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Wannaone Voice Tag <3
Wannaone Voice Tag <3

The Wanna-one Voice Tag

I was tagged by Dian @danielsoftgf to do this, thanks boo for the tag. Please excuse my voice and no i don’t have flu or cold, that’s just my voice all year long lol (bcs i got asked about this a lot). 

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1. State your name and username

2. Who is your bias in wanna one

3. Who is your bias wrecker

4. How long have you been a fan

5. Favourite song

6. Say all of the members names

7. Fave otp

8. Member you think has the best smile

9. Say Nae Maeum Soge Jeojang~

wanna one as things i have heard my dance team say

jisung: “if someone breaks the fucking camera, at least kill the person who broke it.”

sungwoon: “i am tall in my good looks, wait? why do you look short all of the sudden?”


jaehwan: “i dont know whether to be proud you know your right from your left or disappointed you didnt figure it out earlier…”

seongwoo: “if im sitting here for seven hours…dont you think you should feed me?”

daniel: “i can twerk it down for you, but stripping? unless its christmas and you have the festivus pole I am not showing my body for anyone but jesus”

woojin: “i love dancing, i breathe dancing, and i am also ready to quit dancing now that you walked in”


jihoon: “my name is one part….my middle name. you cant pronounce the last or say the first….so dont try!”

daehwi: “can snack time be your lips?”

guanlin: “my long limbs are such a distraction i think i need a dress code because damn i look fine”

Okay but imagine that Daniel and Jen are literally counselors of an “cult camp” where they teach children all about religion and each month they sacrifice the children which they think are pure enough to meet god but every time they try that something goes wrong and no kid dies. when the religious parents find out that the kids are still alive, Jen and Daniel just get super nervous and try everything in their power to just end these childrens lifes

Daniel: “Okay, kids! Now each of you drinks a cup of tasty kool-aid and then you will soon rise and meet the lord themselves!”

Kid: “Um, Daniel, I think Mark drank all of it..”

Daniel: “What?!”

Mark: “Haha! You all thought that I would never be pure enough, but let’s see who gets to meet the lord no- *dies*”


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don't know if you watch pd101 but if you do could you pleaaaase write a kang daniel college!au? he has effectively ruined my life 🙃🙃🙃🙃

i do!! ill write a mini one for him ^^

  • major: public health + paramedic certificate because he wants to work as a part of an ER response team
  • sports: dance team, football team
  • is essentially the school sweetheart and everyone knows him as the guy who’d give you the shirt off his back if you asked
  • quite literally,,,,jisung played a joke once and asked daniel if he could borrow his shirt because his next period class was SUPER cold and daniel,,,,,,,,,,literally took off his shirt
  • rumor has it some chick fainted from the sight of his bare shoulders but no one knows if this was confirmed or not (seongwoo claims it totally is true)
  • but like he really does his best to try and help others out,,,especially freshman or younger students in the course who seem to be struggling with adjusting to like college life
  • he’s like the reliable big brother who is smiley and soft and will teach you silly dance moves on the quad
  • but is also super serious about helping people and isn’t scared of anything, from jumping into a fire to save someone in need of medical assistance to carrying people who’ve broken legs,,,,,,,
  • also let’s take a moment to imagine daniel in the paramedic like get up like the uniform,,,,thank u 
  • everyone thinks its super adorable that daniel’s first rescue story was saving his cat who got stuck in a tree
  • like how TYPICAL and CORNY but also,,,,,,he’s an angel who walks the earth amiright
  • seongwoo is always like “my bestfriend is going to be the next iron man~ captian,,,,where did you study again my dude??? canada?? captain CANADA” 
  • and daniel is like embarrassed but also,,,,,he loves his friends and is happy they support him but seriously captain canada thats worse than when jisung got the football team to refer to him as quarterback cat-lover
  • you’re actually one of the TAs for one of the tests in the paramedic course and there’s a requirement of paramedics being able to carry at least 125 pounds by themselves and you’re supposed to be checking off who can pick up the human dummy and who cant
  • and so you’re going down the list and ur like “next,,,,kang daniel?”
  • and you don’t look up when he steps over you just motion with your hand toward the dummy and you’re like “pick him up and walk three laps around the room”
  • and when you look up you almost drop your clipboard because ,,,, this handsome boy smiles and is like sure!! and uve never seen someone so happy to drag around a plastic human before
  • but there he is,,,,hosting the dummy up like it weighs n o t h i n g
  • and he turns to u and is like “can i try carrying two?” and ur like ,,,,uh,,,,,s,,,sure???
  • and once again he baffles you,,,picking up the other dummy and going on his merry way
  • and in what seems like the shortest period of time than everyone else you tested he does his three circles and stops in front of you
  • carefully setting the dummy’s down and wiping at his forehead,,,,that pretty grin on his face
  • and he’s like “all good??”
  • and ur like,,,,y,,,yes,,,,um,,,,,,,,yes you’re good
  • with a bow he says thanks and leaves the room and you’re like what,,,,,,who,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you look down at his name again and you’re like “kang daniel,,,,,,,are you superhuman/!??!?!”
  • for the next week you can’t get him off your mind,,,and you’re sure it’s because he’s not only strong and cute but because you’ve been a TA for the program for this whole semester and no one has ever just looked that happy to do the tests
  • and one afternoon you’re eating lunch with a friend in the campus cafe when you spot daniel,,,,at a table with his health books stacked up near his tray (which is also stacked with food)
  • ad at some point ur friend is like heY,,, hEY stop staring you’re going to DROOL
  • and ur like !!!!!! WOOPS but they also nudge and are like “kang daniel huh? he’s cuuuuute~ go talk to him!!!” and ur like HA,,,I ,,,,,,,,wasn’tlookingathimiwaslookingathis,,,,,sandwich
  • and ur friend rolls their eyes but when u look back daniel???? is staring back at you
  • and when you make eye contact he perks up and waves and ur like ?????????? looking around and then pointing at urself and he nods and waves u over
  • and u get up and ur friend lets out a whistle as you go to sit beside him and ur like ,,,,hey,,,, and he smiles again and the way his cheeks go up and his teeth show is SO DAMN CUTE
  • and he’s like “not to sound full of myself but i noticed you were looking at me for a while, whats up?”
  • and you,,,,,,almost dIE of embarrassment on the spot because oh frick he saw you
  • but you’re also like o,,,oh i ,,,i was just,,,,,um,,,,,,ur the guy who carried two dummies at the test a week ago??? and i was like oH is that you or not you you kno-
  • but daniel just chuckles and closes his book 
  • and he’s like “yep that was me,,,,,but i dont think thats why you were looking.”
  • and you feel ur mouth go dry and you’re like i,,,, um– but daniel just points to your friend with his pen and is like “do you think they’ll be ok with me stealing you away for a little date to the movie tonight?”
  • and ur like!!!!!!!!! ,,,, o,,,oh and u look at ur friend who just shooting hearts and thumbs up at u
  • and daniel is like lol they remind me of jisung but ur also like ,,,, i,,,i think ,,, they’ll be ok with that
  • and daniel winks,,,handing you the pen and rolling up his sleeve
  • and he’s like “here, write your number down and ill call u to set up a time”
  • and u cant believe it as you’re scribbling down ur number,,,,,but it’s true he calls u around 7 and u guys go see a movie and it’s adorable and daniel is a gentleman through and through paying for everything,,,,,telling you he likes the way you look all serious during the dramatic scenes,,,,holding your hand when he takes you back to your dorm
  • even a light kiss on your forehead,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s a dream come true
  • dating college!daniel: he is really good in all his classes but he tends to be LATE so he’s always rushing in the morning but he never fails to send you a ‘good morning, i love you’ text, doesnt really like coffee so u get into the habit of buying him smoothies and he thinks its cute how u remember this about him also those smoothies are really good for his vegetable intake u are so thoughtful, you and daniel adopt the newest paramedic trainee woojin, daniel is suchhhhh a tease he always sneaks up behind you when ur studying to wrap u up in his arms and kiss on your neck, jisung always makes faces when u guys pda but tbh he loVES seeing daniel so happy with you, seongwoo is like “im his original soulmate” but he’s just joking hehe, daniel sends u pics of cats he sees on the street, you guys get matching rings like a month into it because kang daniel goes HARD for love, favorite dates range from laser tag to night fireworks on the beach, thinks its cute when you wear his flannels to class or during finals because u guys are both studying and u cant see him so often but they remind you of him, daniel takes you with him to get his first tattoo and u hold his hand the whole time, he’s kinda bad at realizing he isnt invincible so sometimes ull find scrapes on him and have to bandage him up, did anyone say morning after laughter under the sheets: yeah i did for KANG DANIEL who loves skinship and YOU 









I mean…

Look at where you are…

Look at where you started…


crap I’m crafting

wanna one as things i've heard at my school
  • Daniel: i had a dream where i let a bunch of cats out in ikea and everything kinda broke lose. it was catastrophic
  • Jihoon: looking forward to summer so i don't have to deal with you guys and your ugly lives.
  • Daehwi: i went on vacation for two weeks and the only part i remember is seeing a dog eat a corn on the cob.
  • Jaehwan: i'm not saying that you should all date me because i'm a sweetie pie but you should all date me because i am a fucking sweetie pie.
  • Seongwoo: you aren't born with a perfect face. i mean unless you're me.
  • Woojin: sometimes i think about what it would be like if everyone just like... stopped.
  • Guanlin: i have eaten nothing but hot pockets and red bull for 24 hours i have reached god level, i am unstoppable.
  • Jisung: it costs so much money to die man, like i can't even get a job how am i gonna pay 30000 dollars to die?
  • Minhyun: i live through my sims. like can i cook? fuck no! but you bet that my sim is the best fucking cook you've ever seen.
  • Jinyoung: did you know that pigeons delivered the results for olympic games? like imagine if they got the winner wrong and they have to send another pigeon and it flies in like "squawk squawk bitch you thought."
  • Sungwoon: when it's raining i just think about who hurt the cloud. why are you crying sweetie?
  • David: Hey, 'Daniel', it's me, David. The guy who's camp you FUCKED.
  • Jasper: Did you really think you were going to be able to convert the camp to your religion?
  • David: We can't do EASY things at this camp! And you want to do something HARD?!
  • David: You're a jerk-person, Daniel!
  • Jasper: Hold on, let me look up Daniel's address in the yellow pages. Oh, it says here: a garbage can.
  • David, laughing: Let me look up Daniel's phone number.
  • Jasper: David's gonna slam you here in a second, Daniel. LIGHT THIS MOTHERFUCKER UP!
  • Gwen: Get him! Get him, David!
  • David, laughing harder: *Holds up piece of paper with 1-800-FART-NOW written on the front*
  • Gwen: That's right!

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ahh your kang daniel au was so cute, i absolutely adore all of your university au's anxiwmxomw 😭 if you wouldn't mind, could you maybe do one for ong seongwoo as well? thank you so much, angel, have a great day!! 💖

like ten people asked for ong,,,so here’s his mini college au~~ 
find kang daniel (here) ^^ 

  • major: interior design 
  • sports: did football team with daniel for like a week,,,,dropped it and picked up swimming instead LOL
  • when people first meet him they all think he’s a serious like physics major who wants to be an engineer or a doctor,,,,,like he’s handsome and smart,,,,straight from a webcomic kinda boy
  • bUT jokes on them he’s into interior design and likes looking at textiles and getting excited over his new ikea catalogue coming in the mail
  • actually despises the fact that you need to take college algebra for the major because like ugh maTH 
  • tried to bribe daehwi into doing his homework for him but daehwi was like 50 bucks or i suddenly cant do simple addition and seongwoo was like im bROKE
  • and daehwi was like hmmm too bad ask daniel or something
  • is bestfriends and roommates with daniel which is really funny because one side of the room is covered in drawings and designs with messy canvas bags full of fabric samples and sketchbooks ,,,,,, while the other side is strung up with posters on medical safety procedures and daniels leaning tower of paramedic course books 
  • but their friendship is super cute seongwoo keeps going like “bro if we’re both sad and alone at 40 lets just adopt a dog together or something-” and daniel is like “that sounds good but no dog. 12 cats.”
  • but again they’re both like heartthrobs on campus,,,,there’s a fanclub dedicated to gushing over seongwoo when he’s in the library studying just because everyone wants to see that handsome side profile tbh
  • little do they know that virtually every close friend of his has like 3943 photos of seongwoo doing the ugLIEST faces on snapchat and shit for the Memes
  • jisung and him are in an ongoing rivalry for who has the superior shocked face they have contests like every time they meet up LOL
  • you’re actually friends with seongwoo through a class you take together,,,that dreaded college algebra,,,, and one day seongwoo tells you that he likes to drum
  • which is ,,,,,,like a dream of yours,,,,,you’ve always wanted to learn how to play and you practically beG him to teach you
  • and seongwoo being seongwoo is like ,,,,,,,, give me the answers to this weeks homework and i will
  • and ur like FINE but ,,,,idk if the answers will be write and seongwoo shrugs like it doesn’t matter as long as i don’t need to look @ numbers,,,,im good
  • so you agree to meet up in the music department later like at 8 and when you get there thankfully the drum set for the college band is free
  • and you sit down eagerly,,,,trying to do a flip of the sticks before seongwoo takes them away and you’re like HEY and he’s like “first things first - cool drummers dont flip their sticks in the air like fools”
  • and ur like -____- fine whatever where do we start then
  • and for a couple of weeks you and seongwoo meet up in the evenings so he can teach you
  • and at first it’s super casual and fun,,,you guys talk about how much you hate college algebra,,,how you keep seeing minki’s face on flyers for student government elections,,,,,how the lights in all the dorms flicker for like a good three minutes before actually turning off
  • like the usual,,,and then one day you’re sitting,,,,trying out a technique seongwoo showed you but you keep skipping a part
  • so he comes over,,,,,putting his arms around you from behind and settling them on your wrists so e can guide your hands
  • and for the first time,,,,,you’re hyper aware of how,,,,,close seongwoo is
  • how he smells like fresh laundry,,,,how the vein running up his arm looks,,,,and when you make the mistake of turning your face to see him 
  • ,,,,,,you highlight the sharp curve of his jaw,,,his dark and alluring eyes,,,,the perfect slope of his nose,,,,and his neck,,,,,
  • the warmth of his body makes you suddenly freeze up and when seongwoo notices how tense your arm has gotten he lets go,,,,
  • and for a second neither of you say anything 
  • seongwoo opens his mouth but you just shake your head before he can speak 
  • and you’re like “no, i know. don’t say it,,,i know you,,,,aren’t interested,,,,and i made it awkward,,,,,im sorry- im going to go-”
  • and seongwoo seems like he wants to grab you before you can go but you escape his outstretched arm just in time to run out
  • seongwoo left standing in the room,,,,,,confused and hurt as you make your way toward the dorms telling yourself over and over
  • that you ruined it,,,,a good friendship,,,,,with the sudden realization that you didn’t want just friendship at all did you,,,,
  • and it’s not like you skip college algebra because of seongwoo noooo haha you totally got sick and had to not come
  • but,,,,,,you know sooner or later you’re going to have to see him but you really r e a l l y dont want too
  • unfortunately,,,, it comes even sooner because someone knocks on your dorm and you think it’s your roommate,,,but when you open it 
  • seongwoo is there,,,,
  • and you’re like “w-what is it?” and he’s like looking down but when he meets your eyes he gives you that smile,,,,the one with the dimple and it makes your heart hurt but he waves the textbook he brought with him and he’s like “since you were sick,,,,i thought i should come and help you catch up?”
  • and you know seongwoo hates that class,,,that he’d never tutor someone else in it,,,,,let alone you so you want to shut the door and tell him you’re still sick
  • but seongwoo pulls a mask out of his pocket and is like ‘i can wear this so you don’t cough on me!!’ and you cant tell if he’s being silly or if he really just wants to talk to you
  • so you end up sitting beside each other on your bed and it’s,,,,,awkward until seongwoo finally takes a deep breath and turns to you
  • “you said you knew i wasn’t interested,,,,,but how could you say that?”
  • you kind of frown and you’re like,,,because we ,,,,,are just friends? you’ve never made any moves and you’re swarmed by people liking you all the time what is there-”
  • but seongwoo puts up his hand and is like “ok, but do i devote my time to those people? to teach them to play drums? to laugh with them in class? outside of class? do you know i blew of daniel for you,,,,,that’s a lot coming from me that dudes my soulmate”
  • and ur like ?????? wait so is it daniel or - and seongwoo is like nO like my bro soulmate but you,,,,,,it’s different i,,,,
  • he seems to suddenly get shy,,,,scratching at his cheek and you’re like ??? and he’s like “when i was,,,,,teaching you,,,with my hands on yours,,,,,,,i wanted to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s hard to say this but i wanted to pull you closer,,,,,,,,god this is embarrassing,,,,,”
  • and you’ve never seen seongwoo blush until now and like,,,,,it’s so fREAKING cute that you just need to scoot closer
  • and seongwoo is like ! 
  • and you’re like “,,,,,i,,,,,wanted you to hold me closer too.” 
  • with a small smile he turns his body toward you,,,opening his arms and he’s like “well,,,,i can still do that. come here.”
  • and you can’t believe it but you and seongwoo fall back onto your bed,,,,you in his arms laughing at how silly this is
  • and seongwoo leans down,,,,brushing your hair from your face and he’s about to kiss you when the doorknob turns and you’re like mY ROOMMATE
  • and you throw him a bit and soengwoo ends up on the floor,,,hair a mess and eyes wide and you’re like sitting on the bed and ur roommate is just like oh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ill come back in twenty bye
  • and with that you and seongwoo let out a sigh but he climbs back up on the bed and starts tickling you because oW thrOWING HIM OFF WAS thaT NECESSARY 
  • dating college!seongwoo: he totally misplaces everything like he cant even find his own notebook so you’d probably have to be the one to be like seongwoo no no your laptop is under the desk drawer and your sketch book is on the shelf no no not the bottom shelf babe listen to me-, he looks extra fluffy in the mornings when he’s still got his hair uncombed and his eyes are sleepy but he’s also super soft because his voice gets lower and he just wants to cuddle, like seriously seongwoo just always wants to cuddle and hold hands, you could both be sweltering out in the sun on the quad and no matter how sweaty your palms get he’ll be like no we need to hold onto each other i need everyone to know you’re with me, pretends to not know that he’s being sexy when he’s laying down and his shirt is pulled up a little and he keeps pocking his tongue out to run across his lips and ur like seongwoo dont do that i need to study and he’s like do what~ and ur like oh my god,,,,,sends you random close ups of parts of his face and is like am i handsome~ do u still love me~, is a lil jealous that you and daniel get along so well but also is really happy because whenever you guys hangout together it’s a blast, does the occasional corny thing like buys you a big teddy bear that he names after himself or does a dance to try get you to give him extra kisses but it’s all worth it because he’s adorable, wants matching sweaters soooo bad and keeps dropping hints, likes when you sit in his lap and he plays with your hair while you read outloud to him, whenever you’re a little upset or scared he sings gently against your ear and it calms you down, when you can you take baths together and he keeps trying to get you to make him a bubble beard LOL 


Phil Lester is 30, Daniel Howell is almost 26 (they do weekly live shows where they talk to their audience which is made up mostly of minors), Connor Franta is 24, Tyler Oakley is 28, Ben J. Pierce is 18, Dodie Clark is 22, and Thomas Sanders is 28.

It doesn’t matter what someone’s age is…

I’m 20 years old and I talk to people who are 3-7 years younger than me on social media and I think of them as my little sisters.

If you have something to talk about and you have fun talking to each other I don’t see anything wrong with that. Both Tyler and Thomas have collabed with Ben who is 10 years younger than them but they have fun together anyway. Dan and Phil are 4 years apart and they live together. Tyler and Troye were best friends and they’re 6 years apart.

Don’t you DARE single out Thomas and call him a pedophile.

A Meowment Like This (Kang Daniel Oneshot)

Originally posted by predebutdaniel

Genre: College AU, fluff.

Summary: “I need you to help me find my cat.”

Letters to You (Park Woojin High School AU)

     “Again?” You grumbled through the phone, trying to keep your voice as quiet as possible so as not to wake up you roommate. You pushed yourself up to a sitting position and pulled the bedsheets off of your body.

     “I’m sorry, I’ll treat you to some ice cream to make up for it!” He replied enthusiastically.

     With an irritated sigh, you swung your legs off the bed and put on a hoodie and some slippers, murmuring, “I’ll be down in a second.”

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wanna one as things i said on my first day of school

yoon jisung:

“ew freshmen”

ha sungwoon:

what the fuck do you mean that the summer homework isn’t due until mid-september??? why tf did i do it then. thank you so much for the extended due date, sir.” 

hwang minhyun:

“what do you mean i ignored your text? omg i never saw it? i think it just deleted itself!” 

ong seongwoo:

“thank god that idiot isn’t in my class. lol i would’ve switched out so quick. wait, never mind, i spoke too soon.” 

kim jaehwan:

“being awake before the sun is up is very not okay.”

kang daniel:

“is it too late to drop out?”

park jihoon:

“wait, i can’t even do geometry… who signed me up for calculus?” 

park woojin:

ugh i hate that fake ass bitch. she better not come and talk to me. omg why didn’t you hit me up all summer? we could’ve hung out!” 

bae jinyoung:

“i already hate everyone in this fucking class.” 

lee daehwi:

“hahaha i shouldn’t have stayed up until 4am playing games. hahahhaha i want to die.“

lai guanlin:

“i’m smiling through the pain.”

You’re Mine, Got It?

Pairing: Mitch x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 4723

Author’s Note: I found a prompt and this is what came out of it! Thanks to @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me :) Enjoy babes!

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My boyfriend, Dylan, and I were heading to our one year anniversary when it all went down. Someone had run into us, making Dylan and I smash against the dashboard, his head smacking against the steering wheel. I groan in pain, hearing Dylan’s voice, but it’s like I was in a fishbowl, the accident making my ears ring.

“Baby? You okay?” He asks, pushing my hair away from the wound, touching it lightly, making me wince in the process. I nod my head, looking over at him, seeing a gash on his forehead. I see a silhouette behind him and I stiffen.

“D-Dylan, b-behind you.” I stutter, getting lightheaded. Dylan looked out the smashed window, squinting slightly to see the man in the smoke. My eyes drooped, my head laying against the dashboard, going in and out of consciousness. When my eyes were shut, a heard a gunshot go off, making me jump slightly, but stay still. I heard tires squeal, indicating the person drove off and I opened my eyes, seeing Dylan laying against the steering wheel, not moving. I tear up, reaching my hand towards him, shaking him slightly.

“Dy-Dylan? Baby?” I ask, slowly moving towards the drivers side door, gasping when I find a bullet hole burned between his eyes. I begin screaming and crying, trying my best to open the passenger’s side door, but not succeeding. I reach into my pocket, finding my phone and start to dial 911. I hold the phone up to my ear as it rings, taking huge breaths to keep myself conscious.

“911 what’s your emergency?” Dispatch asks me.

“Uh, m-me and my boyfriend were in an accident a-and a-a guy, h-he came out of the smoke and shot my boyfriend. I need help, I’m trapped in the car and I can smell gas, please…” I mumble, pressing my hand against my forehead.

“Alright, ma’am. Where’s your location?”

“Um, Fourth and Broad.” I recite, looking at the street sign that’s positioned to my right.

“Alright an ambulance will be there shortly. Try to keep your eyes open, alright ma’am?” I nod my head then remember that the woman on dispatch couldn’t see me.


*Flashback over*

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100 wanna one questions: send me an emoji!

❤ - who’s your wanna one bias?

💕 - who’s your bias wrecker?

🌼 - burn it up or energetic?
😍 - fave song of To Be One?
🐺 - favorite thing about woojin?
👬 - fave ship/friendship?
🐰 - fave daniel meme?
👑 - what did you think of produce 101?
🎶 - fave member of vocal line?
🎀 - fave rapper?
🎮 - fave thing about ong seongwoo?
⚓ - JBJ or Wanna One?
⭕ - fave daehwi mutual?
⏰ - do you own any merch?
😉 - wink, gugugaga or jeojang?
🐶 - fave dancer?
🐝 - who’s the top visual in your opinion?
😜 - have you ever changed biases?
⚠ - how did you get into wanna one?
😎 - fave thing about minhyun?
🔱 - never or open up?
⏳- BNM boys or MMO boys?
🐣 - fave guanlin meme?
🔞 - fave hyung-line member?
⚽ - best wanna one go moment?
👻 - if wanna one were in the hunger games, in which order would they die?
🍥 - who would you befriend the easiest?
🎈- fave baejin blog
💙 - describe jaehwan in 3 emojis
⚠ - fave sungwoon moment
😺 - fave daniel gif
🐇 - put each member in a hogwarts house
📷 - if your bias was a youtuber, what would their channel be?
🎁 - what would you gift your bias?
💘 - would you date your bias? if not, then who?
🎤 - fave pd101 performance
🔥 - meaning behind your url?
😳 - one blog that you wanna talk to
😻 - fave daniel blog
💩 - 3 fave shitposters
✳ - 3 fave gif makers/ editors
🐻 - fave catchphrase or inside joke
💚 - if you were to meet him right now, what would you tell your bias?
🌟 - give a pokemon to each member
👄 - shape of you or get ugly?
🍩 - n'uest bias?
🚫 - a song that reminds you of jihoon
🌻 - fave maknae-line member?
🌈 - nayana or pick me?
🌞 - fave thing about baejin?
⛄- opinion on kim samuel
💌 - fave fandom memory?
💒 - dream sub-unit!
🍭 - a song that reminds you of sungwoon
🐦 - describe wanna one in 3 emojis
💲 - to what restaurant would you take jaehwan?
🔮 - who gives you the most second-hand embarassment? why?
🎃 - list hyung line from less kinky to kinkiest
✏ - which song do want wanna one to cover?
🐱 - take a screenshot of your lockscreen/homescreen and post it
💜 - who would you team up with in a zombie apocalypse?
🎉 - who would you marry: jisung or sungwoon?
📛 - most played wanna one song?
🗼- tag someone who reminds you of jaehwan
💵 - a song that reminds you of Daniel
🐌 - has wanna one ever made you mad?
☕ - tag someone who reminds you of daniel
💬 - tag someone who reminds you of daehwi
💥 - tag someone who reminds you of woojin
🎧 - do you have another fan acct besides tumblr (twitter, ig, etc.)?
♋ - tag someone who reminds you of minhyun
🗻 - tag someone who reminds you of ong
🙈 - if daniel weren’t center, who would you like it to be?
🙉 - what wanna one lyric would you tattoo on yourself?
🙊 - RAINZ or JBJ?
🔰 - favorite baejin personality trait?
🚀 - favorite sungwoonp hysical trait?
💔 - best dancer: ong or daniel?
👌 - fave ong meme?
💧 - have you ever cried over wanna one?
🍑 - sexy daniel or peach daniel?
🐄 - dream collab with wanna one?
🐢 - post your fave daehwi meme
😩 - make a playlist using the name of your bias
🔭 - who would you stargaze with?
💢 - fave fandom moment ever
👽 - most likely to believe in aliens and ghosts
🐘 - have you ever seen them live?
🔋 - have you bought To Be One? Who did you get?
💡 - fave choreo move?
☕ - less favorite song
🐼 - did your pd101 final lineup resemble wanna one ?
💟 - name 2 other blogs that stan your bias and say something to them.
🐳 - which member would you like to see more of on your dashboard?
♻ - favorite photoshoot/CF
🌱 - KMF
🏈 - a song that reminds you of Minhyun
🐛 - which member would you most likely beat in a fistfight?
💳 - who would die first on a horror movie and why?

💖 - assign a Disney princess to each member

🌞 - describe wanna one in 5 words.

Kang Daniel | Soulmate!AU | Hair

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prompt: every time you dye your hair, your soulmate’s hair gets dyed the same color - when you share eye contact with your soulmate for the first time, your hair goes back to its natural color.

note: daniel is still an idol in this.

  • since one has to have dyed hair in the first place to be able to tell when they meet their soulmate, 99% of the single population has dyed hair
  • parents even dye their babies’ hair as soon as possible (with baby-friendly hair dye of course)
  • a picture is taken of a baby as soon as enough natural hair grows in to have proof of its natural color
  • then the hair is dyed from a range of colors, some being semi-natural and others being fluorescent
  • if one soulmate is older than the other, the younger soulmate’s natural hair color will gradually turn into the older soulmate’s dyed one after being born
  • anyways
  • your parents decided to dye your hair a dark, dark blue
  • this color lasted until you reached high school - that’s when the hair started to change
  • you guess your soulmate got tired of the color your parents gave him so he started to experiment during this time
  • there was dark brown, then a lighter brown
  • whenever this happened, you would just be hanging out with your friends on a weekend and they would point at your hair literally changing colors in front of their eyes
  • you were thankful your soulmate chose to keep the colors relatively natural and quiet
  • you didn’t want to be like some of your classmates who had mismatched sides of hair because they’d battle out hair dying with their soulmates
  • this peaceful hair life stopped after about a third of your way into college
  • you were in the middle of a huge lecture when you heard the mutters of those around you, and you just had a feeling they were about you
  • so you took out a handheld mirror (a must for this au) and lo and behold, your hair was pink
  • now, it wasn’t completely pink, with the edges being more of a yellow blonde, but the top portion of your head was definitely pink
  • this was rare since pink was a very atypical choice of hair color amongst people aiming to find their soulmates
  • which was also good for you, since it, in theory, would make your soulmate search a bit easier
  • so you had your friends scour your campus to find a pink-haired soul
  • but sadly, no one was found
  • around this time, the boy group forming survival show, produce 101 s2, became really popular
  • your friends got really into it and pushed you to do so, too
  • for some reason, none of them decided to tell you that a very cheery and deep-voiced contestant had pink hair: kang daniel
  • “come on, do you really think your soulmate is an idol?”
  • you loved your supportive friends
  • but tbh you highkey agreed - what were the chances that your soulmate was a boy group potential
  • you believed this until your hair started to change color again - it became a medium brownish blonde
  • you were also keeping up with produce 101 so you noticed that daniel’s hair just so happened to go from pink to this new color as well
  • a part of you really hoped your soulmate was this soft-looking, husky-voiced talented individual who never seemed to stop smiling
  • and you couldn’t understand why your heart hurt so much when he received his punishment
  • you just knew that there was something about him that you needed to discover
  • honestly, you started getting into the show for him, but you eventually fell in love with the other contestants as well, crying whenever your precious boys got eliminated
  • and you bet you cried like the proud fan you are when daniel won first
  • you followed them into their debut and died while watching their energetic mv
  • your hair also happened to get a little more blonde, which you didn’t fail to connect to daniel
  • your friends started to believe your theory that daniel was your soulmate, especially when your hair suddenly turned into a dark brown color like his
  • so you all schemed to get you into a fansign event
  • to increase your chances of confirmation, your friends dyed your hair with an at-home kit while you were on line for the fansign lol
  • this was to make sure that daniel wouldn’t have enough time to go to a salon and dye his hair before the event
  • your friends dyed half of your head pink and left the other half dark brown
  • this unique combination would be easier to distinguish among the crowd of non-soulmates
  • when you got into the fansign, you were shook to see that daniel was wearing a hat
  • this actually upset you because you were hoping to try and measure the chances of him being your soulmate if he actually had your hair color combo
  • so all throughout the line to get your stuff signed by wanna one, you were starting to accept the chances of daniel not being your soulmate
  • when you got to minhyun, who was before daniel in the lineup, you said your typical greetings to him that you gave the other members, then took a deep breath before you got to daniel
  • and apparently it was getting hot and daniel couldn’t take wearing the beanie anymore, so he took it off
  • this was all while you were in front of him, but he had his eyes closed, sighing in relief to feel air on his scalp once more
  • you gasped = ?!?!?!?! = your mind
  • his hair was half pink, half brown
  • “y-your hair…”
  • at that, he opened his eyes, but his gaze missed your own, instead traveling to your hair, observing how it had the same exact hair color pattern as him
  • “wait, when did you—”
  • he was cut off by you grabbing his face and making him share eye contact with you
  • all of a sudden, your worlds stopped and the members and fans around you felt like they were no longer there
  • the only thing you could register aside from daniel’s eyes was his hair, which was fading into a natural black
  • you saw that he was glancing at your own hair, his hand lifting to touch it and admire its natural color
  • “it’s you”
  • with a smile warmer and bigger than you had ever seen on tv, he stared directly at you
  • you smiled shyly and nodded, which apparently was the last straw for his self control
  • he stood up from his seat, ignoring the stares of his members, and leaned over the table to give you a hug
  • “i found my soulmate!”
  • he then asked his manager to bring you to the sidelines of the fansign to keep you safe and sound while the event was still going on
  • he also made sure to keep you in view and in between fans coming up to him, he’d always glance at you, wave, and smile lovingly
  • the fans had seen what happened and always made a point to glare at you whenever they passed, jealous that you had achieved their dream
  • you noticed some of them had pink hair, probably trying to test out their own theories of daniel being their soulmate
  • joke’s on them - he was yours #petty
  • after the fansign, daniel basically ran to you and introduced himself formally
  • “hi, i’m daniel and i’m your soulmate”
  • you guys were left alone for a bit by his managers and members to get to know one another
  • you expressed how disappointed you were when you saw he was wearing a beanie earlier
  • “well someone dyed their hair half pink out of nowhere an hour before the fansign”
  • “okyeahsorrythatwasme”
  • you guys talked and got along so well in such little time, agreeing to meet up whenever he was free from schedules!!!
  • you promised his management that you wouldn’t be a distraction and that he’d be as hard-working as ever
  • you finally met the person that made you feel truly complete and you were so thankful that it was daniel, who was a complete angel
  • he even apologized for all of the hair color changes in the past few months, and any more that were expected to come throughout his career
  • of course, you said it was fine because how could it not be when your soulmate is literally kang daniel

anonymous asked:

hi mom !! idk if u do wanna one scenarios/au but if u do, can you please please pleasssssse do wanna one as baristas?

sure!! who is excited for their announced debut heh~

Jisung: is the barista that makes coffee puns and thinks they’re ingenious. “Hey Daniel do you have a LATTE on your mind???” and “I like to ESPRESSO myself~”. He’s always joking around with you when you order and makes your day genuinely brighter because he’s always radiating warmth and happiness. He’s the reason everyone else is happy to be at work. Doodles on the cups and no one has the heart to tell him some of them aren’t that cute, but for some reason yours always has the best Jisung has to offer,,,,artistically.

Sungwoon: works really hard, does the things that most people would complain about like cleaning tables and bathrooms. Yet somehow,,,he manages to stay so bright and positive. Is the guy who smiles at everyone, even when they ignore him. Has a cute habit of humming to himself while cleaning which you comment on saying his voice is cute and for the rest of the day Sungwoon can’t stop dancing and grinning and calling Jaehwan cute and everyone is like what’s gotten into him,,,,

Minhyun: is like half the reason why people come to this cafe. Literally to take pictures and videos of him and be like,,,,,,wow,,,,,,,prince. Nicknamed on twitter as ‘the most handsome face in the cafe industry’, probably has fansites even though he’s just a barista. Does the thing where he apologizes for everything he does, i.e. takes more than 5 seconds to get your change? He apologizes. Has to ask twice for your name? He apologizes. Someone says they ordered hot and not iced, he apologizes and then dwells on his mistake for another hour. He’s just too kindhearted, but once you told him he didn’t have to apologize and that you were happy he was taking his time to count your change and get it right and,,,,Minhyun hasn’t forgot you since.

Seongwoo: keeps trying to get the owner to put weird flavored lattes and coffee on the menu. Is convinced mango, blue berry, pumpkin spice mixed together would taste good. Has very specific opinions on everything on the menu so when people ask what’s good he can talk for a good half hour. But his good looks and good natured personality make him popular among regulars. He knows your order by heart and always teases you about trying something new~

Jaehwan: is in charge of music selection and never, ever gives Jihoon the aux cord. Occasionally slips in an acoustic cover he did but no one minds because his voice is gold. Doesn’t like working the register all that much, but is also not too fond of cleaning duties because if he sees a bug he will flip and Sungwoon will have to come to his rescue. You once asked who was singing the song playing in the cafe and Woojin had pointed to Jaehwan and you told him you were a fan now - his voice captured you! Jaehwan had never felt his heart spin faster than in that moment hehe. 

Daniel: is in charge of the cafe’s resident cat ‘mocha’, as he is in charge of talking to tourists as well because no one else wants to do it. Even though he’s good looking, he gets really shy when people mention it and he hides behind Jisung. Sometimes the other baristas will make him do a cute dance or something to cheer everyone up on breaks and he’s like,,,,,I’m not cute but Jisung is like all the customers we have beg to differ. He caught you petting mocha once and you were like sorry!!!!!! and he was just like,,,,n-no it’s ok,,,,,do you also like cats?

Jihoon: always outside giving out free samples because the owner is like go woo everyone on the street like you woo everyone you ever meet. Decorates his apron with cute, bright pins and patches. Always has the cutest outfits and gets compliments on them so instead of promoting the coffee, he ends up promoting the stores he shops at. Comes back inside the cafe holding bags and Seongwoo asks what they are and Jihoon is like “Presents,,,,that people gave me,,,,,,because they like me?” Jisung somewhere: visuals are everything nowadays huh. You were wearing the same cardigan as Jihoon when you passed by and you were like “Cute, I like your outfit!” and he’d blushed because he wanted to say it back but was too shy. 

Woojin: Jisung’s partner in crime, you thought the puns and jokes were over? They’re not. He has nicknames for regulars and is always getting caught trying to change Jaehwan’s ~acoustic coffee shop tracks~ to something more upbeat and fun. Suggests naming some of the signature drinks after other members, how does Kang Daniel’s Delicious Berry Mojito sound? No? He never assumes people pay attention to him, but you ask where he is on his off day and when Jisung tells him about it Woojin feels so happy that he might hit the roof. 

Jinyoung: looks semi-confused most of the time. Mixes up orders and mumbles when talking so sometimes it is hard with him, but no one really complains because he’s so sweet and pure looking it’s basically impossible to get mad at him. Is the one that suggested they play IOI’s songs and everyone was like “Because of Pinky?” and he got red and was like ,,,,,, anyway,,,,. Keeps asking Daehwi to re-teach him how to make vanilla lattes. You were dancing to yourself to “whatta man” while waiting for your order and you and Jinyoung made eye contact and you both just got shy. 

Daehwi: has the most to say during break room meetings because gossip is everything also did you see what that lady with the dog that comes in everyday was wearing - it was hideous. He’s just putting that out there. But also, is always reminding everyone to have etiquette and manners  - most likely to be voted best son-in-law material by all the mom customers. You mentioned that you really liked his hairstyle ever since he changed it and he was like finally, someone with good taste. But also, he’s thought you were cute ever since you first stopped by (everyone else knows it because he wouldn’t stop mentioning you). 

Guan Lin: loves to taste test everything. The owner is always like come here and taste this and guan lin is on his way over. Kind of on the silent side and sometimes customers ask why he’s glaring at them but Daehwi is like oh don’t worry, he’s just sleepy and spaces out like that. Got caught taking a nap at one of the tables with a newspaper covering his face. All he has to do is laugh and the entire cafe falls in love. Is surprisingly good at making coffee though. You actually sat near him while he was sleeping and when he woke up you whispered that you had him covered - you wouldn’t tell and since then he’s,,,,,really liked you. 


‘Juno’, Jason Reitman (2007)

Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with.