daniel sharman crying

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Me ^^ because I want Isaac to come back even if it’s just a glimpse of him. I MISS HIM SO MUCH!! 😢😭 just look at him

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“I’m not so stupid as to believe that you’ve completely forgotten about your former boyfriend. I know what you’ve gone through and that you’re not exactly here under the normal circumstances. I know you think there are others here more suited for me and this life, and I wouldn’t want you to rush into trying to be happy with any of this. I just… I just want to know if it’s possible…” It was a hard question to answer. Would I be willing to live a life I’d never wanted? Would I be willing to watch as he kindly tried to date the others to be sure he wasn’t making a mistake? Would I be willing to take on the responsibility that he had as a prince? Would I be willing to love him? “Yes, Maxon,” I whispered. “It’s possible.


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OMFG I can’t breathe!!!