daniel nyari


Nottingham Forest Legens 1976 - 1980

Highlighting the legendary Brian Clough team that won 10 trophies between 1976 and 1980 under legendary English manager Brian Clough.

Done for Nottingham Forest’s matchday Programme including a feature and interview. Thanks so much to the wonderful group of people working at the club.


For the month of October I’ll be taking part in Month of Fear; a weekly art challenge featuring multiple artists and their interpretations of a given theme.

For the first week the theme is “Things that Go Bump: Monsters growing up”

Piece is titled “Come Here”: There was never a fictional monster in my childhood. I grew up with an alcoholic, manic, and violent father so he was the ever-present symbolic “monster” growing up.

I will be art directing this season’s NYCFC matchday posters. This is the second one featuring art from Brooklyn’s own Conor Nolan inspired by the opponent (Sporting Kansas City) and their Blue Hell/Cauldron Supporters’ Group.

You can read an interview with the artist and process here.

You can purchase prints here.


I was asked by Arsenal to illustrate Neymar and Alexis Sanchez ahead of this weekend’s big match between Brazil and Chile at the Emirates stadium in London. I also designed the lettering for the various headers in the corresponding match programme. 

You can also grab a Neymar print here.

And grab an Alexis print here.


“I cut my own hair because I want to avoid formalities with my barber”

I was asked to participate in a zine on the topic of “Secret Self” - Each zine is a revealing collection of portraits and secrets from an international group of artists and designers. Each participant was asked to share something they had never shared with the public before and to create an accompanying illustration. While some are serious and others are silly, all of the secrets give you an insight into the psyches of the artists.

You can view and purchase it over at Little Chimp Society

Step 1: As usual I start out with a grid that determines the conceptual and compositional guidlines. In this case the piece is about the weight of the top part of the frame coming down on the subject in the bottom right corner. A series of diagonal lines connecting at the intersection where the subject are laid down. Then I begin sketching.

Step 1a: Visualize grid better by breaking it into a hierarchy of segments. The red lines are the conceptual segments of the grid and the blue lines determine the rest and general structure of the illustration.

Step 2: Bring into Illustrator and digitize following the grid as closely as possible.

Step 2a: Visualize without sketch and ensure anchor points all intersect properly and grid is intact

Step 3: Convert to shapes. As usual I visualize the illustration in grayscale to determine value structure before I can begin to think about colors. 

Step 4: Color. In this case I wanted a strong contrast between subject and background. The subject is in fear and dull against the perceived loud and colorful surroundings so it felt best to retain the grayscale colorway of the subject and use the loudest possible colors for the rest,

Step 4a: Double check integrity of illustration relative to grid. 


TMNT Evolution

My contribution to Bottleneck Gallery’s “Ninja Turtles in Time” Show premiering October 3rd in Brooklyn, New York. More information here.

My fascination with any franchise is in its flexibility as a consumer product. Originally the Ninja Turtles began as a parody of 80’s Marvel Superhero comics and soon became a kid-friendly toy and cartoon series before becoming a global brand and iconic cultural relic. I was always interested in how this brand grew along the way, satisfying various demographics and adapting to different cultural needs. What I always found most iconic about the Ninja Turtles was their character design particularly those extremely recognizable faces, with the ever-present four color bandana combinations. I chose to illustrate 24 essential character head designs from the original Mirage comics to its film live film adaptations to its toy and video game alterations.