daniel dare

imagine whatever you’d like ;-)))

daniel being done with ur attitude and bullshit, which leads to rough sex and him punishing you.

“Hey hey hey darling hey-”

“Oh my god Daniel what!” 

“I’m horny,”

“When are you not?”

“We should have sex,”

“Right now?”



“What babe, please?”


“Why not? I’m not ugly! I thought you loved me, Y/N”

“I do love you and you’re gorgeous but I have stuff to do later and i don’t want to shower,” 

“Then we can just fuck in the shower,” 


“Fine you’re just going to make me jerk off like a teenager?”


“Ugh! What did i ever do to you?!” 

“Well right now you’re being annoying, and now I’m thinking about it so I’m horny too so fuck you,”

“Aha! I win!” 

“Daniel shut the fuck up and kiss me,” 

actual conversation between you and daniel bc he’s a horny man child

Daniel seems like one of those classic high school guys that comes off as this total badass that smokes and doesn’t give a shit about anyone or anything. but on the inside he’s the worlds biggest geek who loves Marvel and wears his big round glasses as much as possible and owns multiple scarves even though he lives in California.