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You had to know this was coming: more supernatural highschool AU, pretty please? We need to know how they got out of the drain and got Daniel de-poisoned. It's for science!

Such torture to revisit this AU … crack …. thing. :D (Even if it did take me … longer than intended to get to this prompt. Say, a couple of months. Ahem.)

Previous installments -

The original:


Follow-up in the tunnels under the school:


Now that Daniel was free of the silver chains, his pained breathing had eased somewhat. Still, he looked in bad shape. Peggy knelt beside him, examining him by the glow of her phone’s screen; she wished all the fur wasn’t in the way so she could see if he was wounded. When she put her hand on his shoulder, he flinched as if it hurt him. “Can you change back?” she asked, but only got a faint whine in return.

“We have to get out of here,” Jack said softly. “Before his captors come back.”

Peggy looked up at him. By the phone’s dim glow, he looked paler than usual – and nervous. Not scared, exactly, but more ruffled than she was used to seeing him. He kept looking around.

“Yes,” she said, “and what do you know about that, anyway? You never did tell me why you’re helping me.”

“We can talk about that, just – somewhere else?” Jack glanced over his shoulder again. “Just see if you can get the Dog-Faced Boy there up and moving –”

Daniel jerked under Peggy’s hand, and suddenly the shaggy wolf’s body melted into a – oh no – very unclothed Daniel. Blushing, she tried to keep her eyes oriented appropriately and ignore all the naked Daniel that had suddenly appeared in her lap.

This got harder when Daniel whispered her name gratefully and reached up for her. Peggy hugged him, feeling him shivering against her.

“You came,” he whispered. “You came.”

“I’ll always come.” She pressed her hands to his back and he gave a sudden hiss of pain, making her pull away to look at him.

“Oh, Daniel,” she murmured. The chains had left red welts on his skin, crisscrossing on his back and wound around his arms. “How do you feel?”

She could see him start a dismissive answer, but it faded into a tired, rueful smile. “Terrible,” he groaned, and sat up shakily. Peggy helped him with a careful arm around his shoulders.

“Can you walk?” she asked.

“Can he ever?” Jack said.

Daniel looked up, seeming to become aware of Jack’s presence for the first time. “Peggy, I appreciate the rescue and all, but did you have to bring that jerk?”

“He was very helpful in finding you,” Peggy said, as she tried not to lean too much against Daniel (still not any less naked) and Jack smirked at them in his most annoying possible way. “Come on, let’s get you up. Can you walk more easily as a wolf?”

“I can,” Daniel said, wincing as she got his arm over her shoulders, “but the silver’s worse when I’m a wolf. I’m already starting to feel a little better. If I shift back, I might not be able to walk at all.”

It was hard to tell if his talk of feeling better was all bravado; he was still shivering against her. With a quick rustle and the flutter of a few dislodged cobwebs, Jack shed his expensive gray jacket and impatiently held it out. Daniel stared at it, looking baffled.

“For cryin’ out loud, Sousa, put this on and quit distracting Peggy. Let’s make sure she has at least a few working brain cells by the time we get out of here.”

Peggy wondered, as she frequently did around Jack, how it was possible for a person to evoke so many simultaneous, conflicting emotions (in this case, gratitude blended with the urge to shove his face into the nearest cobweb). She helped Daniel get the slightly too-large jacket on, and gave Jack a beseeching stare. Looking put upon, he moved forward and wrapped Daniel’s other arm around his shoulders.

For the first few steps they nearly pulled each other down, but they eventually found the rhythm of it and made decent progress – at least until Jack said, “Stop.”

Peggy halted, with Daniel weaving against her. His curly head rested against her shoulder. The walk seemed to be depleting what little strength he had left. “What?”

Jack was looking around again. “I don’t think this is the way back.”

“But we’re going exactly the way we came,” Peggy protested. She aimed her phone at their feet. “Look, that’s even our tracks there.”

“I know, but …” Jack frowned at the walls. “It doesn’t feel right. I thought so earlier, and now I’m sure of it. Vampires never get lost.”

This prompted Daniel to raise his head from Peggy’s shoulder. “Really? Those sound like famous last words to me.”

“What about your famous werewolf sense of smell?” Jack shot back. “Take a sniff and tell me what you think.”

Daniel looked like he was gearing up for a rebuttal, but then he frowned. “Huh. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think he might be right. There’s magic here; I can smell it.”

“You can smell magic?” Peggy asked.

“Sometimes I can.” Daniel sniffed the air again. “And right now I think there’s some kind of spell mixing us up, making it hard for us to find our way back.”

“Wonderful,” Jack snapped. “Remind me to stay home on the next poorly conceived rescue mission.”

After a moment, Peggy said, “Looking on the bright side, it will save me from having to ask Ms. Fry for an extension on the Latin assignment I should have started a week ago.”

She tried not to think about the fact that her phone’s battery was getting alarmingly low, and when it died, they would be entirely in the dark.

oh the sad one

This is sad, but cutereally sad just warning…… 2016!phil 2009!dan (london flat) (this is so long omg)

WARNINGS: Rape/noncon, abuse, self harm, cutting

– Dan met Charlie for the first time eight months ago. He seemed nice and all at first. To clarify, Charlie was Phil’s new boyfriend. Dan had been quite jealous of him before he even met him because he got certain attention Dan couldn’t get for a list of reasons. Dan was Phil’s neko. He adopted Dan when he was twelve, and now he was nineteen. When Charlie came over for the first time and was introduced to Dan, Dan didn’t like him. The way he looked at him made Dan uncomfortable. The younger boy sat curled up in his room the first time he was over. Dan remembers that Phil had to run to the store and left Charlie at the flat with Dan.

– Dan remembers Charlie walking into his room with a weird look on his face, and coming right up to him. Dan curled his tail around himself and his ears were flat against his head. At first Charlie just came up and reached to pet him, but then he yanked on his ear. Dan yelped and tried to run under the bed, but Charlie held on. He smiled and gripped harder, “So Daniel, are you the little slut I think you are? I think you want a good cock to suck, yeah?” Dan shook his head quickly and tried backing up. Charlie pushed him onto the floor and dragged him against the wall. Dan remembers what he said, “Suck me off or I’ll wreck things this apartment and tell Philly it was you.” “N-No I’m not doing that! He won’t believe you!” Dan was crying by this point. He cried easily.

– He remembers Charlie walking out into the hallway and hearing things shatter. Dan ran out into the kitchen and saw shattered mugs and in the living room a broken lamp. Dan was internally freaking out. Phil wouldn’t believe Charlie did this. Charlie grabbed Dan’s tail and yanked him back to his room. Tears were stinging his cheeks and his tail ached. Charlie left and slammed Dan’s door shut. Dan curled up in a ball and cried. He heard Phil coming in and him gasping. Dan shoved his head in his knees and sniffled. He could hear Phil stomping down the hallway with Charlie.

– “Daniel James! What compelled you to break all those things! You’re in so much trouble!” Phil yelled. Dan hiccupped and sobbed into his tail while Charlie was grinning behind him, “Well I did walk in here to say hello and walked in on him fingering himself so I probably just scared him. He was being pretty loud so I was afraid he was hurt or something.” Charlie lied, trying to sound concerned. Phil looked disgusted and hurt, “Dan! Why would you do something like that when people are here! That’s rude and you’re in so much trouble!” Phil shook his head and walked up to grab Dan’s collar. Dan squirmed and he followed Phil as he dragged him. Dan knew where he was going. He never went there because he was a very good kitty. Before Dan knew it, he was thrown in a cage. Phil didn’t listen to one word he said.

~A month later~

– Things hadn’t gotten better, they had gotten worse. Charlie had hit Dan and yelled at him whenever Phil wasn’t around. But this was the first time anything sexual happened to Dan. Dan was in the bathroom laying on the fuzzy rug, which he loved, and then Charlie walked in. Dan’s first reaction to him was hissing and Charlie laughed and shook his head, “Naughty kitty, you know better than to hiss at me. Remember what I said I wanted you to do the first time we met? Well I do, and you still haven’t done it, so that’s what’s happening today.” Dan continued to hiss and back up against the wall. He hated where this was going, it was going to hurt. He could tell he was pissing Charlie off as Charlie grabbed his hair and pulled hard. Dan yelped and tried to scratch him, but Charlie hit him. Dan held his cheek and sunk down, “There you go Dan. Sit on your knees just like that.” He started undoing his pants and pulling them down to his thighs. Dan cried out as Charlie’s hard member was right in his face.

– “Open wide Danny,” Charlie laughed before forcing himself down Dan’s throat. It burned and pain radiated from his jaw. Little concealed crying noises filled the bathroom. Charlie thrusted into Dan’s mouth and gripped his hair hard and moaned deeply, “Fuck Dan. Your such a whore. My whore.” Dan had tears going down his cheeks fast and his jaw ached. He felt Charlie speeding up his thrusts into his throat and his breathing quickening. Dan’s body laid limp, even his tail. Dan gagged over and over again, choking in breaths. He heard Charlie laughing.

– “Fuck shit! You’re going to swallow like the little slut you are. Right whore?” Charlie growled and fucked Dan’s mouth harder. Dan made a inaudible sound and Charlie smirked. Dan could feel hot liquid leaking down his throat and he felt Charlie slowing down. Hot tears burned Dan’s cheeks as Charlie pulled out of his swollen throat. Dan was going to give him an insult, but he couldn’t talk his throat hurt so bad. Charlie laughed loudly and left the bathroom. Dan laid there motionless and cried. Every sob hurt his throat more and more. Dan heard the front door open, meaning Phil was home. Dan curled up and tried to hide in the corner of the bathroom.

– “Dan? What’s wrong?” Phil peaked in the bathroom and saw Dan crying. Dan tried to talk, but failed. Charlie came running behind him and grinned evilly, “Oh he’s faking it to get out of trouble. He broke your DS!” Phil looked so angry and he turned around. He followed Charlie into the living room and saw the broken item. He ran back into the bathroom and dragged Dan again back to  the cage. Sometimes he felt he was in here more than out.

~Two months later~

– Dan was alone in the flat all day and was just playing with a ball of yarn in his boxers on his floor when he heard both of them come back. Dan whined when he heard Charlie’s voice. Dan threw on a t-shirt and sweatpants to hide the bruises on his body. Phil walked in and saw Dan playing with yarn and laughed slightly. Dan gave a fake smile and perked his ears up, “Have you been a good boy today Danny?” Phil asked, thinking the answer was yes. Dan heard a gasp in the living room that was obviously fake, and heard Charlie coming down the hall, “If he said yes he’s lying! There is jizz all over a pillow out here!” Charlie growled. Dan really didn’t do anything, so he knew Charlie must’ve put something white on the pillows. Phil frowned and walked out.

– Phil returned in a matter of seconds with a very angry look on his face, “What is wrong with you Dan! Why has your behavior been such shit these last three months! Your such a bad pet!” The words stung Dan, Phil always tried to avoid calling him a pet. Because he always said he was more than that. Tears fell down Dan’s cheeks rapidly, and for a second Dan could see guilt in Phil’s eyes, but hate quickly overtook it. Phil slammed the door and locked Dan inside. That was the first night Dan cut. He remembered finding a loose sharp piece of metal from one of his toys and dragging it across his wrists. The sting from each cut. It helped slightly with the pain. Dan had blood all over his arms, it got all over his white t-shirt, so when his arms stopped bleeding he shoved it down in his dresser and threw on a black jumper.

– He hasn’t worn short sleeves since.

~One month later~

– Dan had cut almost every other day since the first time. His arms didn’t even look like arms by now. Just a mangled mess. Dan was a lot more kept to himself and sad all the time, but nobody seemed to notice. Not even Phil. The other night Dan heard them say they loved each other. Dan cried. But now Dan was sitting on the couch, and Charlie was just walking in. Dan curled up and held his tail with his ears flat. Dan saw something behind Charlie’s back. It was a rope. Dan didn’t know what he was going to do. Out of all the times he had sexually assaulted him, he never tied him down or anything. Charlie grabbed Dan’s wrists and tied them to the shelf behind them next to the couch, so that Dan was still sitting on it, “I think it’s been far too long since Philly punished you for being a bad pet. So we need to get you to do something bad, something you haven’t done yet.” Dan hadn’t actually done anything bad. “W-What are you doing to me?” Charlie grinned and took a hand and pressed down hard on Dan’s lower abdomen.

– “I’m going to make you piss yourself on the couch, so when he gets home he’ll see what you did,” Charlie pushed harder, making Dan cry out. Dan wiggled around a lot and tried to push Charlie back with his feet, but that just made it worse. Charlie punched Dan in the shoulder than his lower stomach. Dan coughed and choked, now needing to go pee at a the pressure on him. Phil wouldn’t be that mad at this would he? It would be a accident. He could just say he fell asleep. No, Charlie probably had some big fake story of what happened.

– After about an hour, Dan was struggling to hold it it. Charlie was giving him no mercy and continued to push down on it. Then Dan felt it. Hot, warm liquid leaking down his thighs and some puddling on the sofa. Dan whimpered and cried, his sweatpants were soiled and the sofa was soaked. Charlie laughed and picked up his phone to call Phil, “Phil! Oh my god you’re not going to believe this, but Dan just pissed himself on the sofa. He just peed all over. He could’ve just gotten up and went, but he didn’t!” Dan sat there in his shame and looked down. Charlie untied him, but didn’t let him go.

– Phil quickly came in and saw Dan crying and sitting in his own mess. Phil didn’t really look that angry, but more annoyed. He walked over to Dan and grabbed his collar and grabbed clothes and put him in the bathroom and left. Dan showered and changed into his clothes. He cut while he was in there. He heard Charlie making up lies about him while he was in the bathroom. Dan developed a bladder problem from the way Charlie was pushing and punching his bladder.

~Three months later~

– A few weeks ago, Charlie fully raped Dan for the first time. Taking Dan’s virginity. It hurt Dan a lot, seeing he wasn’t stretched or anything. Dan had, had a few bladder incidents since then, but Charlie kept blaming it on the fact that Dan was trying to rebel or something. So Dan would get in trouble again and again. Dan had moved to cutting his thighs as well. Still nobody noticed a difference in Dan’s behavior.

– Today Charlie decided to break something again. This time, Phil’s signed Buffy poster. He ripped it in half. Dan knew he was in big trouble, even though he didn’t do it. Dan cried just at the thought of Phil was going to react. When Phil did get home, he saw the poster and didn’t even speak to Dan. He didn’t get food for Dan, he had to get it himself. He acted like Dan wasn’t even there. After all this time, Phil now was acting like Dan wasn’t there. This is when Dan really realized how much he wanted to just be dead.

~Present Time(NOW)~

– Dan was walking into the kitchen when he saw Phil holding his favorite mug. It was broken. Phil turned and saw Dan standing there. Dan’s ears fell and he held his tail. Dan of course didn’t do it. Why would he? Phil looked like he might explode, “Dan! I can’t deal with this shit anymore! You were such a good boy and now you’re awful! All you do is break things, make accidents, and do rude things! Do you want to go to the back to the pound! Is that what you want? Because that’s where this is headed if you don’t get your act together! You’ve been such a disappointment!” Phil had never yelled at Dan like that. All Dan could hear was Charlie, not Phil. Dan’s body went immediately to what he would do if Charlie was yelling at him and about to beat him.

– “Please no! I’ve been so good! Please don’t hurt me! Please please please! I promise it won’t happen again! Just don’t abuse me! Don’t rape me please! I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry please don’t hurt me again…” Dan was bawling, but then he felt hot fluid going down his legs and cried harder when he realized what he had done. He fell to the floor and curled up, trying to ignore the piss everywhere. He was crying and covering his face, Phil looked beyond guilty and shocked. Dan knew he had a bladder problem ever since that day.

– “Um shit. Oh no shit. Um Dan, Danny. Calm down. You’re okay. Let’s get you cleaned up sweetheart. You know I would never hurt you.” Phil leaned down to pick up Dan, but Dan flinched at every movement and hissed slightly. Phil felt like he was going to be sick, why was Dan acting this way? Dan soon just laid limp and Phil cradled him in his arms. Once they got into the bathroom, Phil tried to take Dan’s clothes off, but Dan hissed and fell and hit his head and yelped. Phil fell to the floor and pushed Dan into his lap, not letting him go. He rubbed his head and held him tight. He had never seen Dan so scared. Dan was shaking and crying and panting like crazy. When Phil tried to pull Dan’s shirt off, Dan swatted his hand away.

– “Dan, you need to calm down. Why would you think I was going to hit you? You know I would never lay a hand on you like that, let alone rape you. Where did that come from?” Phil said in his calmest voice, had something happened to Dan when he wasn’t there? Dan’s breathing got worse and he started hiccupping. Dan was starting to get really uncomfortable from the wet fabric, but he didn’t want Phil to see his scars and new cuts.

– “I can’t tell you, he’ll hurt me worse,” Dan cried into his tail. Phil’s heart dropped thru the floor, there was only one person around Dan besides him. Charlie. Had he done something to Dan. “Dan, darling. Please tell me what’s wrong. Did Charlie do something to you?” Dan could hear the panic in his words. Dan decided he needed to tell him. So he did.

– “Yes! Charlie abuses me all the time! He’s raped me multiple times and he took my virginity! I couldn’t stop it. I’m covered in bruises from him and he’s the one who broke all your stuff! Not me. He wanted you to be mad at me and punish me. I never did anything wrong. He’s the reason I made a accident on the couch that day! And ever since then I’ve had bladder problems. He pushed on my bladder and punched it. I think it’s broken now. After the time Charlie said I did that thing to the pillow, which I didn’t, I started cutting myself. You called me a bad pet and you said I was more than a pet. I couldn’t take it. I just want to die!” Dan sobbed and choked out every other word. Phil was dumbfounded and looked as guilty as ever. He should’ve realized that ever since Charlie had been there Dan was different. Dan saying he wanted to end his life really burned. How could someone so pure want to end it all.

– “Danny, I’m so so so sorry. I didn’t know. I’m so sorry for not believing you. I should’ve seen a difference. I am never letting him back in this place again. You came before him and he’s evil. You are amazing Dan. I love you and I’m so so so sorry. You don’t deserve to want to die. You are too pure and lovely. Can I give you a bath? Don’t be ashamed of your scars. Just don’t add anymore for me okay?” Phil was crying now too. Dan hated that he made him cry. But then again he was so happy Charlie was going to be gone. Dan pulled off his jumper and he saw Phil’s eyes go wide as he saw Dan’s ruined arms. Phil grabbed them and started peppering them with kisses. Dan just watched in awe and cried.

– “I’m so sorry Dan. I’m sorry you felt this way about yourself. It’s all my fault,” Phil started pulling off Dan’s soiled pants and boxers then turned on the bath. As it filled up all the way, Dan was stepping into the warm water and he felt Phil’s hand grazed his scars on his thighs. Dan looked down and sat down, “It’s not your fault. It’s his.” Dan mumbled. Phil still looked very guilty, “Phil, could you um, get in with me?” Dan looked at Phil with wide eyes. Phil couldn’t say no. He stripped all his clothes off and sunk in behind Dan, so that Dan’s back was against his chest. There was nothing sexual about it. Phil giggled as Dan’s tail thumped and splashed in the water. Phil started giving Dan a massage, he loved his purr.

– After the bath, both boys got dressed and went straight to bed. Dan was sleeping in Phil’s room tonight. Phil tucked him in and then climbed in, letting Dan lay his head on his chest. Dan threw his arms around his waist and held on and engulfed Phil’s scent.

He finally felt safe

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Summary: (based on this cute post). Well, it was a legitimate reason after all.

Genre: Fluff

Warning: Swearing

Words: 936 words

A/N: doing this real quick since I am needing sleep so much (it’s seven am jfc). I promise there would be lengthy, nicely written fic tonight (pls refer to the clock on my about page. Around 10 pm-ish). And ofc I’ll do interchangeable and one of the prompts [stressfully stresses stress]

Okay, so maybe he really doesn’t have any idea how to do it.

He has searched online cool ways and tactics for a nice ending, but to no avail, none caught his eye.

Maybe proposing to Daniel James Howell was harder than Philip Michael Lester than ever thought.

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Secrets Should Stay Secrets

warning >> some serious daniel sharman smut & language

- (Y/BF/N) > your best friends name -

“Oh and (Y/BF/N) completely threw us under the bus and told everyone about what happened at dinner like two weeks ago.”

“Why would you tell her?” Daniel laughed making me groan in annoyance.

“She’s my best friend she knows everything!”
“Everything? Even about our sex life?” He asked a laugh in his tone.

“Babe! That’s private! That’s the whole point of intimacy its just between us!” He laughed shaking his head.
“Oh shut the fuck up!” I laughed “You tell Max everything! Literally everything! He asked me if I was pregnant like three months ago because you told him that I was switching pills yet we still fucked so don’t give me that its private bullshit!” I exclaimed tears literally streaming down my face from laughter, as well as him.

“I apologized for that after you made me sleep on the couch for it! So I guess you’re sleeping on the couch tonight” He smirked and I raised my eyebrows at him questioningly.
“Really?” I asked sitting up and pulling my shirt over my head leaving me in a black lace push up bra. His eyes widened and he shook his head quickly.
“Nope no not really I was joking, completely joking.” Daniel promised his eyes not leaving my cleavage. “But-“ He started sitting up and crawling over to me “That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook,” He smirked grabbing onto my hips and pulling me under him causing me to squeal in shock.

“Uh huh” I laughed wrapping my arms around his neck playing with the ends of his curly hair.
“Don’t uh huh me” He smirked before pulling his own shirt off making me trail my fingers up his stomach and chest in adoration. He smirked down at me before slamming his lips against mine making me grab onto his neck to pull him as close to me as possible so I could buck my hips into his making him groan against my lips. My hands travelled down to his sweatpants to palm him through his pants but he quickly pulled my hands away, pinning my wrists together above my head. “Uh uh baby girl, I didn’t say you could touch,” He demanded making me whimper.

“Daniel” I whimpered as his lips sucked on my neck making sure to leave his mark. He lifted his head up to look at me a smirk on his face.
“You’re gonna go upstairs, strip and sit on the bed and if you’re not completely naked by the time I get up there I swear to god baby girl you will be in so much trouble.” He commanded making me whimper before nodding my head quickly. “Go” He said allowing me to get up from under him and run up the stairs pulling off my jeans quickly. I ran a hand through my hair before pulling down my thong and pulling off my bra straps before spinning my bra around to unhook but just as my fingers reached the hooks Daniel walked into the bedroom shaking his head at me setting whatever was in his hands on the top of the dresser.
“Aw baby girl, such a shame” He shook his head walking over to me pulling my bra off of my body and dropping it onto the floor. He turned me around so back was to him before pushing my chest down onto our bed leaving him with a perfect view of my ass. “Such a nice ass baby girl, and I’m about to wreck it” He whispered in my ear making me moan softly at his words, pushing my ass into his hands. I heard him laugh before his large hand came in contact with my soft skin making me moan loudly and jerk forward. “Count ‘em for me baby”
“1” I whimpered loving the pain and pleasure rushing through my veins. After ten more hits he pulled me up and around to face him placing pressing his lips to mine in a heated kiss his tongue wasting no time to push its way into my mouth. His hands kneading my breasts using his thumb and index finger to roll and pinch on my nipples occasionally making a moan leave my mouth in satisfaction.
“Are you gonna be a good girl and obey me?” He asked biting onto my ear making me nod quickly as I pulled on his curly hair.

“Yes sir” I whispered in his ear making him groan into my neck before pushing me away from him slightly pulling his sweatpants down and kicking them off quickly leaving me to stare at the prominent outline of his erection in his boxer briefs. I looked at him with innocent eyes silently asking if I could suck him off.
“Let me fuck your pretty little mouth” He muttered in his sexy ass accent making me even wetter. I nodded smiling softly batting my eyelashes at him as I sunk down to my knees making him curse under his breath as my fingers danced over his constrained cock. “Don’t you fucking dare tease me,” He ordered pulling on my hair making me nod before pulling down his underwear his length slapping against his stomach. God he was huge, I’ve only ever been with five other guys before him and he was by far the largest, probably over nine inches when fully hard. I slowly licked up his shaft before wrapping my hand around him pumping a few times then wrapping my lips around his tip. “Fuck” He moaned throwing his head back making me moan at the sight of him with his lip between his teeth, his muscles flexing involuntarily, his head thrown back emphasizing his jaw line even more and his eyes squeezed tight. He grabbed onto the back of my head pushing his length farther into my mouth until he felt me gag slightly before pulling on my hair bobbing my head up and down on him as he bucked his hips into my face. I used my hand to pump what I couldn’t fit in my mouth and the other gently massaging his balls. I hallowed my cheeks when I felt him twitch in my mouth moving my head even faster and humming around his length in satisfaction loving the effect I have on him. “Shit babe, I’m so close” He moaned releasing his grip on my head instead just holding my hair out of my face so that I could pull back a bit and take his load in my mouth without choking. “Fuck (Y/F/N)” He nearly yelled as he came in my mouth, his chest rising and falling quickly trying to catch his breath as he rode out his high my own arousal dripping down my thighs. “Let me see it baby” He ordered making me open my mouth and show him his own cum “Fucking hell, swallow it baby girl” I quickly swallowed the salty substance before opening my mouth again to show him it was gone. “Such a good girl” He said gently pulling me to my feet and placing his lips against mine moaning as he tasted himself on my tongue. “I think you should get rewarded don’t you?” I nodded quickly causing him so smirk before he laid back on our bed. “Come here,” He smirked over at me so I moved so I was straddling his already semi-hard cock again. “Uh uh baby, up here,” He said motioning me to his face making my eyes widen. He’s eaten me out before but I’ve never ever ridden his face, or anyone’s for that matter. I swallowed the lump in my throat as he took my hand allowing me to crawl up to him so my heat was directly over his mouth. “Such a gorgeous pussy” He murmured against my core making me whimper and grab onto the head board. He smirked against me before attaching his lips to my clit sucking harshly on it making me gasp loudly and arch my back. He began kitten licking my core before sticking his tongue into my pussy.
“Fuck Daniel!” I yelled dropping one of my hands to grab onto his hair, running my fingers through it. Within about five minutes I felt my stomach tightening as his gently nipped at my clit. “I’m-“ I couldn’t even get out my sentence before I came all over his face yelling his name, along with any profanity that came to mind. I felt him wipe up every last drip of me before gently pulling me off of his face and placing his lips to mine flicking his tongue against mine so I could taste myself making me moan into his mouth. All of a sudden I felt him slam his entire length up into with absolutely no warning making me scream out in shock a stray tear falling down my face as he began thrusting up into me without giving me any time to adjust.
“Jesus how the fuck are you so tight?” He groaned with a smirk on his face before flipping us over so I was under him with one of my legs was over his shoulder as he pounded into me mercilessly.

“You’re so big oh my god” I cried out my back arching off the bed.

“That’s it baby, take my big fucking cock,” He groaned into my neck making me moan in response.

“If I’m so tight you should fuck me more often then,” I whimpered praying for it not to sound too much like a moan.

“Oh I will babe, next time I go to film somewhere you’re coming with me even if its just for a couple of days,” He moaned loudly slamming his hips down into me even harder.

“Daniel I-I” I pleaded constant whimpers and moans leaving my mouth. He could feel my walls tightening around him automatically knowing I was close.

“Hold it,” He commanded making me whimper and grab onto his hair tightly.

“I-I can’t- Daniel please I can’t-“
“Yes you can baby just wait” He promised kissing me deeply once again before pulling away and nodding at me. “Cum for me baby girl” He whispered and with a shrill moan of his name I came all over his cock and shortly after I felt him come inside me as well. He slowed down allowing both of us to ride out our highs before gently kissing my forehead. “I love you” He smiled down at me.

“I love you too” I smiled back blinking a couple times waking myself up again. He gently pulled my leg off of him and pulled out of me before lying down next to me in bed. Pulling me closer to him placing soft kisses across my face making me laugh loudly, happy and completely contempt being here with him.

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The only thing I'm thinking of is that 1. That rental house is associated with babygate so the removal of that would be interesting in that sense 2. Would make it actually harder for Danielle to associate herself with Louis when he's not around, because that house is so recognizable 3. Eleanor geotagging herself at Louis' London house a week before the break up 4. Zayn and Perrie house hunting weeks before their break up

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