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After reading your post I now feel bad for some of my anti-Semitic beliefs I used to hold. What can I do to help the Jewish community?

Well, realizing you have these beliefs is a good first step, but be aware that something as internalized as anti-semitism isn’t going to go away overnight. You can’t just make a loaf or two of challah and cleanse yourself of all your anti-semitism. Just like with all prejudices, you’re going to have to really be honest with yourself and work through it on a deeper level than sending tumblr anons.

However, that being said, there are some concrete ways to get more involved in the community and be an ally.

If you’re talking about just generally cutting out anti semitism, here are some ways to be an ally:

  • call people out when they make anti semitic remarks. 
  • do not ever, under any circumstances, make holocaust jokes.
  • do not use the K word
  • don’t mock religious practices or appearance 
  • protect your jewish friends if you feel they are unsafe
  • don’t “out” somebody as jewish. 
  • don’t ever go up to somebody and ask them is they are jewish. it’s just rude and scary
  • most jewish people don’t like being called “jews” by gentiles
  • we are not Israeli politicians. don’t ask about zionism all the time. don’t always bring up Palestine  

If you want to be more involved in Jewish-run charities and organizations, I recommend checking out your local synagogues. Most temples do a lot of community outreach such as food drives, volunteer work, etc. And it’s open to anybody, regardless of religion.

If you want to learn more about Jewish history and culture, here are some educational books I recommend:

  • My People: The Story of The Jews by Abba Eban 
  • I Am Jewish by Daniel Pearlman 
  • Rediscovering the Jewish Holidays by Nina Beth Cardin
  • Basic Judaism For Young People (Volumes One, Two and Three) by Naomi Pasachoff
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[The day of my Degrassi audition] was a real pivotal day in my life, because it was the first audition I went on – and that’s already like a monumental thing – but it was also the day that I finally got accepted by these really cool Jewish kids at school. And they were finally like, ‘Yo, come over.’ This kid Daniel Pearlman… he called me over to his house, and I had this really tug-of-war moment where I actually did something that I probably shouldn’t have done. It starts with a W and ends with eed. And we did it out of a starts-with-a-B-ends-with-ong.

Drake was a little paranoid during his Degrassi audition, and if you’re good at spelling you’ll be able to figure out why.