daniel nadler

Everyone on Lost worrying about their love lives
  • Jack: Kate ilu
  • Kate: Jack I am not leaving you!
  • Sawyer: You got my back, Blondie?
  • Juliet: Of course
  • Desmond: PENNY
  • Sun: JIN
  • Jin: SUN
  • Rose: I'll just be over there with my hubby
  • Bernard: I love my wife
  • Daniel: Charlotte you're so pretty plz love me
  • Charlotte: Oh Dan *rolls eyes lovingly*
  • Charlie: Claire Claire Claire ilu and the baby
  • Claire: Charlie you're so adorable
  • Sayid: I miss Shannon
  • Hurley: Yo Libby wassup?
  • Libby: You're so cute
  • Miles: *laughs*

My generation has grown up through video games and immersive worlds. In a video game your character can see a rock and then just sort of walk around the rock. That’s a very different modality than a movie, which is a totally directed experience.

Poetry is the most directly analogous high art form to environments like video games and virtual reality. Poetry is entirely about regulating the pace of your own emotional transportation, and it is the one that is going to be the most native to millennials who have grown up with that idea.

—  Daniel Nadler, Why Poets Can Make Better Search Engines (x)