daniel hartley

I’m watching Bull, and I seriously am starting to ship Benny and Bull. 

And now I’m thinking about a Coldflash AU, where Len was married to Iris and they got divorced, and Barry, her foster brother recently fired from the DA’s office, went to work for him in the Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC) as their resident defense attorney. 

(Other members of TAC include: Lisa as their former FBI agent (Danielle), Hartley as their hacker (Cable), Cisco and Caitlin as their stylists (Chunk), Sara as their former Homeland security analyst (Marissa), and I want Mick there, but I don’t know how he’d fit in. Maybe with Lisa as former FBI or something?) 


A huge thanks to producer Rani Chaleyer and camera operator Daniel Hartley-Allen and all the team at sbs2australia program The Feed for putting together such a lovely piece on our little story.