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Wanna One Kang Daniel Prince! AU (Part 3)

Sorry for the delay, y’all! You can find the first part here, the second part here and the fourth part here. Enjoy! (You + Kang Daniel)

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  • After that day, you had been even more shy than usual around Daniel, now aware of your deeper feelings
  • You were falling harder and harder for Daniel, but it seemed completely one sided to you; to him it was probably mainly a business deal
  • But regardless, it was still easy to hang out as friends
  • Anyway the two of you didn’t exactly know how to try “dating” other than hanging out as usual with Ong and Jaehwan
  • The four of you frequented a cafe after school, only ordering pastries instead of actual drinks, and played board games or cards together for a couple hours
  • Afterwards, all of you would head back to your homes, Ong always walking you to your bus stop because Daniel had his drivers and Jaehwan lived in an opposite direction
  • You and Ong weren’t friends at first, but he was really funny with an open personality, and got closer to you
  • He’d always joke around about how Daniel hadn’t been friends with a girl since forever, and it was incredible how you randomly popped up
  • Openly told you that he wanted the two of you to get together because it’d be “satisfying”, which was weird he already thought this considering the situation you and Daniel were in lol
  • You and Daniel decided not to tell Ong and Jaehwan for the time being about the “arrangement” because you knew they would immediately start teasing the both of you about it (even more than they already did)
  • Anyway your day was pretty much like this for a couple weeks: going to school, hanging out with friends after school, and then heading back home
  • You didn’t think it’d be this simple, but when you asked Daniel about it, he just flashed that smile and replied that he’d been telling his parents that “you two were going on dates every day after school”
  • This is pretty easy if it counts as dating.
  • But no, of course it couldn’t be that easy: the Queen had asked her servants to check up on how you and Daniel were doing on the dates, and when she found out you two were just hanging out with friends, she was unhappy, to say the least
  • It all went down one day after school… you, Daniel, Ong and Jaehwan were all getting ready to walk to the cafe, but as soon as you exited the school front doors, there they were: the Queen’s loyal servants YAY
  • “Miss (Y/L/N), Prince, please come with us, the Queen requests your presence at the palace,” one of the men said, leading you to the car, leaving Ong and Jaehwan protesting “what about me, oppaaa” to the servants, earning some sour looks (wtf)
  • You and Daniel sat down in the car, and immediately you theorized what the problem was
  • “Oh my god Daniel they know, they know that we haven’t been actually dating this entire time, they’re going to be so pissed at us, what are we gonna do oh my god omghfj sod-”
  • Daniel just laughed because that’s what he does and squeezed your cheeks with one hand
  • “(Y/N), they’re just my parents, what are they gonna do, it’s probably just so we can eat dinner with them today, chill”
  • You glared at Daniel, and silently freaked out for the rest of the car ride; you just had this feeling that something was up
  • The both of you arrived at the palace and were immediately sat down at another large dinner table; different from the previous times
  • You kicked Daniel under the table; something was definitely up, you just knew it
  • A couple minutes later, the King and Queen showed up, and quietly sat across from you, softly smiling
  • “What’s up guys,” Daniel casually asked, you side-eyeing him
  • “Oh, we just wanted to have dinner together!” the Queen chirped, the King nodding along
  • “I told you, (Y/N),” Daniel said, nudging you, “dumbass”
  • You let your guard down, but kept getting the vibe that something was wrong
  • You decided to go ahead and enjoy the food, Daniel also did so, stuffing his face like he hadn’t eaten in… ever
  • After you all finished dessert, you and Daniel collapsed back in your chairs, groaning at how full you two were
  • And finally, the Queen let you know why you two were actually here, the both of you completely dead from all the food
  • “So we’ve heard that you two have been going on some fun dates together, looks like you two are really getting a great taste of what a relationship is like, that’s great for you!”
  • The two of you just stared at her: where was this going…
  • “We don’t think this is enough though, we’d like you two to get even closer. Part of this deal is that (Y/N) learns how to get used to life in the palace, and how to act as the Princess!” the Queen exclaimed, pausing for a second before nudging the King
  • “Oh, yes, so (Y/N), from now on you should eat dinner here, and feel free to sleep here during the night time,”
  • “Oh, that’s completely fine, I’ll be going now, thank you for the meal,” you said, standing up from your chair, before the Queen interrupted
  • “Ah, no, (Y/N), what we mean is that you must eat and sleep here, in order for you to more properly adjust and expose yourself to what life as the Princess will be like,”
  • “But what about my pare-”
  • “We have already notified your parents of this arrangement, and they have more than accommodating of the plans, please be comfortable,”
  • You shot a look at Daniel: I told you so…
  • He shrugged in response: Oh welp lol
  • When suddenly, the Queen made things even mORE weird
  • “(Y/N), it would be ideal if you stayed in Daniel’s room, but for now you can sleep in one of the guest spaces near his room.”
  • Were you freaking out? uHHH yes you were, now you were living at Daniel’s house, at the palace… at the home of the guY YOU LIKED… could this get any more weird for you??
  • And finally, Daniel started showing reactions to this whole scenario, as he started blushing and scratching his face in embarrassment, making you feel even moRe awkward 
  • The King cut into your running thoughts, as he happily proposed that you “could tutor Daniel” in the classes you share, earning a “HEY i’M SMART” protest from Daniel
  • The Queen and King promptly ended the dinner, leaving you and Daniel to trudge up to his room in awkward silence
  • The both of you tiredly looked at one another, silently agreeing to just head to your own rooms for the night
  • “Night, (Y/N)”
  • “Good night”
  • And that was that.
  • You lived at the palace now.
  • You could barely get to sleep that night, wondering if now the relationship between you two would get awkward; how much this would change things because obviously Daniel had gotten somewhat shy that night
  • The next day, you were woken up by a maid, as you forgot to set your alarm the previous night
  • “Miss (Y/L/N), please follow us to the washing room, we have prepared your bath,” one of the servants said, guiding you to a washroom
  • You walked over to the washroom, the maid stopping by the door and telling you to enter, slightly smiling
  • Was that a giggle in her voice? What the hell…
  • You walked into the humongous room, with a sitting area and multiple closets before getting to the actual shower area
  • WeLP the reason for the giggling maid became clear, when you entered the washroom to see shirtless Daniel splashing water over his face, a towel covering his neck and some of his wet hair
  • “Oh… oh my god… Daniel COVER YOURSELF” you mustered out, before dropping to squat on the floor, covering your eyes (oh you)
  • “OH MY GOD (Y/N) WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME… HOW COULD YOU LET YOUR LUSTFUL EYES TAINT MY BODY…” Daniel screamed at you, covering himself up with his hands
  • “Daniel, that’s not how this works. My innocent eyes are the ones that are tainted, turd”, you breathed, still covering your face, turning around
  • “what the hell man I’m not even going to shower today fuck this”
  • You couldn’t help but giggle as you ran out of the bathroom, collapsing onto one of the couches in the washroom’s sitting areas
  • He manages to be this charming and strange even when he’s half naked… someone give this man an award, you thought as you closed your eyes, relaxing on the seat
  • You had been prepared for your relationship to be awkward, just like how it kind of was last night, but everything was… completely back to “normal”, even if that was completely abnormal for most people
  • The craziness… it was comfortable, for the both of you.
  • A couple minutes later, a dressed Daniel walked out of the bathroom into the sitting area, smiling as he saw you curled up on the couch, your phone right next to your face
  • He was about to tap you awake like a noRMAL person would, but then couldn’t let this opportunity to go to waste
  • Daniel barely held in his laughter while taking your phone from right in front of your sleeping face, making sure the phone was not on mute and on the highest ring volume
  • He let a giggle escape him as he hid in the corner of you, calling your number
  • Your phone rang right in your face, extremely loud, causing you to spaz awake, jumping like a monkey to attack Daniel who was literally on the floor laughing, clutching his stomach
  • “ASSHOLE YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET THIS SO BADLY,” you screamed, kicking him before running into the shower room and slamming the door shut
  • I won’t be having a single normal morning from now on, will I…
  • YEP (Y/N) that’s exactly what’s going to happen from now on
  • If your alarm didn’t wake you up, every morning either you pranking Daniel or him pranking you would be sure to do the job
  • From him pouring his cologne-y smelling shampoo into your bottle to you stealing the toilet paper, your mornings were sure to be hectic (if not violent)
  • But you found yourself incredibly enjoying it
  • (and Daniel was too)
  • Both of you loved how the other didn’t take themselves so seriously, despite acting completely normal when it was necessary for public affairs
  • The both of you got closer than even before, if that was possible
  • You, Daniel, Ong and Jaehwan continued hanging out, but there was no way to continue hiding the fact that you and Daniel had this weird arrangement going on, since you went home with him every day
  • On the first day after that dinner, on the walk to the cafe after school, you and Daniel walked in front of Ong and Jaehwan, bickering about who would be the one to break the news to the guys
  • “yeAh but I’m NOT MY PARENTS (Y/N)…”
  • “Tell us what, that you guys are having an arranged marriage?” Jaehwan asked, behind the both of you
  • “heYyyy I thought we were getting married Daniel, you unloyal hoe” Ong joking pouted, cutely punching Daniel
  • The teasing has already started. Great.
  • From then on, you two couldn’t catch a break with them, Onghwan always “ooooh”ing and snickering whenever you even taLKEd to each other
  • “Daniel watch out, (Y/N) is a total gold digger, watch out for yourself bro”
  • “I will hurt you, Ong Seongwoo”
  • But the time you three spent together was just as fun as before, except now you went home with Daniel instead of walking to your bus stop with Ong (which he alSO teased you about)
  • Anyway you and Daniel would do homework together every night, Daniel putting in effort to actually learn from you when you tutored him in math
  • His grades actually increased, to the delight of his parents
  • They were also very happy that even that you two basically ruined the washroom every day, you two were getting closer (which was their goal)
  • Anyway one night while tutoring Daniel, he fell asleep while you were explaining a concept, his head lolling around in the high chair he was sitting in next to his desk
  • You couldn’t bring yourself to wake him up, bringing a light blanket to cover him up, and began to stare at his adorable yet attractive face
  • “I didn’t know what I was getting into for the past few months… but it’s really been a lot of fun,” you whispered, softly poking Daniel’s cheek
  • “I don’t think I would mind marrying you at all, Daniel,” you breathed out, your fingers dropping to his lips as you blushed at the touch
  • But you didn’t have much time to appreciate the quiet stillness when Daniel’s mouth opened, biting the tips of your fingers
  • You yanked your fingers out of his mouth, standing up in shock, knocking over the stool you were sitting on
  • You stared in horror as one side of Daniel’s mouth curled upwards, eyes still closed
  • Your own mouth dropped open when he asked the dreaded question with the completely obvious answer, his eyes mischievously opening, giving you a look that made your heart beat even faster than it had been already
  • ”(Y/N), do you like me?”

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 4

A/N: Wow look at me being all evil with the cliffhanger LOL

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You know what the real mystery of ASOUE is? It’s the fact that, no matter how many bookstores i go to, i have never (i repeat, never) seen the physical book ‘The Wide Window’. No hardback version, no paperback version, no penny dreadful version (i actually found the penny dreadful version of the first 2 books too). Nothing. At this point i’m convinced that it’s one big conspiracy, but honestly the fact that i’ve never been able to find it in any bookstore i’ve been to has been bugging me for the past 8 years.

Daniel: It’s like, all this time I’ve been killing kids for Zeemoog. Trying to please him, trying to achieve ascension, trying to be the most worthy of his love, and all this time… he wasn’t real. It wasn’t real.
David: I’m sure it must be tough to have the foundation of your beliefs shaken to the very core.
Max: Wait for it.
Daniel: So I’ve come to a decision. I’m going to turn over a new leaf. No longer will I murder kids in the name of a false god!
David: That’s great!
Daniel: From now on, I murder kids for my own entertainment.
Max: There it is.


Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy

What Winston Says

           Winston was standing in his bathroom with the house all to himself. His parents had gone to drop his sister off at school in Wisconsin, so he had free rain for a few days. He stood in his bathroom in front of the floor length mirror, wearing nothing but a bathrobe. Well, that and the amulet the lady at the mall gave him. Her kiosk was knocked over by a bunch of college assholes, and he was the only one around who would help her clean up the mess.

           When they were finished, she glared at him with one green eye, one blind pale eye. She looked like she was ninety, but she had a cetin strength in her presence that made her seem younger.

           “Thank you, young man. Take whatever you want from me as gratitude.” Winston picked the orange-green amulet on a black cord. She smiled a gummy smile. “I like that one too. But here,” she said, cupping it in her hands and breathing on it, like one would do if their hands were cold. The smell of burnt coffee and stale breath filled the space between them, Winston pretending not to notice out of kindness.

           “Here,” she handed the amulet back to him. “Now whatever you want shall be yours. All you have to do is say it.”

           Back in his bathroom, he took off his bathrobe and looked at his body. Weak. Frail. A seventeen-year-old nerd’s body. Hardly any chest hair. No muscle definition. No meat on his bones. He looked down. Not so much as a manly bulge in his boxer briefs.

           Well, let’s see if we can’t change that. He put the amulet around his neck, the stone touching his chest. He felt the smooth, cold stone begin to heat up a bit. Not hot, but warm, as if it was alive. Awake.

           I have to start with something small. He cleared his throat. “My hair is not brown. It is blonde.”

           Nothing happened. His reflection stayed the same. He frowned.

           As he turned to leave, he noticed something. The light in his head got a bit brighter. He looked up at the lights, but they stayed the same. He slowly brought his gaze back to the mirror and sure enough, his hair began to lighten. Dark brown, dirty blonde, sandy blonde, and then…blonde. Jessica Simpson blonde. Beach blonde. BLONDE. Not brown.

           IT WORKS.

           Shit. What now?

           He looked at his body, and smiled a devilish grin.

           “I have an athletic body. Abs. Pecs. Strong legs. The works.”

           He glared at his image, nearly shaking, heart pounding.

           Sure enough, it began to happen. His body began to feel strong, hard like rocks. His arms began to swell up, hardening with muscle as he flexed. His chest began to push outward, looking as if he had been working out for years. His core tightened immensely, producing hard, deep-cut abs. He ran his hands over them, feeling his dick get hard in his underwear.

           His dick. He almost forgot.

           “My cock is six inches soft, ten inches hard. My balls are the size of eggs and sag low and sexy.”

           As he felt the tingle in his underwear, he pulled them down to see it happen. His cock began to get longer, going from two inches soft to a steady six, getting thick and round. His balls began to drop and swell, taking the shape and size of eggs. He felt like he might cum, but he was going to save it.

           Winston looked in the mirror yet again and felt like a man. A god. He felt strong, big.

           “Wherever I touch, I will grow thick hair.”

           Placing his hand right off his chest, his hand met skin and slid across pec to pec, then down his core. Sure enough, brow chest hair started to grow across his torso, around his nipples and down his abs. “That’s enough,” he said, making sure he wouldn’t touch his face and grow hair where it didn’t belong.

           He gazed at the man before him, someone he didn’t recognize. Someone no one else would either. He thought about how when his parents came home, he would have to go back to normal, at least for a while.

           Then his thoughts switched to Daniel Faye, the school jock. He wasn’t the most popular because he was hot or good at football, but he was a douche, and a cute douche at that. In his school, that was enough. Winston would look at Daniel in the cafeteria and feel his then small cock grow in his pants.

           Daniel was tall, but kinda chubby. His decent looking pouch was visible in his shirts, where his teammates would sometimes pat his belly. His puffy nipples were always outlined in his shirt, and best of all, he always wore sweatpants. And never underwear. That cock would swing around like it didn’t have a care in the world.

           That’s what Winston wanted.

           “Daniel Fay will appear in my bathroom.”

           Within a few seconds, there stood Daniel, sweatpants and tank top on. He was laughing, but immediately stopped when he noticed the scenery around him had changed. He looked around, and his eyes fell on Winston.

           “Who the fuck are you! And where am I?” Daniel demanded.

           “Winston Jenkins. Remember me?”

           Daniel had to do a double take. “What the hell? That’s not you. Winton is a little fag twerp!”

           Winston smiled. “Well, sorry you feel that way, but that’s who I am. And you’re going to do what I say.”

           “You better let me out of here or I’ll…” Daniel began to say, as he stepped closer towards Winston.

           “Freeze,” was all Winston had to say. Daniel stopped mid step and couldn’t move.

           “What? How? Winston what are you?” His eyes were wide open with shock.

           “Stand upright.” Daniel’s leg came down, feet together, arms to his side. Winston laughed and smiled. “What are you, you freak?” Daniel shouted.

           “Shut up, dammit.” The talking stopped and the bathroom went silent.”

           Winston walked over to Daniel, who not was trembling as he tried to speak and move. Winston stood at Daniel’s side, getting a good side view of the man. He placed his hand on Daniels’s belly and gave it a little shake.

           “Tell me, how much do you weigh?”

           “Two hundred thirty pounds.” That’s all Daniel could say.

           “Hmm. That’s good. Take your tank top off.” Daniel stripped away his tank top, revealing his chubby frame. He had ginger hair around his navel and a small amount across his puffy chest. His nipples were pink and puffy.

           “Well, Daniel, you’re certainly a little chubby. Could do with some more if you ask me.”

           Daniel didn’t know what to make of this. He just stood there, shirtless and soundless.

           “Every second, you’re going to gain a pound of fat. It’ll go all over your body.”

           The defenseless man’s eyes opened wide, since he knew Winston held some sort of power over him. His gaze turned down as he awaited his sentence.

           The change was subtle as first. It took fifteen second before you could see a good change in his body. His belly began to slowly move outward, taking a fatter ball shape. His chest, after thirty seconds, began to follow the same pattern, looking more like moobs than a man’s chest. But the change wasn’t fast enough for Winton’s liking. He wanted this hot jock bully to be the center of the scrutiny, as well as the center of Winston’s eroticism.

           “You’re going to gain weight until you weigh three hundred thirty pounds. One hundred pounds from your previous weight.”

           Daniel’s body really started to balloon. His gut began to swell bigger, rounder, and start to sag over the waistband of his tight pants. His chest swelled and sagged also, his nipples getting wide and puffier. His ass jutted out, becoming a bubble of bouncy fat.

           When the growing stopped, Winston freed Daniel’s power of speech.

           “You made me huge! I’m a fucking whale now.”

           “You’re so sexy now,” Winston said, feeling Daniel’s fat with both hands. He jiggled the immense belly, kissed the pink nipples, cupped the fat ass. A moan escaped Daniel’s lips, stopping Winston in his tracks.

           “Are you enjoying this?” He asked. The fat man nodded. “Do you want to do something?” He nodded again. “What do you want to do.”

           “I want to suck your big cock,” the ex-jock admitted. It was then that Winston realized he was still naked. His monster of a cock was hard, throbbing, and spewing precum all over the floor and his legs.

           “Suck it then.” With that, the mammoth of a man slowly dropped to his knees and started to suck the big dick. Winston moaned, feeling the fat man suck his dick, hearing the slurps and gags coming from below. He rubbed his taut, muscular body as Daniel worked his dick.

           Daniel came off with a POP and asked, “Will you please fuck me?”

           Winston nearly came on the spot. “Sure,” he said. He walked Daniel to his bedroom, where Daniel shred his tight sweatpants. Even with a sizeable fatpad, his cock stood eight inches out in front of him, thick and veiny. Winston sat him on his bed, and working passed the sexy ginger belly, he began to lick and such Daniel’s dick. The fat man moaned and guided Winston further onto his cock, Winston surprisingly, able to handle the cock down to its freshly shaven base. He grabbed Daniel’s balls with one hand and massaged them as he sucked his first dick.

           He licked his was up the big belly and sucked the fat tits, until Daniel grabbed him by his blonde hair and pressed his lips against Winston’s. They kissed soft at first, then more ferociously as Winston found himself on top of Daniel’s large frame, his cock at Daniel’s entryway. He slowly pushed his wet cock inside and after slow and easy fucking, he picked up the pace and thrusted faster and harder. Daniel moaned as his fat jiggled and shook like a river when rocks get thrown into it. He tried to hold down his tits, bit it was no use. There was just too much fat.

           They fucked for a few minutes before the site of Daniel’s body was about to drive Winston to the point of orgasm.

           “You are going to swallow my cum. Every shot will make you fatter.”

           Daniel sat up right and pressed his lips against the swollen head of Winston’s cock. “How much do you think you’ll cum?” he asked as Winston’s jerked off fast.

           “Ohh….you’re going to….oh fuck….get so much fatter…hundred more pounds…OH FUCK ME I’M ABOUT TO SHOOT!!” Daniels lips wrapped around Winston’s cock as cum began to flood his mouth. Whether he wanted to or not, he swallowed mouthful after mouthful of warm sweet cum, feeling his body get hot and begin to expand yet again. His gut lunged forward, filling up space in length and width. His belly sat on his thighs as it swelled and his tits inflated with fat, his nipples growing in diameter and sensitivity. His ass widened beneath him, and all he could do was drink his fill of Winston’s cum.

           The orgasm died down and Winston’ stood there, panting and spent. Cum dripped from the sides of Daniel’s mouth, down onto his fat body. Although he was turned into a hog and fucked by the guy he used to bully, and all in twenty minutes, he was smiling.

           “That was great!” Daniel exclaimed, using his fingers to feed the remaining drops of cum into his greedy mouth.

           “Really? I mean I did make you fat.” Winston surveyed the damage, and although he found it hot, he was afraid for Daniel.

           “Nah, it’s cool. I mean, if you can make me this fat, you can make me normal again, right?”

           Winston wasn’t sure. He never had the chance to take something back. “Daniel will go back to how he was before.”

           Daniel looked down as his body slowly started to go back in on itself, the fat disappearing from his body. His belly withdrew to reveal his flaccid cock. His moobs shrank back into his chubby jock chest, his nipples shrinking to their formal size. Soon, he was back to normal, naked on Winston’s bed.

           “Fuck, do you sure know how to show a man a good time,” he said admiring his body.

           “Yeah,” Winston said, almost disappointed.

           Daniel stood up. “I’m sorry, for being a prick to you. I’m just an asshole.” He hugged Winston, their naked bodies touching. He stepped back. “Damn, you’re huge. Those muscles look so good on you.” He rubbed Winston’s hard body and gave his ample ass a smack, before kissing him again.

           The two men eventually laid down on Winston’s bed, still naked, holding each other close. Winston didn’t want this to end.

           Maybe it doesn’t have to.

           “My parents won’t be home for a few weeks. They got temporary jobs in Wisconsin.”

           “What was that,” a half-asleep Daniel asked.

           “Oh, nothing.”

So I was in my bedroom with my sister, who was on the other side of the room. We were both silent for a good hour or two, just on our devices and then I look up and see she’s having a full blown laugh attack. I walk over and see she was watching ‘Dan and Phil - The Internet Is Here (Bonus)’ and paused the video for some reason and saw this:

I saw Dan’s face and started laughing with her. When we had calmed down she explained that she could see everyone making a meme out of this and going on 'The Top Dan Meme of 2017’ and we started laughing harder.

All About You - *Request*

A requested Daniel fluff imagine from @thatbookishblonde

You walked up to the door of the Why Don’t We house, a bit anxious. You and Daniel had been talking for a couple of weeks now and it was your first time meeting his bandmates, since he constantly insisted ‘they’ll ruin you’.  Of course, you just brushed it off; you’d basically gotten to know them over how he talked about them anyway. You were actually looking forward to meeting them, though it would be a bit nerve-racking.

You went to knock on the door, but your hand went through thin air as a blonde you recognized to be Corbyn Besson grinned at you.

“You must be Y/N!” He exclaimed. “C'mon in, Daniel’s almost ready.”

You smiled and followed Corbyn through the house, only slightly shocked since Daniel had given you a tour through FaceTime. You grinned when you saw the music room where Daniel had taught you how to DJ “properly” over many DIY videos on Skype. You then entered the living room, where three other boys sat that you recognized as Jack Avery, Jonah Marais, and Zach Herron. You gave them all a small smile.

“Y/N!” Jack said your name a little loudly. “We’ve heard all about you from Daniel.”

“I’m so happy to finally meet you!” Zach grinned. “Daniel never shuts up about you.”

You blushed, rubbing your wrists. “T-Thanks, it’s nice to finally meet you too.”
As the four boys continued to tell you all about how much Daniel told them about you and how much he enjoyed your company, you found the four were like mini parents, telling their child’s date all the embarrassing stories about them. It was kinda adorable, really.

“He’s constantly telling me how Y/E/C/ your eyes are,” Corbyn revealed.
“He’s totally head over-”

“Hey, Y/N,” Daniel greeted you with a grin as he came into the living room before he started blushing, the tips of his ears going red. “What are they telling you?”

You grinned. “Oh, just how much you adore me.”

Daniel’s beautiful blue eyes go wide as he realizes all the stuff he’s told his bandmates, a bit afraid. “O-Oh? Well, we better get going.”

You bid the boys goodbye and followed Daniel out.

“Have fun, lovebirds!”

“Don’t jack it up, Danny!”

Daniel blushed harder. “Shut up Jack!”

“We love both of you!”

“Be safe!”

Daniel mumbled something under his breath, making you giggle, as he opened the passenger door of his car for you, since you took an Uber to their house. You got in and he closed the door, walking around to his side of the car. He continued to mumble until you were out of the driveway.

“Thanks, by the way,” you told him. “I’ve never really liked my eyes before now.”

Daniel just got redder, facepalming as he said how much he’d kill Corbyn after your date, making you laugh a little more.

Here ya go! I hope you liked it!

I Got You Babe(Daniel Seavey)

Author’s Note: You and your boyfriend get in a fight and he makes up for it by singing a little Sonny and Cher.  Hope you enjoy! :) Xx

Word Count:  1226

Warnings: None

Requested: Yes

It all happened one week ago.  You and your boyfriend of 7 months, Daniel Seavey had your first big fight.  Daniel was going to go back home to Vancouver, Washington and he wanted you to come back and visit with him to meet his family.  You personally were not ready for that step in your relationship.  You had had bad luck meeting the family of your past relationship so it made you cautious, and you also had your job in Hollywood that you didn’t really want to miss.  After you disagreed on going and explaining why to Daniel, he wasn’t too happy so a fight ensued, putting you in your current position.  Your current position was sitting in your apartment in leggings and one of Daniel’s sweatshirts.  You were about to start the next season of Y/F/TV/S(your favorite tv show) when you decided to text your best friend Jack, who just so happened to be in Why Don’t We with Daniel, and was one of his best friends.

Y/N: Hey, how’s Daniel doing?

Jack: Hey Y/N, he’s ok.  He’s just moping around

Y/N: I feel bad.. but u know what happened w/ my ex, w/ the whole meeting the parents thing

Jack: I know, but isn’t Daniel different?

Y/N: Of course he is!  But i’m just nervous…

Jack: Then tell him that.  He’d understand.  Y/N he’s miserable, u r miserable.  Just talk to him

Y/N: Fine. I’ve tried before, but he won’t reply.  I’ll try again i guess

Jack: Good luck:) I’m sure it will be fine

You sigh, trying to muster up the courage to message Daniel.  You pull up Daniel’s contact, smiling at his goofy I.D photo.

You finally click on compose message.

Y/N: Hey Daniel, how’s it going?  I miss u.  Could we maybe talk about it?  Just let me know.

You press send, secretly hoping he’d reply soon.  You start the next episode, hoping to pass the time.  Waiting.  Waiting for some sort of reply.

                  ———2 Episodes Later———

As the credits roll you check your phone, 0 new messages. You decide to text Jack, tears of frustration and sadness forming. 

Y/N: Like before, no reply.  It’s pointless.

Jack: I’m sorry.  What if u just come over?  The boys and i were gonna have a movie night.  Just come over and maybe u could try talking to daniel

Y/N: Do u think he would talk?

Jack: Just get over here.  An uber should b there in 5.

Y/N: Fine.  See u in a little bit then.

You get up from your couch, turning off your tv.  You walk into the bathroom.  You immediately notice your puffy eyes, red from crying.  After applying some concealer your phone chimes. 1 New Message.  You gain an ounce of hope that it was Daniel.  You open it.

Jack: The Uber is there, see u in a little while!

                ——One Uber Ride Later—–

Y/N: Jack, i’m here.

You tucked your phone back into the waistband of your leggings.  Before you could even knock on the door Jack opens it.  Hugging you he asks, “Hey, how’s it going?”  You smile, “well, I could be better.”  Jack gives an encouraging smile before leading you into the living room where the boys were.  “Y/N is here!”  Jack exclaims, all the boys look up, except for Daniel, still scrolling through his phone, not looking up.  You get hugs and greetings from Corbyn, Jonah and Zach.  They all go back to their spots in the living room, leaving two empty spots.  One was the chair, then the other was next to Daniel on the two seater couch.  “Try talking to him,” Jack whispers in your ear before going to sit in the chair.  You silently curse Jack as you make your way over to the couch.  “Hey Daniel,” you say sitting down.  Daniel looks over to you, sets his phone down then looks straight to the tv.  You look away, shifting awkwardly in your seat before focusing in on the tv.  The movie was some romance, ‘of course’ you thought to yourself.  After a while a certain scene comes on, where the girl finally goes to meet her boyfriend’s family, and then it ends.  Daniel finally speaks, “See, she goes to meet her boyfriend’s family.”  You had had it.  With him not replying to your texts, the silence, then the snide remark?  You were done.You get up and rush out the door, trying to get out before the tears fall.  You get out your phone to get an uber, the closest one being 15 minutes away.  You give your information.  You walk to the street and sit down on the curb to wait.  You can’t hold the tears back as more and more escape.  You suddenly hear footsteps coming up behind you.  You quickly try to wipe some tears away, “Jack i’m not in the mood to talk about the Daniel thing.”  You hear the footsteps get closer, “What if i’m not Jack?”  You look over to see Daniel sitting down beside you.  You turn away, trying to wipe away more tears.  “What do you want?”

“Look Y/N.  I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have been so mad at you.  If you’re not ready to meet my family, that’s fine.  I shouldn’t have been that upset with you.  That’s your choice, and I need to respect that.  I don’t want to force you to do anything you’re not ready for,” Daniel moved closer to you, putting his arm around you.  You couldn’t help but fall into his chest in tears.  “I love you too much, and yes my family’s approval of you would mean a lot to me, but what they think doesn’t matter anyway.  As long as I got you babe, that’s all I want.”  You didn’t know what to say, you just wrapped your arms around his waist, crying even harder.  Daniel started rocking.  Smiling he got an idea.  He started to sing: 

They say we’re young and we don’t know, we won’t find out until we grow, well I don’t know if all that’s true, ‘cause you got me and baby I got you.”

You look up to Daniel.  Smiling, you start singing along, “I got you babe.”  You both start chuckling.  “Oh, and I also brought you this,” Daniel pulls a single daisy from beside him.  You look around not noticing any sign of where it could’ve come from.  Grabbing it you reply, “Daniel, where did you get this?”  Daniel looks off shyly, “Well… I may have pulled it from the vase on the dining table.”  Wiping away the leftover tears, you laugh.  “Well it’s beautiful,”  you lean down to smell it.  Daniel lifts up your chin, his blue eyes meeting yours.  “Y/N, take all the time you need to think about meeting my family.  I don’t even care if it takes years, because I love you and I understand if you’re not ready to meet them.”  You smile, “I love you too Daniel, and I appreciate you giving me time to think, but I think i’m ready.  I know that this will work out with you.  Plus, I know how much it means to you.”  Daniel kisses you.  He then pulls away to ask, “For real?”  You laugh, “for real.”

Hope you enjoyed it! Xx