daniel masterson

Customer Service (NC-17)

For Danielle, because she’s having a crappy day. By the way, let’s pretend this is AU. Enjoy love!

The phone has been ringing off the hook all day and I’m dying to take my lunch break. I understand spring is coming and everyone wants to visit New York, but do they all have to stay at this hotel? I shouldn’t complain, it is job security, but I’m used to some down time. 

My lunch coverage has shown up so I’m picking up this one last call then I’m devouring whatever I can find in the break room.

“Thank you for calling The Benjamin. This is Danielle, how may I help you?”

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The Chicago 8 - Trailer (by chicago8movie)

OMG had a total history fangirl moment with this trailer! 

Daniel Masterson is so perfect as Jerry Rubin, I mean his character on That 70’s Show basically reiterated a lot of the things that Jerry and Abbie Hoffman used to say.

I am taking a wait and see position with Gary Cole as William Kunstler and Thomas Ian Nicholas as Abbie Hoffman, but that is just because those are really big shoes to fill.