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Saving Private Ryan: Boobs or Ass Men

Anon:  If ya got the time, what would you say are the preferences are between boobs or asses for our lovely SPR guys??

(This is going to be kind of short, just because there’s not much to write about.)

John Miller: Ass

Timothy Upham: Legs (but if he had to choose, ass)

Daniel Jackson: Boobs

Stanley Mellish: Boobs

Richard Reiben: BOOBS (are you kidding?? We’ve all seen that scene)

James Ryan: Ass

Adrian Caparzo: Ass

Irwin Wade: He loves a good waist (But again, if he has to choose, boobs)

Mike Horvath: Boobs man, all the way

The Walking Dead, Asian fancast edition

Part 5 (I previously did a fancast for Stranger Things, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones)

Note: I’m doing this since Hollywood and mainstream media in general love reducing Asian representation. So fuck it, I’m doing this fancast as a form of protest because Asians need to be seen in the media. Also, I’m avoiding the already-set characters of color. Obviously, Steven Yeun can stay.

My other fancasts: Stranger Things, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Daredevil, Jessica JonesThe Flash,Mad Max: Fury Road and Captain America: Civil War)

1) Daniel Dae Kim as Rick Grimes

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2) Naveen Andrews as Shane Walsh

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3) Keiko Agena as Lori Grimes 

(I specifically wanted a Japanese actress for my Carl pick)

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4) Yunjin Kim as Andrea

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5) BD Wong as Dale Horvath

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6) Ryan Potter as Carl Grimes 

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7) Sung Kang as Daryl Dixon

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8) Ming-Na Wen as Carol Peletier

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9) Kenneth Choi as Merle Dixon

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10) Sophie Wu as Maggie Greene

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11) Randall Duk Kim as Hershel Greene 

12) Chloe Bennet as Beth Greene

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13) Ken Leung as The Governor 

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14) Elodie Yung as Tara Chambler 

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15) Tim Kang as Abraham Ford 

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16) Masi Oka as Eugene Porter

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17) Vincent Rodriguez III as Aaron 

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*If you delete the text basically you die* 

Okay so I’m making a faves page to go on my tumblr :)


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