daniel dodecahedron

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The Screamers - 122 Hours of Gucci intro
Getter & The Juggernaut - Grindhouse
Barron & Monxx - Warborn
Document One - Ace In The Pack
X-files theme VS Bestial Mouths - Scully’s Suffering (BlackBlackGold Prime Manhood Mix)
Mantis - Roughed Up
Treal Lee & Prince Rick - Throwed Off / Fuck Everybody remix
Bratkilla - Forsaken Brothers (Sore’s Crunchy Crashup)
Dr. Philth - Brule’s Rules
Bauhaus VS Zomboy - Stigmata Disco (BlackBlackGold’s Stonergoth Mix)
High Rankin - Escape From The Hood
Xiu Xiu - Apistat Commander
Cabaret Voltaire - Product Patrol
BRUXA - Die At Your Door
Waka Flocka Flame - Live by The Gun (HULK Remix)
Public Image, Ltd VS Substep Infrabass - Banging The Devil’s Door
Blessure Grave - Strangers in The House (Deathface Remix)
My First Hardcore Song by 8 year-old Juliet (Seki Yukio Remix)
Suicide Silence - Bludgeoned to Death (Mantis Deathstep Remix)
Dandi Wind - Mafu Cage
Hidden VS Dead Can Dance - The Drastic Host of Seraphim
Dayn VS Obsidia - Goliath’s Oblivion
ASAP Rocky VS Dead Can Dance - Song of Sippin’ Lean (BlackBlackGold Hood By Goth Mix)
untitled - 050812 saymyname
Salem VS Salem - Traxx of The Scene
X-Ray Spex - I Am A Cliche
Aaimon - A Screw/Holy Money (Swans Cover)
Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel - I Am Surrounded By Incompetence
Tuxedomoon - In Heaven
Strip Mall Seizures - Human Moment
Chelsea Wolfe - Dissolution/Rehearsal For Mortality (Rudimentary Peni Cover)
Otto von Schirach VS Virgin Prunes - #Beastpunk
Designer Drugs - The Terror
Henry Rollins VS The Vamp - Rave Review
Bloodfire - Vile
Celine Dion VS Broken Note - Back2Me Meltdown
Descendents - Marriage
Gucci Goth’s DEATH BY STEREO/ THE OMEN (RingOnIt gabber mix)
t.A.T.u - All The Things She Said (Nero’s Day At Disneyland Sable Leathery Wings Mix)
Sewn Leather - 4000 Calories
Jay Munly - Dar He Drone
Big Black - Steelworker
Monte Cazazza VS Britney Spears - Climax of The Freaks (BlackBlackGold Radio Disney Edit)
Married in Berdichev - I Don’t Want To Tell You
Crass - Our Wedding Day
Lindsay Lohan - Rumors (BLISSED OUT Remix)
Total Freedom - Darkcore Diva Hardstyle
Star Eyes - The Night (Deathface Remix)
Otto Von Schirach - End of The World
Nero’s Day At Disneyland - Pact With God/Charging Swarm of Mousketeers
Ravishing Beauties - We Will Meet Them Again
reliq - Haunted
I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU (BlackBlackGold’s Whitney Houston Burns In Hell Outro)