daniel soupy

Our Apartment
Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties
Our Apartment

I found enough of your hairpins to build you a monument,
A statue to loneliness. Breathe it in. Let it go.
I caved a piece of the drywall in,
Replaying the argument,
I’m icing my swollen fist.
It’s a lie and this isn’t a home, no, no, no, no.
I’m just skin and bones.
I broke my cell phone
Cause it won’t fucking tell me when you’re coming home.

If I could go back in time to when I wrote sad little poems, I’d punch myself right in the fucking face because it gets worse man. It gets much, much worse and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can just start dying, and I know. I know-blahblahblah, nobody gives a fuck about your broken heart, but you know something? Most days, I’m not even sure what I’m upset about.
—  Daniel Jason “Soupy” Campbell - Paper Boats, or Some Poems I Wrote
Thinking Rationally about Hockey

Step 1: calm the fuck down
Step 2: stop blaming Chiarelli for the Boychuck trade
Step 3: bear in mind that he’s still at fault for many other things
Step 4: hear me out.

The Bruins are a great team defensively right now. We had an off game on Saturday. That happens. But the fact remains that in the other three games, we won one and the other two were only lost by a 1 point margin in a low scoring game. Aside from the Capitals we’ve been playing a solid hockey game this season. We won our first game 2-1. We lost a game 1-0. We aren’t going to talk about that other game. Today we lost 2-1. THESE ARE SMALL MARGINS. THINK for a second. Pretend we scored just ONE more goal in any of these games. We’d have tied two, and still fucked up that other one. We’d have two more games to have gotten point from. BY ONE GOAL.
This, my friends, is not a defensive problem. This is an offensive problem. We lost Iginla to the Avs. We lost Thorty to to the Panthers. We’re doing our damnedest to break in a whole slew of new guys. Krejci JUST came back, Soupy’s still out. Kelly and Lucic are coming back from injuries. Smitty missed all of preseason. CALM THE FUCK DOWN. We suck right now. We do. But we’re 4 games into the season, and we haven’t even lost all of them (small victories, but I’ll take them right now). Smith is good for a few goals once he’s back in playing condition. As soon as Looch stops being worried about his wrist he’ll be in great form. Bergy’s in good form, but also just got injured just a few days ago. Loui already scored for us today. Soups and Krejci will be so necessary to break in the new players. Soderberg and Paille are basically being den mothers to FIVE new forwards. They’re getting better. They’re learning to play with the team. We’ll get there.
Today’s game proves that we’re getting better. We not only didn’t suck in the second period, but we scored. The team looked like a unit on the ice, and when we did fight, it came at a time when we needed the energy and didn’t draw an incredibly damaging penalty *cough* bobbyrobins. Svedberg honestly kicked ass. Did you see how many saves he made in the last 20 seconds? It was beautiful.

Am I pissed at Chiarelli for decimating what was a beautiful team? Hell yes. 

But we needed the cap space so we could keep players like Tuukka. Bergeron. Marchand. Chara. You don’t keep players like Thorty and Iggy and trade Tuukka Rask. We traded Boychuck so we could have a backup D man and not have to play all our men every game. I love Boych. He’s an amazing d man and a great person. But we basically got a “buy one get one free” on McQuaid and Bart for his price. We needed the manpower more. Hockey is a business, and the Bruins are far from failing.