daniel simmons

Deleted scene from the next AOS episode:
  • Robbie: So Fitz-
  • Mack: -me and the guys were wondering-
  • Coulson: -we need advice on how to win over our respective ladies and since you're the only one in a committed relationship, we were hoping you could share some pointers.
  • Fitz: Wellllllllll-
  • Robbie, Coulson, and Mack: *take out their phones to take notes*
  • Fitz: First you need to wait ten years before you even think about asking her out.
  • Robbie: Uhhhh-
  • Fitz: Then, get betrayed by your brother figure, leading you into a situation where you have to sacrifice yourself for your girl. Then for the next few months, miscommunicate like your lives depended on it.
  • Mack: Fitz this isn't really-
  • Fitz: Then if all of this goes accordingly, she'll admit her feelings to you before you go into another life and death situation. But then she'll get sent off to some mythical death place where she'll fall for some random dude. Don't worry, it's temporary and has no true long term consequences.
  • Coulson: Fitz! We just needed some simple tips-
  • Fitz: Then, get into a heated argument with her, which should lead into the two of you passionately kissing. That step is one of my favorites. Afterwards, it should be smooth sailing once the random guy dies and you two reset your relationship because of all that shit I said earlier. Was that helpful?
  • Robbie: ...
  • Coulson: ...
  • Mack: ...
  • Me: How come none of my friends like this band?
  • Me: *plays song*
  • Friend: Actually, they're pretty g-
  • Me: nO STOp THEY aRE MINE !!

Alright, I’m fairly certain that limo lady is a version of AIDA.

I mean, remember at the start of the season where we were all panicking about AIDA falling for Fitz? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if that really was the intention and that Fitz’s framework reality is just AIDA’s self-insert fanfic where she’s banging him.

On a more serious note, this feels like course correction to the Will Daniels shit last year. Now it’s Fitz’s turn.

You know, it amuses me when I see posts from people who say that the reason why there’s a lack of sexy Fitzsimmons scenes is because Iain De Caestecker may be shy and uncomfortable with those types of scenes. 

I’m like…he did a show where he showed his butt, acted out an even more risque sex scene than the one in AOS season 3, played a game of strip rock-paper-scissors, and masturbated for two minutes. 

If there is an actual reason why there’s a lack of sexy FS scenes, trust me, it’s not because of Iain. 

(P.S.: The show is called “The Fades”. Absolutely fantastic series, also stars Natalie Dormer, Tom Ellis, and Daniel Kaluuya. It’s only 6 episodes and it’s awesome)