daniel from mayfair


My little birthday gift for starstripper

. My SoulBro, I love you and I am forever thankful I got to know you. I hope you like this and that you have a wonderful birthday! And I’m also very sorry, I wanted to make something funny and cute at first, but then I thought it was a good idea to write Hazel’s letter and I probably shouldn’t have done that for a birthday present :/ Also, bad English.

(Spoilerish for Amnesia) Daniel then proceeded to throw an arm at Alexander. He accidently threw it inside the portal, closing it and dooming everyone in the room. It was quite embarassing.

I’m currently on a campsite with internet, so I decided to post this thing here while I can. I don’t know why, but it’s always when I’m on vacation that these horrible, tasteless Amnesia-jokes appear in my head.

Oh, and I completely missed my 1-year-anniversary on tumblr like two months ago. Thank you for staying with me for more than a year, I honestly didn’t expect to be on this site for more than a week.