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Daniel Skye Imagine (Little Black Dresses and Intangibles)

Okay so I normally only do people from Magcon because they are the people I know the best, but I was asked to do a Daniel Skye Imagine and I know who he is so I will attempt it.

In the future I am mainly doing Magcon Imagines/Preferences/Blurbs etc.

Daniel Skye Imagine for Kelly

Request: I was wondering if you do other fan fits about other famous people ? If do can you do one for me and Daniel Skye and were we meet is at the mall running in to each other ? My name is Kelly


Daniel Skye Imagine

You slowly opened your eyes allowing the light to seep into your retinas and be transferred into an image in your brain as you sat up in your bed. You stretched your arms up and a smile grew on your face.

It was the first day of Thanksgiving break.

No school = No obligations

Today you were planning on going to the mall, primarily to window shop. You were one of those people who had excellent taste in fashion yet when it came to the money…..well it didn’t live up to the price.

You pulled off your duvet and swung your legs over the side of your bed. You stood up and walked over to your dresser where above it was a huge circular mirror.  

You brushed your hair out. You decided to leave it down because it would keep you warmer. You slid off your pajama pants and your t-shirt. You searched through your drawers until you found a fuzzy grey sweater and some black leggings. You put them on and then you went into your closet and pulled out a burgundy/maroon/red colored scarf. You slung it around your neck and smiled at yourself in the mirror. You grabbed a black purse, just to hold your phone and your wallet in case you did end up buying something small. 

Then you skipped giddily down the stairs and into the kitchen where your mom was making mini pumpkin breads.

“Good morning Kelly,” She said as you came in.

“Hey mom,” You replied. “Can I take a few for the mall?” You ask.

“Sure,” She says as she continues to scoop orange batter into the bread pans. You grabbed three and wrapped them up, sticking them into your purse.

“I’m going to head to the mall,” You say as you leave the kitchen.

“Okay, what time will you be back?” She asks.

“I should be back by three, if not then feel free to call the police,” You say with a smile even though she couldn’t see it.

“Haha, very funny,” Your mom says sarcastically. You chuckled as you approached the front door. You grabbed your house key and slid on your black vans.

You didn’t have a car, you were only 13, so you were going to walk to the mall. It wasn’t like the mall was very far, only a couple of blocks, and you liked to walk.

Walking was a way to clear your head, get exercise, and just be outside. It’s a psychological thing but when you’re outside, it just makes you feel better about yourself, like you’re doing something with your life.

You walked out of your house, closing the door behind you and locking it. You shoved the key into your purse and started the roughly eight minute walk to the mall.


You arrived at the mall and you were quite relieved when you walked through the sliding doors to feel the warm air. It wasn’t Winter yet but the weather was still chilly. You inhaled the scent of pretzels, clothes, abercrombie, and much more.

Abercrombie had its own smell that was so distinct you couldn’t possibly miss it. You never really shopped there because 1) the prices were outrageous and 2) most of their stuff just wasn’t your style.

You roamed throughout the mall whilst munching on a bit of the pumpkin bread your mom gave you.

You pulled out your phone to check the time. You didn’t even care to know what the time was, it was just a habit.

11:01 AM

You shut your phone off and stuck it back in your purse. You started walking down the aisles of stores just looking through the windows as you ate your pumpkin bread. 

You had been to the mall numerous amounts of times, but you hardly had anything from here. You passed Top Shop. Well you tried your best to pass it but every time it drew you in.

You couldn’t resist it so you went in. Whenever you went shopping it was always so frustrating because there was so much to look at but your eyes could never take it all in at once. 

You walked around with wide eyes just staring at all the clothes that you will never have.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t try them on.

That was usually what you did. You would go in stores, try on all the clothes, and not buy a single one.


You were in the dressing room trying on about 30 articles of clothing and you weren’t ashamed. 

You pulled on a black dress that had a white collar and ¾ length sleeves.

You weren’t entirely sure about the dress but it looked good on the rack so why not try it on.

“Hello?” You heard someone say. You furrowed your eyebrows at your reflection as you listened to see if they were talking to someone.

“Hello is anybody there?” You heard the voice again. You turned the handle on the door and stepped out with a confused look on your face.

“Yes? Can I help you?” You asked as you came out. You saw a boy about your age standing in front of you. His eyes scanned over your body and you blushed slightly but he was probably just looking at the clothing. “Can I help you?” You repeated.

“Well I don’t know. It seems we are locked in here,” He says with an expression all too serious.

“What do you mean?” You freak out and run out of the changing stall area to the store. You saw that the store was empty, the music had stopped playing, and there wasn’t a person in sight. You turned back to the boy.

“What happened?” You asked worried. This better not be like that thing in Mall Cop where people invade the mall and hold you as hostages.

“I’m not exactly sure but apparently there was an announcement but I guess you and I didn’t hear it,” He says, unsure as he takes a seat on the bench outside of the changing stalls. You slump against the door of the changing room and sink to the floor as you hold your head in your hands.

This can’t be happening. It’s not like there could be a fire, right? You guys weren’t going to die right?

“Hey look its going to be okay,” He says as he comes and sits next to you. You look at him and slowly move away, but not a lot, just enough to establish the idea behind personal space. He didn’t seem phased by it though. “I’m Daniel,” He says extending his hand. You shake it tentatively.

“I’m Kelly,” You reply back.

“Nice to meet you Kelly,” He says with a smile. 

“Likewise.” You two didn’t say anything for a while and it was quite awkward.

After a few minutes you stood up.

“Where are you going?” Daniel asks.

“Well I don’t want to sit here in this dress, I’m going to change,” You tell him.

“Wait, I just realized something,” He says. You gesture for him to continue. “We’re alone in this mall, with all these clothes,” He says with a smirk. You thought about it and you smirked too.

“Wait, there is no way I am stealing this stuff!” You shout. As much as you would like to have these clothes, you knew it wasn’t right and you knew you could never live with yourself if you did.

“Okay fine,” He says. “But you’re getting that dress,” He says referring to the one you were wearing. You look down at it and then back up at him.

“Funny, but $72 isn’t exactly my cup of tea,” You say as you go back into the changing stall. You close the door but Daniel’s hand reaches out and stops the door from shutting all the way startling you.

“Then let me buy it for you,” He says from behind the door. You swing the door open and look at him with a strange expression.

“You don’t even know me,” You argue.

“Do you have to know someone to be nice to them?” He asks with raised eyebrows.

“To be nice, no, but this is not being nice this is being generous. Seventy two dollars of generousness,” You say with hand gestures as you explain to him the difference. He chuckles.

“You honestly think I’m going to let you not buy the dress,” He says amused.

“You’re going to make me?” You ask him as you cross your arms over your chest.

“Yup,” He says with a huge grin. You roll your eyes and shut the door to the changing room locking it just in case. You unbuttoned the dress and slid it off. You pulled your leggings, sweater, and scarf back on. You piled up all of the clothes ready to take back and put them on the racks. 

You paused and looked at the little black dress. You liked it. You weren’t entirely sure of it before but Daniel liked it and for some reason that made you like it. You walked out of the changing stall still looking at the dress. You put all of the clothes on the rack but you were hesitant to hang up the dress.

“Having second thoughts?” Daniel asked from behind you causing you to jump in surprise.

“Don’t do that!” You shout at him and hit him, not hard. He chuckles.

“You hit like a girl,” He comments.

“Gee, I wonder why?” You ask him rhetorically.

“You’re funny.”

“I try.”

“You’re short.”

“Not my fault.”

“You’re cute.”

“All in the DNA.”

“You’re buying the dress.”

“Yeah I am—wait you can’t do that,” You say stopping mid sentence.

“Ah, so you do want the dress,” He says with a smirk. You sighed, you couldn’t deny that you did want the dress.

“Okay fine, yeah I want the dress! But I am grateful for what I have and I don’t need this dress, I just want it. So I can live without it,” You tell him.

“Speaking of being grateful, you should be grateful that I am offering to pay for it. And you should take what I am offering,” He says nudging me.

“Hey it’s not Thanksgiving yet,” You tell him.

“Exactly. It’s not Thanksgiving yet. Be grateful tomorrow and any other day but today, think about yourself and what you want,” He says as he looks into your eyes. “Be selfish for once, want something for goodness sake!” He cries out. You laugh.

“I want things all the time, I just have the will and the sensibility to know that I don’t need them,” You tell him.

“See, that’s what I mean. You sacrifice your desires because you don’t see them as important enough,” He points out.

“Since when is a dress so important?” You ask rhetorically as you hold it up.

“Since when is a dress not important to a girl. This little black dress doesn’t mean anything to you?” He asks.

“No it means something because I want it but there are more important things in life than just clothing,” You remind him.

“Like what?” He asks.

“Well like family, friends, food, water, the electricity bills, love,” You list for him.

“But those are all either intangible things or stuff you have no control over at this age,” He says.

“Yeah but—”

“Don’t you want at least one physical manifestation of your desire?” He pleads.

“Why do you want me to buy this dress so bad? Why do you care? What does it matter to you?” You ask suddenly curious.

“I honestly don’t know, all I know is that you should get this dress. Something just tells me that you need this dress,” He says. You look away and then back at the dress.

“Kelly,” You look up at the sound of your name. “Let me buy the dress,” He says. You sigh and give into his persuasion.

“Alright,” You say.

“YES!” He shouts.

*2 hours later*

You and Daniel had been sitting in top shop all over the place just talking. You found out that you had a lot in common and that he could sing. He was really good at it.

You heard the sound of music and people filled the halls once again. You both sat up from where you were on the floor and stood up. You checked the time.

2:45 PM

You still had time to get home.

“I have to get home by three, but it was really nice meeting you!” You say to Daniel. He looks at you and gives you the most genuine smile and you watched it in practically slow motion as the smile reached his eyes and you’re heart skipped a beat or two.

“Bye,” He says as he gives you a hug.

“Bye,” You say with a smile. You quickly turned and ran back to the entrance of the mall. Daniel’s eyes stayed on you until you were out of sight.


You walked through your front door. You saw your mother was still in the kitchen. You slid off your vans and walked into the kitchen and took a seat. You couldn’t wipe the smile off of your face.


You pulled out your phone.

1 new text message

Daniel: I’ll see you again.

You smiled even more at his message.

“What’s got you all smiley? You get something?” Your mother asks as she sits down next to you.

“Yeah I did,” You say as you turn to her. You pull out the dress and show it to her.

“Wow this is really nice, how much was it?” She asks. You bit your lip.

“Um actually a friend paid for it,” You say uneasily. She eyes you but doesn’t scold you.

“You should be grateful,” She says.

“Oh believe me I am,” You mutter more to yourself.

“Anything else?” She asks curiously.

“Yeah, an intangible,” You whisper to yourself with a smile and an fluttering heart.


Hope you guys like it. And Kelly I hope I lived up to your expectations I tried my best.

Feel free to send me any requests for magcon members!

Reminder: I don’t write or post Imagines on Saturdays

This thursday I may not do any imagines because I will be out but don’t completely forget about me because I just might :P


Teasing- Nash Imagine

Can you do an imagine where y/n and nash are dating but they like to tease each other like being flirty with other girl/guy but they always end up making out/cuddling at night sheez 😍😍 i love your last imagine btw 💕

You could feel his eyes burning holes into the side of your face as you chatted with the random stranger.

You traced your finger across the random stranger’s bicep giving him a small wink, you were sure by now there were holes at your back.

You continued flirting with the guy, sneaking seductive glances at Nash who tried to hide the tightness in his pants.

When you turned around, about to go back to Nash, you saw a girl hanging on his arms, rubbing herself up on him. He looked up to see you staring and gave you a small smirk.

His hands traced the outlines of her body, his eyes still trained on you.His hands moved all over her body.

You couldn’t help but get turned out, through his eyes you understood that he wanted to do all those things to you and that was why he was teasing you.

You stalked over to him, completely ignoring the guy that called after you. You pushed the girl away from Nash and pushed your body flush against his.

“Hey babe” he said with a small smirk.

“You think it’s funny to tease me like that?” you asked in a hushed voice, pretending to be mad but you couldn’t help but stare at his lips.

“I should be asking you the same thing” he said with a small groan, wrapping his arms around you.

“I think we should go home Grier” you said a small moan escaping your lips as his lips made its way to your neck.

“Me too baby girl” he whispered, grabbing you arm as you pushed your way through the crowd.

As you got out of the club you shivered as the cold air nipped at your skin. “You cold?“ he asked you. He wrapped one of hi arms around your shoulder, pulling you into him.

With his arms around you, keeping you warm, you both safely made it to his car and soon you were home.

You both were patient enough to let each other get changed into some sweats and a shirt. But not too long after you both entered the bed, you were all over each other.

His arms encircled you as he pulled you in for a passionate kiss. His mouth was soft, moving against yours with a sudden hunger. He made sure to take his time, nibbling, sucking your lips.

“Nash” you let out a soft moan which only encouraged him furthermore. Soon his hands were roaming your body. They were warm against your cold body, exploring places that seemed so private to you.

After several minutes of kissing, Nash looked at you, his eyes a dark blue and his lips deliciously swollen.

“Oh god, I love you (y/n). I can’t seem to get enough of you” he muttered, his gaze once again flicking to your lips.

“I love you too” you told him and pulled him down next to you.

Almost immediatley, his arms wrapped around you, pulling you close against his body. You burried your face into his warm, naked chest.

His hands seemed to draw endless things onto your arm as he cuddled with you, you let out a small yawn which brought a smile to his face.

“You’re so cute.” he said with a smile, “Are you tired?” he asked, kissing your forehead.

You just nodded, tired and he rested his chin upon your head. “Night baby girl”

“Night Nash” you mumbled, before stumbling into a deep sleep.

Meet & Greet- Aaron Imagine

Request: can you do an imagine for me about meeting aaron carpenter for the first time and him actually start to like me so he gets the security guard to find me and my friend saying he wants me to meet him or something after the show? i get to meet him on friday at digi and im really excited! thank you so much (:

You rubbed your hands together nervously as you sat in the car, waiting to arrive at where the show was happening.

You were super excited, you always had a huge crush on Aaron and you couldn’t believe you were going to meet him today!

As you stood in line, you grew nervous, you didn’t know how to introduce yourself. What if you stopped speaking or you looked like a fool. You and your best friend started to freak out with each other, her favorite was Hayes and you couldn’t wait to see her reaction when she met him.

Soon enough your best friend who was in front of you went, hugging Hayes, Daniel and the other people there.

She ended off with Aaron and the security motioned you over. You walked, nervously tugging at the hem of your shirt.

You hugged Hayes, Daniel, Alyssa and everyone even taking a few pictures. You finally arrived at Aaron, you had no idea of what to do. He gave you a big smile and you returned it.

“I-I um.. you.. I mean” you began to stutter, not sure what to say to him, he chuckled softly, his eyes twinkling.

“Hey beautiful” he said somewhat quietly and you couldn’t help but blush a light pink.

“H-hey A-aron” you mumbled.

“Are you nervous? Don’t worry, pretend I’m just a guy you met on the street” he said trying to help you get rid of your nervousness.

“But you’re not some guy I met on the street, your frigging Aaron Carpenter, you’re my role model and I love you so much. Your so cute, I love your laugh, your eyes, your kind heart, the way that you are friendly with most people-” you didn’t realize you were rambling until you saw Aaron laughing at you.

“You’re so cute, what’s your name babe?” he asked.

“(y/n)” you said shyly.

He pulled you into a warm hug, his arms circling around you as you wrapped your arms around his neck. You couldn’t help but start crying. It was Aaron Carpenter after all, the guy you love and he was right in front of you.

He pulled away noticing the shaking of your shoulders, when he saw you crying he frowned.

“What’s wrong babe? Everything alright?” he asked gently, cupping your face.

You just simply nodded as tears still ran down your face, “I’m just so happy that I finally got to meet you” you wiped your tears, smiling at him.

“I’m so glad I got to meet you too” he grinned at you and you wished the moment would last forever.

“Sorry, but the next person is waiting” the security guard informed you as he ushered you away.

Your heart hurt, this could be the last time you see him, with a sad smile you waved at him, walking away.

You and your friend exited, the meet and greet area and then she claimed that she had to go to the bathroom. She finally found it and you stood outside the bathroom, scrolling through twitter.

What awaited you was shocking. You saw the trend #Aaronandmysteryfan trending worldwide, it was the video of him hugging you and wiping away your tears.

Of course there was a bunch of hate comments, but you smiled to see the sweet comments as well.

“Excuse me, are you Ms. (y/n)?” asked a security guard.

“Uh..yea” you said nervously, wondering if  you were in trouble or something.

“Mr.Carpenter would like to see you” you almost choked on your breath as you stared wide eyed at him.

“A-a-aaron?” you stuttered out.

“Yes, he would like you and your friend to join him back stage” you nodded and your friend came out.

When you explained to her she seemed shocked as well. Both of you kept your inner fan girls in check as you followed the security guard backstage.

After Aaron finished his show, he came back stage. He grinned widely when he spotted you and gave you a huge hug. Surprised, you hugged him back.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t let you walk away. There’s something about you. Plus you’re super cute. So what do you say to getting to know each other better?” he asked, a small smile playing at his lips.

You swore you’re eyes were about to bug out of your eyes.“Really?” you whispered.


“Am I dreaming?” you asked to yourself and then proceeded to pinch yourself. “Ow” you mumbled when you realized you pinched too hard.

He chuckled at you yet again before placing a kiss on your cheek.

You smiled, “I would love to get to know you better”.

“Great, here’s my number babe” and as he told you, you typed it into your phone, smiling.

And that was how your love started, a simple meet and greet . Dreams do come true.

Hope you like it and I hope you had fun at digi tour! Tell me all about it when you come back! I love you xx

Vacation & Interruptions- Nash imagine

Request: Can you do an imagine where your family, Nash’s family, and Cameron’s family go on vacation together? And Nash is your boyfriend so you two get interrupted making out when Cam or your sibling is knocking on the door? Thank you

“Oh my god, this beach house is beautiful!” you said in awe as you entered the house.

“Not as beautiful as you” your boyfriend Nash cheesily replied.

You playfully hit him on the arm. “Shut up, you’re too cheesy babe” you said, teasing him.

He huffed, and then took your arm, leading you to the room that the both of you would share.

“I’m so glad that Cameron’s family, your family and my family all came together! It’s going to be so much fun!” you exclaimed, plopping down on the bed.

“Hey guys, you settled in alright?” Nash’s mom asked, popping her head through the door.

“Yea, thanks Mrs. Grier” you replied politely, smiling at her. 

“Oh please honey, call me Elizabeth. Mrs. Grier makes me sound old, and I’m not too old” she said winking and leaving the room.

“Okay, so what should we do first?” you asked Nash as he came to sit beside you.

“I think we should make-” Nash started but you were interuppted by Sierra.

“(y/n)! Thank god you’re in here! I forgot my bikini and we’re going swimming! Can I please borrow one of yours?” she asked frantically, barging into your room.

“Yeah sure” you replied, opening a suitcase and pulling out some bikinis. “Which one would you like?” you asked, holding them up.

“The light purple one! Thanks babe” she replied, taking the light purple bikini and running out of the room.

“Ugh too many interruptions!” Nash said as he pulled you onto his lap. “Okay now I think we should-”

“Nash! Have you seen my video camera? I can’t find it anywhere!” Hayes said, coming in and then made a disgusted face when he saw your position.

“It’s in the car! Now go away!” Nash said to him and Hayes nodded, leaving. When you thought you finally had silence, your mom walked in.

“(y/n) and Nash, we’re going swimming, get ready in ten minutes!” she said giving you both a sweet smile before exiting.

“Okay that’s it!” Nash grumbled, closing the door before jumping on the bed, beside you.

“I think it’s time we got some peace and quiet and finally made out” he said and placed his lips against yours.

You smiled against his lips. He kissed you hungrily and with need. He tugged on your bottom lip, asking you for permission, you allowed him of course. His tongue explore your mouth, while his hands moved up your sides and he pulled your shirt off.

He slowly placed you on the bed before removing his lips from yours, and instead peppering kisses, over your stomach and slowly trailing up until-

“Nash I need- OH shit! What the fuck Nash?” you heard Cameron’s voice interuppting.

“Fuck” you and Nash muttered. Nash quickly, threw your shirt to you and you put it on. You nervously looked at the ground blushing from embaressement.

“What the hell Cameron? Don’t you know how to knock??” Nash exclaimed.

“Sorry man, I din’t think you guys would be making out” he said, his hands still over his eyes. “Are you both decent now?”

“Yea, what the fuck do you want?” Nash asked while Cameron uncovered his eyes.

“Our parents are calling us to head over to the beach, so I suggest you hurry up.” he smirked at you both.

“Go away, we’re coming!” Nash said, getting up from the bed and Cameron left. You both got up, heading for the door.

“Next time we should lock the door” Nash mumbled and you giggled as you walked beside him.

Impressions- Nash imagine

A Nash imagine for anonymous xx

“Excuse me? Can you please move?” you asked a tall boy who was blocking your way at the party

He turned around, his dark blue eyes blazing as he drunk the sight of you in. He smiled charmingly, sticking out a hand at you.

“Hi I’m Nash, aren’t you the pretty girl in my Bio class?” he asked

“Nope, not the pretty one” you replied back and tried to step around him.

“Definitley are, couldn’t forget those chocolate colored eyes” he said in a soft tone.

“And I couldn’t forget Zayn Malik’s eyes either! But do you see me bothering him?” you questioned, narrowing your eyes.

His lips quirked upwards. “You’re a funny and feisty one, I like it” he whispered, moving closer to you.

You placed your hands against his chest and gave him a shove, “You’re not going to like it when I punch you either”

He quickly grabbed you by the waist and pulled you close “Come on give me a chance I’m not bad”

You struggled against him. “You’re a player, I don’t need anything to do with you”

“I may be a player but I actually want to get to know you” he said, not loosening his grip on you.

“Oh my god, do you not understand the meaning of I’m not interested?” you replied.

“Just give me a chance” his hand was trailing up your shoulder “I’m good at basketball, and I know you like basketball” he said trying to impress you.

“I’m not impressed” you said with a flat stare, stopping the struggles to get out.

“Well I dress nice, plus I will cuddle with you all the time, and I’ll send you sweet messages, I’ll call you before bed and in the morning, I’ll come over alot, we’ll take cute selfies, we can watch netflix, ouu-” he blabbled on until you cut him off.

“Shutup” you mumbled,giggling before smashing your lips against his.

His eyes widened before he cupped your face, kissing you back hungrily. His hands trailed, moving all over your body, trying to pull you closer. You moaned as he nibbled on your lip and when you moaned he slipped his tongue in.

“Shit” he mumbled his eyes blazing as he pulled away. “Does this mean yes to us?” he whispered.

You nodded your head before pulling his head down to meet your lips again.

Request: Can you do a Nash imagine where you meet him and hes trying to impres you but you act like you arnt interested but in the end you end up tougether and make out? You work out the deitals (sorry for the bad english)