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voltron live action fantasy casting

This is what happens when you get hooked on the new Voltron: Legendary Defender series. 

Daniel Henney as Takashi Shirogane

(I’ll be honest - I’ve been driving myself nuts trying to cast Shiro but I think he’s gotta have the right combination of adorable and big brother/Team Dad vibe, if this ever gets its own live action movie.)

Lee Joon-gi as Keith

I’m cackling as I picture this - can rock a mullet, look pretty, look all mysterious and brooding - evidence here:

….. and is maybe a badass half Galra to boot.  I like it!

Millie Bobby Brown as Pidge

Now, I really, really want this live action movie to happen.  XD

Diego Luna as Lance

This is the reason why it’s just fantasy casting.  I didn’t really think about Diego Luna being Lance until I saw this picture.  And then I died.

John Boyega as Hunk

He’s already piloting his own giant badass robot in real life - LET ME LIVE, OKAY????

Naya Rivera as Princess Allura

Princess Allura ain’t having none of your bullshit.  Also, imagining her kicking Lotor’s ass when he eventually pops into this series would be epic. 

Ewan McGregor as Coran

I can’t help but fandom crack again.  As in, Coran is really the reincarnation of one long-suffering Jedi Knight from a Galaxy far far away?

Vin Diesel as Emperor Zarkon

Vin Diesel is a giant nerd who will probably dive headfirst into this role with glee and we will love him for it.

Matthew Mercer as Prince Lotor

I realize that Lotor hasn’t appeared yet in this version of Voltron but I’m cackling with glee at imagining this dude being Lotor in a live action movie.  Or maybe dreams may yet come true and he’ll be the VA for Lotor in this new reboot?  I can only hope!

I’ll repeat - this is only a fantasy casting, but I had a lot of fun setting all this up! XD

I fix it. 😌😌

Zelena is part of this family too so I put her in this memorable pic. 😌😌

Ohana means family.
Family means no one is left behind or forgotten.


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