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Can you recommend some french youtubers? I need to practice my listening. thank you!

Sure ! Imma give you most of the french youtubers I’m subscribed to, it’ll be easier hehe.

that’s what i watch most of the time at least. Hope it helps ! Also practicing hearing is the way to go. I began listening to Pewdiepie to learn english back in the day xD

I don’t know if someone has said anything about this yet, but in that “Better than you” song bit, David says “Let’s finish this in the finale” which always kinda struck me as odd because? They’re already in the ‘finale’ of the episode and he’s implying a reference to a different finale (not to mention finale kinda implies an ending to something bigger)

Is Daniel gonna come back in the season finale?

a little doodle of @danielhowell ’s eye and freckles