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On the Xena reboot...

Okay okay…
So what if the whole thing is they discovered a whole new set of Gabrielle’s personal scrolls, like ones that show Xena and her relationship as even more intimate than the other ones (hence why the reboot would have them as “undeniably” together, even though it’s hard to deny already, but still).
And Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor and Rob Tapert all as themselves are attending the press conference about the discovery (think Soul Possession) and they are all excited for the reboot.
But then all realize that the scrolls are still about Xena/Gabrielle as 25-30 age and that they will probably have to recast…
But Rob wants to still bring back Lucy and Renee as Sappho and Morai for the remastered “Last Dance” script. And bring back Danielle Cormack as some awesomely powerful queen of the amazons for some eps. And bring back Adrienne Wilkinson as Callisto (it could work).

Then in season 3 they discover scrolls from post AFIN when Xena and Gabrielle have settled down and are just living a happy life together, but they have to go on another adventure… And Lucy and Renee are like… “Guys… We got this.”

I think I’d be okay with the recast if they just address it right off…


Currently crying cause Hayes Grier feels are fucking me up so bad.


Jack Johnson Text AU: You are texting Johnson about how much you ‘miss’ him while he’s in the studio recording.


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I wonder what has been going through his mind


Nash text AU: A bunch of people posted pictures of you and Matt as you were hanging out that day. Nash seeing this assumed that you guys had secret feelings towards each other because you told him you were going out with your friends. In reality, you were planning his surprise birthday party

Request: Please do an imagine where nash gets jealous about you being close with you boy bestfriend (matt or whoever from the magcon boys) PLEAS PLEASE

Wasn’t a text request but I thought this would be better



Nate Maloley Text AU: You think you’re texting your friend, about Nate, but it’s actually him.

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