daniel defense m4

Swapped the BCM Mod 1 grip for an A2 grip, the Magpul enhanced trigger guard for a basic straight one, and I changed the flat cap for an extended cap on the LaRue VFG.

I dig it.

Sitting on top of an ASO bag by @refactortactical


Range Day + New Optic 

My brother got an Elcan SpecterDR 1-4x for his MK18. I think he’s finally done playing musical chairs with the optics on his MK18. He also snagged a Surefire M620V. I switched out the huge stock M93 mount for a much smaller Gear Sector M Series Mod 3 mount.

After putting the Elcan through some drills, i can totally agree with people who say the Elcan has super clear glass. The weight isn’t as bad as i thought it’d be, similar to the Trijicon TR24 1-4x he had on it.