daniel st george

I’ve been silently and secretively writing my 3rd comic called “Kind”.

I’m planning on releasing Day 1 on Holloween. Since Catalist is on paws while @rabbiting heals should be doable! I’ll be doing most of the artwork myself, but I might get some special help! I’ll also announce the music composer laters as well.

What to expect from the comic is a horror-8bit-mock-game-visual novel thing that should be updated 1-4 times a month.

Don’t worry Catalist will still get its 2-4 updates a month.

Let’s wish Emily Rabbits a quick recovery!


The Great Oracle is the leader of the Lost Order of the Eye. She remains hidden from all except for those who know to seek her wisdom. The Great Oracle is protected by the Lilid, a small select order of guards who have taken a solemn oath to protect with their lives. The Great Oracle uses her powers of second sight to peer into the future, and is sought out by others for consolation. However, since the lost of the previous oracle, hard times have befallen both the Great Oracle and the Eye.


that was by far the best night of my life! the guys are all so lovely! Johnny said he liked my hair after apologising for pretending to jerk off on the hot guy in front of me (that he though was my bf). danny was saying how much he loved my top #reptherose then he noticed I was nervous cause I was at the m&g by myself & after I got the picture kept looking over & smiling @ me to make sure I was okay. then I got barrier & he caught my eye to see if I was okay again he is actually the sweetest human I have ever met😭 & the other guys were just making small talk but they’re all so sweet & polite like totally not what you’d expect😂 (all my pictures)