daniel dwight tosh

How Our Road To Tosh Really Went.

This is a bit late but I wanted take time to write it out how I viewed it in my head. LOL.

–First off, there was prolonging, nerve wrecking wait to find out if my one requested day is approved. No one should have to wait 3 weeks to find that shit out. Thanks for finally telling me two days before I leave.
Approved! One obstacle down. Little did I know there were many more obstacles leading up to our 10:30 show.

Day of Show!
We plan to leave Humboldt at 7. We leave at 7:30. Not bad.
Hour and a half into the drive, realize someone forgets the tickets.
We drive 80 an hour and a half back to go get the tickets.
Get the tickets and drive 80 two hours forward, only to realize that the same person who forgot the tickets, also forgot her I.D….. And, was also the one who drove back to get the tickets and then two hours on again. Not to mention, the last 20 min of that two hours back on the road again we were being tailed by a cop for what seemed like days. We didn’t drive back for the I.D, fuck that. We proceeded on to San Francisco.
Once we get to San Fran we panic a bit because the person who forgot the tickets and forgot her I.D also booked the hotel on her credit card.
So, we had to switch it over to a different card…, with an I.D.
Headed to pier 39 cause after all that shit we were starving.
Watch a couple in the car next to us literally and physically beat the shit out of each other driving through traffic. Actually, it was mostly the girlfriend in the passenger seat going bat shit crazy…… Bitches be tripping…, hard.
Got back to the hotel.
Get ready for Tosh.
Panic a little bit more because were still not sure if, Miss I forget my I.D because I got to drunk at the river off of vodka the day before we go see Daniel tosh, forgot her mother fucken I.D and this show is possibly 21 and over….. So we thought.
It’s not. And as soon as we hit that theater and sit in our seats and the lights get low we finally calmed down because, we were finally, there. And my dreams of seeing him finally came true.