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what you see VS what I see

besties Maciej and Markus and besties Daniel and Domen (huh, funny. M+M and D+D)

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Also everyone having the same pose except Danny and Domen.

When I first saw this I thought that Domen looks like a restive child but then I noticed that Daniel also has his arms crossed.

 And Krafti being so short next to Andi and then short Kamil :)

lonelyoutsider  asked:

maybe a weird question but has daniel ever done/said something that made aled blush? and if so what?

Oh for sure!! Particularly when they started properly going out, when they were 14/15ish. Daniel generally gets flustered more easily but I feel like Aled gets a bit flustered when Daniel says something very sincere (since he’s normally so sarcastic/biting), especially when it’s something romantic haha.

“Ramsey’s kid, Free, legend has it he was a two man team back in his mother country. fucking legends have it that him and another fucker, some ex-military personnel, shook england up and down, i mean, they weren’t all that flashy but by the time the kids are 18 they’re running an empire. and the funny thing is? Free is the brains behind it all, i mean, the other one, he had an eye for weapons, he was strong, he was loyal, but Free’s the one that started it. Built it from the ground up, ruled it how he pleased. it was his kingdom. and then the other one, Greechie i think his name was, he goes off to the military and gets blown up in Afghanistan, or so the legends say. I’ve heard whispers that he didn’t die but hey, they’re just whispers. anyway, Free and this Gretchen guy, they were closer than brothers when it happened, and Free breaks down, takes a step back,across the goddamn atlantic ocean, and Burns snatches him up.  those are the legends anyway and if you see Free you’ll know they’re all fake. Kid’s nothing but a pretty face, a pretty ass and a pretty accent. all gold and nothing but tumbleweeds on the inside. But what if they weren’t, what if Greenche is still alive, what if the rumors about Free werent all fake as hell? Can you imagine if they ever meet up again?”

mmkay so i decided that the wrold needed more fahc smg boys so here we are. lol. and yeah, in my hcs bc i am agnst, dan and gav are either regular dude bros up until gav just start learning how to hack before dan leaves, or dan and gav are running SMG, a mostly online based hacking/theft ring before dan goes into the military. dan gets ‘killed’ it seems, gavin breaks down bc its B, his B, his brother dead, kia, and he flees to america where Burnie find him and takes him in. an then years later they meet up by chance and it’s super sweet and sappy and gross.

anyway, im tried