daniel heath justice

Does it matter how we articular the desire of people having sex with those of the same biological gender, or living their genders in ways that challenge domineering norms? Absolutely, but not in the way queerphobic folks would like to suggest. Quite simply, can today’s tribal nations afford to lose these powerful spirits, these queer men and women and transfolk and two-spirits who have so many wondrous gifts to share, who want to share these gifts as tribal people and within tribal value systems? Can our communities risk tossing away so much knowledge about not just hot to survive pain but how to thrive despite it? Can a colonized people risk such a loss, especially when the neoliberal emphases on assimilation and globalized commodification continue to threaten the distinctive cultural integrity and even survival of Indigenous peoples throughout the world?

Daniel Heath Justice (Cherokee Nation): “Notes Towards a Theory of Anomaly”

For me, this article about queerness and Indigeneity was game changing. Daniel has so much medicine to share. If you want to read the rest of it, please message me and I’ll be happy to share a PDF!