daniel hauben

At Work in a Bronx That Brims With Creativity

“While the Bronx may not be Chelsea or Williamsburg,” notes The New York Times, “it has attracted dozens of visual artists, photographers and performers in recent years with relatively affordable rents and an abundance of industrial buildings that can be pressed into use as studios”:

“Many community leaders say that the influx has reinvigorated struggling neighborhoods with newcomers who promote cultural activities, and renewed focus on the arts in a borough that has been home to Milton Glaser, Larry Rivers and Daniel Libeskind, among others.

"A new photography exhibit at the Andrew Freedman Home on the Grand Concourse highlights this growing Bronx arts community. Called “The Bronx Artist Documentary Project,” the exhibit, which runs through Oct. 8, features the work of 30 photographers who recorded 80 artists as they engaged in their creative process over the past year.

Second day working as an intern for Artist Daniel Huaben was incredible. Besides all the busy stuff, I got to be a model for his artwork in Schwartz Plaza for the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit. It was a different experience for myself, and I believe it was just as different for everyone else to be a part of. It was fascinating to see all the attention Daniel Hauben received by is amazing work. The greatest part about this event was the fact that both Daniel Hauben and his wife Judy Lane received a first place award for their wonderful display. It took a lot of work and time to make this show happen, but it was extremely worth it.