daniel huttleston


jean, javert and the great rebellion of 1832: prologue.

“It’s a complicated French novel
Everyone is dying or sad”


Gavroche envy

Eddie Redmayne lamented throughout the Les Miserables promotional campaign how he regretted being too old to play street urchin-revolutionary lad Gavroche and showed his bond with child actor Daniel Huttlestone during premieres. 

Predictably, though, when interviewer Peter Travers gave him the opportunity in 2014 to sing a bit of “Look Down/Paris,” he went beetroot, and it became another “worse nightmare.” Reverting to his 9-year-old self, Eddie charmingly and gamely sang a few bars (approx. 10:30 into the interview): “How do you do, my name’s Gavroche, these are my people, here’s my patch…”



thénardiers: they belonged to that bastard class formed of low people who have risen, and intelligent people who have fallen, which lies between the classes called middle and lower, and which unites some of the faults of the latter with nearly all the vices of the former, without possessing the generous impulses of the workman, or the respectability of the bourgeois. (VICTOR HUGO)

Hello I’m auditioning for the role of Gavroche and I’ll be singing Die Young by Kesha


[The barricade boys] would do warm-ups every morning — I was usually in the hair chair and couldn’t get out — where one of the guys was playing piano and everyone else would be singing, but they would end up singing “The Circle of Life” from The Lion King. And young Daniel, the kid who plays Gavroche, would be there and at the very end, they would lift him like Simba. From the very beginning, I just thought Daniel was the coolest, man. I was like, I want to grow up and be like Daniel one day. — Aaron Tveit on Daniel Huttlestone