which fiddled with one another in her lap.

“He’s successful,” she murmured. “That’s all he’s ever wanted in life, and that’s what he is now. We have to support him.”

“How could he be satisfied if, in the making of being successful, he loses his family?” Svea leaned her head into her mother’s shoulder.

Jonah stared at the three woman with solemn.

“This can’t be true,” he told himself. “I would never do anything to hurt my family. They mean the world to me.”

He turned to Corbyn, expecting a response, but is met with silence. Corbyn now has his hands tucked into his pockets as he stared and Corbyn quietly. Not a second passed before he pulled his hands out of his pants and clapped before placing them back into their pockets.

Jonah turned back around and is met with a sight that made him wish he could claw his eyes out.

On your bed lied you and a man Jonah didn’t know. You both lied naked under the covers as a condom wrapper along with both of your clothes were spread out across the floor.

Jonah flinched at the sound of your alarm clock going off. The random guy instantly wakes up while you stay fast asleep.

Jonah watched with a clenched heart as the random guy climbed out of bed and began to retrieve his clothing before putting it on. Just as he was putting on his belt, you let out a small groan, pushing your hair out of your face and sitting up, pulling the blanket up to cover your bare chest.

“You’re still here?” You yawned, cocking your head to the side with somewhat narrowed eyes as you try to get used to the sun that came into your room through the window.

“Just leaving,” he flashed you a smile.

“Mkay,” you let out a yawn before going to lie back down.

Jonah felt like he needed to throw up.

“You know, maybe next time we can go get something to eat,” the guy suggested.

You let out a chuckle. “Dylan, you know the arrangement. No strings attached. Plus, you’ve got a girlfriend.”

Jonah let out a small gasp.

“We could go somewhere out of town,” Dylan shrugged.

“You’re not getting the point here, babe,” you toss his watch that you felt underneath you to him. “No strings. No emotions. The only feeling between us is you inside of me.”

Jonah felt sick to his stomach.

“Why can’t we start something. We’ve been fuck buddies for about a year now,” Dylan pointed out.

“Honey, you know you’re one of many,” You sat up, climbing out of bed. “I’ve told you there are four others.”

“I know,” he sighed. “I just can’t help it.” He walks over to you with a lazy grin before bending forwards and placing a kiss on your lips. “You’re breathtaking.”

You smile and give him a look. “That’s not the first time I’ve heard that.” You grab a random shirt off of your dresser and pull a pair of shorts on.

Dylan let out a sigh before shrugging.

“You do this every time, Dyl,” you pat his cheek.

“Worth a shot. See you next time.”

“Mhm,” you giggle, following him out of your bedroom. Jonah walks after the both of you, his feet feeling heavy - as if he wore boulders as shoes.

As you open the door for Dylan, who was buttoning up the top of his shirt, your eyes widen at the reveal of Veronica and Emilia on the other side of your door.

Veronica gives you a look as Dylan passes them with an awkward smile.

“Hey, guys,” you push your messy hair behind your ear and make room for them to enter.

“Another hookup?” Emilia asked, walking in and making her way straight to your kitchen counter. Jonah observed how much older she appeared to be, either five or six years older to be exact.

“Do you ever get tired of all the guys?” Veronica asks as she places her purse on your kitchen counter. You follow her into the kitchen with a shrug.

“Not really. It’d be more tiring to be in a relationship. With my guys, I screw then loose. It’s easier that way.”

“No, it’s not,” Veronica said, more-so to her daughter who let out a small chuckle.

“When was your last relationship, again?” Emilia asked.

“His name was Connor. Or Clarke. No, I think I dated both of them. And then they both cheated on me,” you tap your chin.

“You always found wrong ones,” Veronica noted.

“They weren’t all bad,” you laugh. “Mike was a nice guy.”

“Before he ghosted you and to this day you don’t know if he’s dead or he just ran away,” Emilia countered.

“And now you see why I do what I do,” you tap your niece’s head. “Guys are all pigs that only have one thing going for them.”

“What’s that?”

“Their bodies.”

“Every time we come here I regret it,” Veronica hums. You roll your shoulders as you turn to your cupboard to grab a cup. “Don’t listen to your aunt, Em. She’s bitter.”

“And it all started with Jonah,” Emilia mindlessly mentioned, not realizing the effect that name had on you. “He’s like super famous now.”

You stand with your back towards them, a shiver running through your bones before you played it off and turned to face them again.

“Yeah, but I’m sure he’s still an asshole,” you huffed. “His mom called me the other day.”

“Seriously? Why?” Veronica furrowed her eyebrows.

“How did she even get your number?” Emilia cocked her head to the side.

“I don’t know. She said she missed me and I told her that I missed her, too. That was my second family growing up.”

“You guys talk about Jonah?” Veronica asked.

“She said that he’s been distant with the family,” you said in a tone to show how little you cared. “He’s apparently never been the same since our breakup.”

“That was six years ago. Dude needs to get over it,” Veronica rolled her eyes.

“I don’t even think it has to do with me,” you honestly say. “Towards the end of our relationship, it seemed like he was dating the studio more than me. I guess he’s still the workaholic I knew.”

“Either way, what he did was douchey,” Emilia concludes. You nod at her, pursing your lips.

“Why are we even talking about him? That was my past and this is my present,” you open your fridge and grab a bottle of juice. “It’s not the life I saw myself in but it’s one I’m not unhappy with.”

Jonah couldn’t shake the feeling of discomfort and regret. He looked back at Corbyn just as the blonde clapped his hands.

Jonah kept quiet as the process that he had repeated countlessly throughout the night happened yet again.

This time, they ended up in a room Jonah has yet to see. He furrowed his eyebrows at the foreign scene just as an older version of him walked in.

He appeared to be at least in his mid-30’s.

Future Jonah ran his fingers through his hair and took a seat at the desk that occupied the corner of his room. He turned his laptop on and music began to flow through the room, the melody low.

Jonah left Corbyn’s side and walked up behind his older self, looking over his shoulder to see what he was looking at, only to see that he had opened tabs of social media articles on his screen.

'Jonah Marais Doing Fine on His Own’ marked the one he was currently reading.

“What?” Jonah rhetorically asked as he looked down and began to quickly read the article. “Jonah Marais, a previous member of world-known band Why Don’t We, seems to be doing fine all on his own… said nobody ever. Just as when he left the band, which is still successful to this day, he appears to be the same passive-aggressive stud we all know him as. Every time the thirty-year-old is spotted, he’s alone and always in a bad mood. If we’re taking a guess, it’d have to do with his crappy ice that only spiraled downwards after his breakup with the four-year girlfriend, Y/N Y/L/N eleven years ago. Marais has been cooped up in his huge home for the past week. Will he spend Christmas alone again? Maybe. Probably. Most likely… Most definitely…”

Jonah takes a step back, staggering a bit. He watches as Future Jonah shuts the computer off and buried his face in his hands.

“I-I won’t let this happen,” he shook his head. “This hasn’t happened already, right? I can change this.”

Corbyn stays quiet before clapping his hands together once. Jonah instantly saw pitch black before opening his eyes.

He sat up, taking deep and harsh breaths, his eyes instantly scanning his surroundings. He let out a large sigh when seeing that he was in his living room, exactly where he started.

Jonah instantly got up and went to grab his keys before rushing out of his home and to his car. He had three goals on his mind, and you were one of his main priorities.

It didn’t take long for him to reach your apartment and it also didn’t take long for him to rush upstairs and to your door.

His heart was beating with anxiety as he hesitantly knocked on your door with his knuckles. He had no clue what he’d say or how he’d convince you to forgive him, but he knew he had to do it.

When your door slowly opened, Jonah felt everything physically, mentally and visually slow down. The second he saw you, he nearly fainted.

“Jonah,” you murmured, shocked with his appearance. Your voice was soft and music to his ears.

“I love you,” he mustered up. “I love you so much, Y/N, it hurts.”

You stared at him with sadness in your eyes.

“I’m so sorry, baby,” he shook his head. “I don’t know what was wrong with me and I don’t know why it took me two weeks to finally realize that you are one of the most important things in my life and letting you walk away was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, besides not give you the attention and affection you deserve.”

Tears rolled down your cheeks as a load of emotion just hit you.

“Why now?” You cried, wrapping your arms around yourself.

“Because I was scared and afraid that you’d never look at me again or take me back. But then today, all the courage I needed piled within me and I realized that I would never get a second chance by avoiding you.”

You cried more when you saw the tears brimming in his eyes as well.

“Four years, Y/N. Four years we spent together and I don’t regret a second of it. I should’ve gone after you.”

“You were the one who suggested we break up, Jonah,” you shake your head. “You chose your music over me.”

“That was a mistake,” he declared. “A mistake I’ll never make again. Please, just forgive me. I love you so fucking much and another day without you would be hell, just like every day we’ve gone without one another.”

You were silent for a moment, reaching your hand up to wipe the tears from your cheeks away.

"I love you more than anything, Jonah,” you finally say. His entire face brightens and he instantaneously pulled you into his arm. He repeatedly kissed the top of your head as he hugged him back. “Please don’t ever do that to me again.”

“I’m never leaving your side,” he closed his eyes. “I’d be nothing without you,” he murmured into your hair. Little did you know how accurate that was.

Svea and Esther helped set up the dining room table as Christmas music played in the background. Their parents worked in the kitchen as spirits were neutral.

They were all missing Jonah, but there was nothing to do about it. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without him.

Esther was placing the plates where they belonged and Svea was setting out the glasses and silverware when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” Esther called out before making her way to the door, dusting her hands against her pants. She opened it quickly and that was the moment a scream left her throat.

There, on the front porch, stood you and Jonah, both in winter wear and suitcases by your sides.

“What is it!” Her mother rushed to see who was at the door, along with Svea and her husband.

It was then that the shouts and screams escalated.

Crappy ending but I need to post this before Christmas is over

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He’s Not Afraid | D.S.

first of all, i wanna say thank you for the feedbacks about my first two imagines. im happy that you guys enjoyed it! just send me your requests if you guys have :)

Daniel didn’t hesitate to show his love for y/n in front of thousands of limelights

warning(s): cursing(just minor lol), frickin’ fluff

word count: 1237

a/n: request by @motherjoanh


The Why Don’t We boys are already in the half way of their setlist. Huge amount of fans showed up in the last show in America, particularly in Los Angeles.

Singing and screaming limelights filled the atmosphere as the boys are singing Just To See You Smile. They couldn’t explain how overwhelming they are feeling right now. 

As Daniel sang his part, he couldn’t stop but wander in the sea of fans singing along with him. But something, no, someone catches his attention which made him widen his eyes. After he finished his part, Daniel blinked a few times to make sure that he wasn’t just hallucinating.

But he wasn’t. It was her.

As he continues to perform together with the boys, he couldn’t help but think, what is she doing here?

She should be in Oregon right now. Daniel was absolutely sure that he didn’t made a mistake when he laid his eyes on her. Even if it was dark, her brunette hair was still visible to him especially her face. There may be a bunch of beautiful faces in the crowd but hers captured by Daniel’s heart the most. His head was too occupied when he didn’t hesitate but walked out from the stage which made the boys stood there in shock. Even the crowd died in complete silence.

“Daniel, what are you doing?” Jonah calls out but Daniel didn’t care, he continued to walk down from the stage.



Daniel, your superstar boyfriend, didn’t know that you were visiting (more like surprising) him after not seeing each other for the past three months. Their schedule was hectic due to the on-going tour they have, so he wasn’t able to visit his hometown. He wasn’t able to visit you.

As much as you wanted him to visit you, you always thought that it would be nice to make effort for him since he has been doing it for you. So, after he left Oregon for their tour three months ago, you save up money so you can buy your plane and concert ticket just to see him.

People knew Daniel was taken but they thought it wasn’t serious. Nobody knew who you really are, maybe just by name and just few pictures on wherever those came from. And that was all it. It was a mutual decision between you and Daniel to make it private. To prevent from hates and mean comments thrown to you. It was the only way to protect you.

You were trying so hard to see your boyfriend perform from afar. You couldn’t hide but feel proud. Not just to him but also for the other boys. You smiled at him as he sang his part on Just To See You Smile, you examined how he does his very best to connect with the fans as he performs. It was something that you admired him about.

When he was on your part of the crowd, you saw how his eyes widen when he made an eye contact with you.

“Oh, shit. This can’t be.” you mumbled as your eyes widen, awkwardly hiding from the back of the girl in front of you.

You looked back to the stage, he was a bit distracted?

It didn’t take awhile when he walked out from the stage which made the atmosphere quiet. The sound of silence was intense.

You tiptoed trying to look for the love of your life when you found him, he was already looking at you. You ducked your head. This wasn’t the plan, you thought. Your plan was to surprise and see him after the show, not during the show. You looked down as you excused yourself to the people in front of you to get away from the crowd.

“Y/n.” Daniel’s comforting voice spoke through the microphone.

You stopped from walking, but you never looked back. It was a complete battle. As much your heart is pounding so hard, but hearing your name from Daniel was relaxing and it felt safe.

Fans were trying to get to him when he tries to go to the crowd, as you look back, they were bodyguards around him as he walks past the fans. Even you were pushed away because people were trying to get to him.

“Y/n, please.” he begged, it was short but genuine.

He left you with no choice but you raise your hand, as fans noticed you, they made a way so you could pass by. You stood there in complete silence as you saw your handsome boyfriend standing there with a smile plastered on his face.

It was completely mutual, when you both ran to each other and he picks you, hugging as you both twirl.

“I missed you so much, baby.” Daniel puts you down as he planted a long ass kiss on your forehead which made you smile. You didn’t care that people were filming and taking pictures of the scene right now. All that matters is you and him.

“Now, come on.” he grabs your hand trying to drag you to the stage.

You tried gluing your feet to the ground to refrain from moving. “Woah, where are you taking me?”

“Just trust me, y/n.”

As much as it hunts you to stand on that very stage, you didn’t mind. As long as Daniel is there with you. It somewhat felt safe.

He gently guides you up stage, you hugged Corbyn first. “It’s good to see you, y/n.”

“You too, Corbs.”

Zach was next, then Jonah acknowledged you as well and Jack talked to you for a good fifteen seconds. The crowd went wild when Daniel got back to the stage. You tried hiding on Jack’s back because you were never fond with spotlights and basically, attention from everybody.

“Hey guys, I wanted to apologize for running off from the stage. I knew it was really inappropriate.” he started, “But, I just couldn’t help but feel surprised to see the love of my life breathing the same air I’m breathing right now.” the crowd awed as they keep taking pictures and videos, Daniel gazed at you as he extends his arm to you. You were too hesitant, too afraid. But him, he wasn’t.

You looked into his eyes as he mouthed, ‘everything’s okay’. You accepted his warm hand and he pulled you closer so he can hug you as he talks to the crowd. Though, you kept hiding from his side because you were too anxious and too shy.

“You see, it was a couple of months ago when I went home to Oregon and also, that was the last time I saw her. I missed her so much, you guys have no idea.” the crowd awed again, “I also, never knew she’s coming. I appreciate your effort, baby.” he looks down at you with a smile painted on his face.

“I love you,” you said with a smile on your face while his arm is still around you.

“I love you so much, y/n.” he cupped your face then tucking few strands of hair away from your face, it didn’t take long when you felt his soft lips against yours and the voices around you faded.

You were too astonished about what is happening. You appreciated Daniel so much that he’s not afraid to show the world his love for you.

It was magical.