daniel lynch

I don’t get why in Harry Potter the ministry is so cut up over looking for Sirius, but they can’t find him, why don’t they just send him an owl???? Owls just seem to find and know where everyone is. They could just send him a letter and follow the owl. The ministry is full of idiots.

She loves me really.
  • Me: *has headache*
  • Me: *touches forehead and cries out*
  • Mum: *actually concerned* "What? What? Are you okay, love?"
  • Me: "he iS BACK!"
  • Mum: "What? Who is back?"
  • Mum: "..."
  • Me: "..."

Deleted Scenes…  

Scenes from: “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows” (part 1 & 2)

It’s kind of the way we stay in contact. We see each other occasionally, but I haven’t seen everyone in a long time. It’s quite hard to socially see everyone, so being in the same room with everybody is usually quite surreal and not that easy. We shared such a unique experience and such a strange childhood. We’ll always kind of have that together. Again, we’re always gonna be there for each other, [and] support each other.
—  Rupert Grint talks about Harry Potter group chat on WhatsApp