daniel iley

MEAT WALLET: early teaser

I don’t know if I am supposed to be sharing this but it isn’t set to private on Vimeo… so I’m taking a risk. I’m also tired of never getting to post this…

As you see by the date this was posted 4 years ago…

I spent 5 years of my life working with the writer/creator and a production studio on several short teasers and eventually a full length pilot… none of which we really got to do much with. A network picked us up and then dropped us on our asses… 

I fucking adore these characters and this world so it was hard…oh wait, impossible to let go.

Please check out the video and like and share… I can’t give up on this yet… I want this series to get made. The right way.


<3 much love Tumblr

-Daniel Iley


drawing/character design/backgrounds/inking/colored pencil/design/voice acting by: Daniel iley (I play the brunette kid Brett)