daniel ryan balderas



This is Daniel Ryan Balderas(DRB),

DRB is a faux feminist who uses their place in the punx community to sexually assault people. DRB has assaulted a good friend of mine who will remain anonymous.

DRB sexually assaults people then attempts to manipulate and gaslight them into staying quiet about it. Claiming transphobia and racisms due to the survivors calling them out.

Because DRB is such a popular person in the Punx community they have many friends and supporters to back them up.

If you see DRB stay away from them. They’re house is a venue for house shows. They call it “Church of the Three Cats.” Do not go to shows there and advise your friends and fellow punx against it!

Stay away from this faux feminist, manipulative person at all costs.


so i made a playlist of all the covers i have videos of on my youtube channel.

this first one is me playing No Children by the mountain goats


Daniel Ryan Balderas - Rain King (counting crows cover)