daniel sharman crying


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drIpZNCPp88)

OMFG I can’t breathe!!! 

Do you ever cry because Parrish was supposed to be Isaac’s not-dead-older-brother-in-the-army but than daniel sharman left the show. Because I can literally imagine Isaac’s confused face when he realizes who Parrish is, his eyes would fill up with tears as he chokes back all the emotions he has in seeing his older brother. The man who protected Isaac from his dad, the role model he could look up to when he was little, his older brother that left him behind to join the army. He would remember saying terrible things to him before he left, saying that Parrish never cared about him and how he hoped that Parrish would die and never come back. And that’s exactly what happened.

The Devil is Damned

I know there was no Kolvina in last night’s episode, but there was MAJOR Kolvina in last night’s episode.

Davina is at the forefront of Kol’s mind. They are the first thing that Klaus discovers of the few things Kol keeps closest to him.

He didn’t want her to know he was dying. He didn’t want to devistate her. He knew she would be worried or do something reckless (like she has a tendency to do) and furthermore he couldn’t bear to say goodbye to her.

BRAVO Daniel Sharman for making me cry the WHOLE episode.

P.S. He better freaking live.