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idk why but while reading your yongguk hp au i suddenly got the thought, i bet daniel owns a pair of white vans but never wears them because daehwi probably yells damn daniel back at again with the white vans and jisung has started yelling it too, he doesn't know what it means but he does it anyways, so daniel has resorted to not wearing them.

asfdhjfadc oh my god this has me wheezing this is hilarious

also fun fact about me and white vans

so i was in the school play last year, and i played a cheerleader and so i had to wear white shoes, and i only had white vans, so of course i wore those

and of course, A WEEK BEFORE OUR OPENING NIGHT, the damn daniel vine started trending

so when i walked onto the stage for my first scene, a good half of the audience started whispering “damn daniel” to each other and i had to pretend like 100+ people whispering damn daniel like they’re slick wasn’t the funniest thing that’s ever happened to me

Are we not gonna talk about how HARD Regina “i’ve been sitting behind a desk for 28 yrs & am the fucking queen, don’t need to lift my own hand to touch anyone” punched Emma in S1?

(i like to think Emma was completely thrown off by her actually doing it, or was expecting a bitch slap or some hair pulling or something)


Prince Daniel of Sweden attended the Swedish Ski Association and the Swedish Ski Council project All the snow at Gärdet in Stockholm on February 22, 2016.

All the snow is a nationwide event where hundreds of children in fourth grade have the opportunity to be introduced to winter sports and try all the activities included in the Swedish ski resort.

Prince Daniel revealed some details about himself and his family:

  • Prince Daniel prefers downhill skiing over cross country.
  • Crown Princess Victoria is the best skiier in the family, followed by Estelle, and then him. 
  • Prince Daniel called Princess Estelle “a competitive little person” and believes she has inherited that trait from both her parents.