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PBS has put together an awesome video on Creative Coding - here’s the text from the YouTube Video page :

Programming plays a huge role in the world that surrounds us, and though its uses are often purely functional, there is a growing community of artists who use the language of code as their medium. Their work includes everything from computer generated art to elaborate interactive installations, all with the goal of expanding our sense of what is possible with digital tools. To simplify the coding process, several platforms and libraries have been assembled to allow coders to cut through the nitty-gritty of programming and focus on the creative aspects of the project. These platforms all share a strong open source philosophy that encourages growth and experimentation, creating a rich community of artists that share their strategies and work with unprecedented openness. 


My favorite part about this? The producers put together a list of all the projects displayed on a google doc.

Music Credits 

- Jaki

DECO2606: Realtime Multimedia Week03 Flocks


Using the flocking example within Daniel Shiffman’s steering resources I altered a flock of triangles so that they would seek one of two points depending on which flock they were a part of.

By clicking the mouse, multiple birds can be added at once, alternating between the red and blue flock each click.


Implementing a Depth First Search Recursive Backtracker algorithm to generate mazes in Processing. (Wikipedia)

The first image is just the maze. The next two are me experimenting with coloring based on when each square is visited in the generation process. Squares that are visited at a similar time to each other will be colored similarly. Then the fourth image is me doing that again, but not drawing the walls, and a little more coarse square count. Then the last one is just a Hail-Mary where I made it really big and it took twenty minutes to create and I’m really happy with it. 

Based on a tutorial by Daniel Shiffman (Can be found on youtube here).

Ways to resolve my problem.

I can see 3 different ways.

1 take everything kinect and processing related off my laptop and start afresh and hope it works that time.

2: Try the Kinect for Windows software and see if that can be incorporated into Processing.

3: Install Ubuntu on my system, if do that StumpChunkman off the Intructables site will be my new best friend with Daniel Shiffman playing a close second.

AWSS2028: Project Development/Proof of Concept

I’m using Dan Shiffman’s flocking library (here) with processing to display images that have varying relevance to each other. This is a combination of ideas, remix theory and intertextuality, in the hope of revealing insightful information about user generated content, artworks and their influences/originals. I will give each ‘piece’ an attraction value so that they form flocks of similar works OR similar works will flock towards a specific point.

I started with a previous experiment in which I changed the flocking example to form two distinct flocks:

Then I added images to see how it would look and to get some code developed:

It’s only working for two images but I will be able to have each boid displaying its own image and then they will be able to form their own flocks once appropriate values are given. I’m using examples from lolbender but the final work will include a much more varied source of influence, not just Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Daniel Shiffman’s Processing library for kinect