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Doing Justly

Edmund x Servant!reader

I recently re watched Merlin and completely fell into the hole that is merthur, that’s not really relevant but i just wanted you guys to know. Anyway while watching I originally had this idea for gwaine but I could also really see Edmund pulling this off, so i decided to write it obviously. Enjoy.

Its kind of more king arthur and guinevere now because he’s a king and all that but oh well


The first time it happened, well the first time Peter witnessed it was after an emergency council meeting. Calormen had declared war after the fiasco that was what had come to be called the susan incident. Peter still questioned why he thought it was a good idea to send Susan and Edmund together.

He had been walking with Edmund to the great hall discussing war plans, he was so caught up in his thoughts and plans that it took him a minute to realise Edmund wasn’t paying attention to him anymore. His younger brother was watching a maid no older than he. She was carrying a basket of laundry. As she neared the two locked eyes and Peter felt that he was imposing on something.

As the girl got closer Edmund reached out and placed a hand on the side of her waist, silently waiting for permission. The girl stepped closer to him and Edmund slipped his hand around her waist. He spun her around.

“(Y/N)” He said looking into her eyes.

“Sire” (Y/N) curtsied before stepping out of the kings hold, turning around and continuing on her path.  And just like that the moment was over.

By this point both kings had grown into strong young men in their early twenties. England was the last thing in theirs minds. Occasionally the rulers of narnia would remember a carriage that moved without horses or a lantern on a stick not unlike the on at laterns waste. But they had all forgotten the land where they had been born and so had completely succumbed to the way of narnia and royalty. Which is why neither even considered the fact that Edmund might be able to have a serious relationship with the girl. Peter caught Edmunds eye and smirked at his younger brother.

“What?” Edmund grumbled “It’s nothing. She’s just a servant girl” and with that he turned and and continued in his way to the dining hall.

Over the months this occurrence happened more and more. Sometimes people were around to see, other times they were not. But everyone knew about the flirtationship between the just king and the servant girl. What no one knew was how far it was going for you both. You hadn’t moved beyond what Peter had witnessed in the hallway but feelings for the other were growing for both of you.

Your skin would tingle when Edmund slipped his arm around your waist. Edmund would hold on just a little bit longer and you would both stare at the other for just a little bit more. Neither of you said anything about these feelings to the other.

“I can’t” you often told the other servants “he’s the king”

But this harmony that you had both come to love was soon over with the arrival of Lady Danielle. A noble woman from the western isles. She wore trendy dresses, sparkly jewellery, and her hair was always immaculately done. Officially she had come to make a peace treaty between her kingdom and Narnia, unofficially she was here to raise her status and marry the just king.

Though it wasn’t official, you didn’t miss how Edmund began to pass you by in the hallways. How his eyes would slide right over you as if you’re just a servant not someone he had been flirting with for months now. It didn’t go unnoticed by you that Lady Danielle and King Edmund were spending an awful lot of time together. Going on rides down to the river to have a picnic, walks in the garden, even just sitting down in one of the bay windows the castle had to talk for what seemed like hours. Doing everything that you and he could never do.

Nana, the head chef, seemed to find great joy in your sorrow or so you had decided. She would always ask you to take the King and Lady Danielle their lunch, claiming that the rest of the kitchen staff were busy though you were sure you could see at least three that seemed to be counting vegetables. You had learnt better than to question Nana, you had learnt the hard way years ago that behind her wrinkly eyes and kind smile lay a stone heart. Nana didn’t might giving you a few whacks on your behind to show you just how hard her wooden spoon really is.

So every day you would head down to the kitchens when she called and pick up the picnic basket of whatever food they were getting and make the long walk to wherever they were. Today they had taken residency in the library. The hallways of the castle went all to quickly and then the aisles of shelves seemed to take far too long. But all too soon you were standing in front of the, and dropping into a quick curtsy. Edmund motioned for you to set the food out without even glancing in your direction.

Sighing, you set about to doing what was told of you. The two continued to talk as if you weren’t there, flirting, laughing. You didn’t notice how hard you were squeezing the tea-cup until it shattered in your hand. The shards of china sliced open you hand as they fell to the floor.

“Ah” Lady Danielle squealed standing up from her chair “you got blood on my dress”

You checked and sure enough a single drop of blood had landed on the hem of her dress. Pressing the palm of your opposite hand against the cut, you curtsied and kneeled down to pick up the pieces.

“No stop that” Edmund ordered. You froze where your were before looking up at him through your eyelashes.


Edmund grabbed your arm roughly and began dragging you out of the library.

“You’re going to get blood on the floor”

You had never seen Edmund so angry, His was contort to show a fury that you had only seen on the high king once before. But his grip on your wrist was light, barely there at all. You couldn’t stop the tingles going up your spine. This was the first contact you’d had with Edmund in weeks and while its wasn’t the usual hand sliding around your waist you would take it because this might be the last time it ever happened.

Edmund stormed out of the library and you expected him to drop your arm and head back to his beloved Lady Danielle. Instead the king keep marching you through the corridors of Cair Paravel. People stopped to stare, the two of you hadn’t been seen together in a while and the new nobles were scandalized that a king would even noticed a serving girl. Of course there was also the drops of blood that you were leaving in your wake, that might have had something to do with it.

Edmund pulled you inside the castle sick ward.

“She cut her hand on a teacup when she was serving me lunch” he told the on duty nurse. His voice was softer than expected. Almost worried.

The whole time you were getting your hand treated, he was sitting in the corner. Never once taking his eyes off of you.

“Thank you for bringing me sire”  you muttered before turning to leave the room.

“I was so worried” You heard him say “this whole month, I was worried you didn’t feel the same way I felt for you. I was worried you were going to meet a handsome stable boy. But today when I saw all the blood on your hands I couldn’t breathe”

Slowly you turned around.

“I started flirting with Lady Danielle to get a reaction out of you. I wanted to be sure but you were so calm that I thought that you didn’t feel the same. So I tried to move on but you were still there. Delivering my lunch, in my dreams”

You hadn’t noticed that he had been stepping closer to you (and maybe you to him) until your toes were touching.

“I love you (Y/N) and I hope you love me too”

Years later the just king would say that that moment, the one where you were silent and he was sure you were going to reject him, as the worst moment in his life.

But you didn’t reject him, instead you reached up wrapping your arms around his neck and kissed him square on the mouth. Edmund hands slid around your waist just as he used to do in the hallway. Neither of you were thinking about the consequences of this, both to caught in the this to actually care.

Many years after the disappearance of the 4 Pevensie siblings and after you had been left to rule Narnia on your own, the nurse would still tell the tale of the just king and how she witnessed the beginning of the greatest love in history.

(Some would argue that the people who had witnessed what had come to be known as doing justly were the first but the nurse always said that didn’t count)

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Red headed noble soon to marry a well known criminal.

“Mm. Obviously Eve Daniels. Though many nobles have married criminals before.” *siiiiiiip*

Home Base

Merry Christmas to @wakeup-doshit-gotosleep, who asked for Jazz, Danny, and Dani having a little sibling bonding. 

Amity’s town square was predictably crowded, even on a weeknight. So far into the month, winter still wasn’t very much of one at all. The crisp chill was tolerable and had yet to produce a single snowflake; all they needed were light jackets and a quick stop at Jazz’s favorite locally-owned coffee place to stay warm. Tiring as the incessant commercialism was, she felt a little more chronologically grounded being surrounded by hanging lights, last-minute shoppers, and wreaths. It felt like a nice and proper Christmas.

Danielle, utterly engulfed in a glaring orange eyesore of a scarf Jack had knitted her, blew into her hot chocolate and watched a man in a Santa suit chime his bell for donations. “So…are Mads and Jack like that every year?”

“Pretty much, yeah,” Jazz confirmed tiredly. 

Lagging behind them, Danny grumbled. “'Tis the season.”

“But they can’t actually be fighting about Santa Claus right? It’s gotta be like…a metaphor for something.”

Jazz sighed. “They’ve been doing it since I was little. I think it started because Mom didn’t want to raise us on “fairy tales” and Dad was more for the traditional ‘magic of season’ kind of Christmas like he had with his family. I guess it sort of snowballed over their personal belief-systems. Mom’s a hardcore scientist that doesn’t believe in anything without observable evidence and a peer-reviewed study, while Dad insists on room for faith and is willing to give anything the benefit of the doubt.”

“Wow,” Dani said. “That sounds…really deep.”

“Not really. They’re seriously just arguing about Santa Claus.”

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List of injured WWE wrestlers

  1. Daniel Bryan (neck/shoulder injury, out indefinitely)
  2. Jey Uso (anterior shoulder dislocation, out for about 6 months)
  3. Tyson Kidd (neck/spinal injury, complete neck surgery, out for up to 14 months)
  4. Hideo Itami (torn rotator cuff, out for 6-8 months)
  5. Rusev (fractured foot)
  6. Goldust (shoulder injury, surgery, out for 4-6 months
  7. Sami Zayn (shoulder injury, surgery, out for 3-6 months)
  8. Bayley (working with broken hand)
  9. Alex Riley (degenerative arthrosis knee surgery)
  10. Erick Rowan (arm injury)
  11. Jamie Noble (three broken ribs)

I may have got a few of the time lengths for how long they’ll be out wrong but either way, something needs to be done.