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Love your new room Lissi! Looks super cute. How often do you do long runs? Also, what are your top tips for running a half marathon? I can do the distance, I just want to improve my time and not feel too exhausted running it. It should be fun!! when is your next race? :)

Thanks so much! :)
I honestly don’t know much about Half Marathon training yet and I don’t really know what tips I could give you.. I ran both of my Half Marathons just for fun! Also for both I averaged paces I absolutely didn’t think I could hold for that long of a distance and I wasn’t awfulla exhausted after either of them. The adrenaline and atmosphere really do wonders so if you can run do the distance, you will be fine! I’d recommend checking out some training plans you can find online and I also highly recommend Jack Daniel’s Running Formula to anyone who’s somewhat serious about their running (it’s not expensive at all and so informative!).
I’m planning on running the Munich Half Marathon in early October but I’m not too sure yet if I actually will do it. Other than that, I don’t have any races planned.

From a runner’s standpoint, consistency in training is the single most important thing that leads to success.
—  Jack Daniels, Daniels’ Running Formula