daniel herrera


The first time they locked me in a room with a demon I was 12 years old. You know, when you first saw that demon in the attic, Tomas, were you scared? Yes. You know what I felt? Relief. ‘Cause for the first time in my brief but very long life, I had a purpose. I was the gun, and the Church was the hand, and the words… were true.
           The Exorcist 1x02 - Chapter Two: 'Lupus in Fabula’


I had a dream. Dreams. It’s the same dream and you are in it. Go on. There was a child tied to a bed. You called him Gabriel. What else? There was newspapers in the window, a broken crib on the floor. The boy… he died. His neck… Tell me something that wasn’t on the news. If you were in the room, what did you see? You told him a nursery rhyme. Go on. Erase una vez un gato con los pies de trapo y los ojos al revés. 

18 months ago. Mexico City. It was real?