daniel k. osborne

The Art of the Hand-Drawn GIF

By Christian Petersen

Animated GIFs are the mainstay of new media and net artists, but an increasing amount of “traditional” artists are starting to explore their creative possibilities with this genre. Hand-drawn animation has slightly fallen from favor in the computer age, but many are finding that GIF is the perfect format for the blending of old and new techniques. The beauty of the GIF is that it can work equally well for simple experiments and complex ideas. More and more artists are likely to adopt them as a regular part of their creative output. We have collected some of our favorites from this relatively new genre showing how eclectic and versatile this simple format can be.

1. Drew Tyndell (Pictured top)   

2. Looopism

3. Felipe Villarreal 

4. Eno Swinnen 

5. Kidmograph 

6. Bred Rohloff 

7. Giulia Rizzi

8. Harry Mckenzie

9. Dain Fagerholm 

10. Georgina Asuncion Guasch

11. ´∑œ®^)$! 

12. Paul Loubet 

13. Daniel K. Osborne 

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