daniel howell gif

look at the way he’s looking at phil 

I’m insulted 

// HE’S ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD OMG. also white jeans?? who is this imposter?? //

[gif is mine please give credit]

Imagine Dan doing he’s live show and doing this just because he knows how much him biting his lip turns you on.

“Dan we need to have a little talk in my bedroom” You say in a slightly stern voice Dan raises an eyebrow. “Well than I guess we will.” He gets up placing his hand on the small of your back guiding you to your bedroom. “You know I saw what you were doing on the live show.” Dan bites his lip again. “Ummm really what was that.” Acting innocent. You pull Dan closer by the collar of his shirt. “Fucking kiss me already you little spork.” Quickly and tenderly Dan’s lips press into yours. You back finds the wall behind you and your fingers are wrap around his back, slightly digging your nails in.Soflty you whisper"Fuck"


Dan telling you that he likes you:

Dan: Hey Y/N can I make you dinner?

Y/N: yeah sure just don’t screw it up *laughs*

Dan: Okay  * starts making you dinner*

Y/N: Wait are you actually making me dinner? Why the hell a-

Dan:- Because I like you *continues to make you dinner*

Y/N: *widens eyes*

Dan: *looks up from what he’s doing* *does GIF*