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So….. I really want to write 00Q

And I have an idea for a cute-but-progressively-smuttier fic where Bond says something like, “You’re the new Quartermaster? I could break you in half.”
And Q gives him some serious side eye and says “You could try.” And then they move on to that are-they-flirting and was-that-supposed-to-be-sexual dialogue via mics on the missions, and then texting and all that until Bond finally walks up behind Q and says, “I’d like to break you in half.” And Q says, “I’d like you to try.”


A shifter!au where Bond is a dragon shifter because I want him to LITERALLY breathe smoke when Q pisses him off, and can’t you just see dragon wings above his shoulder in that ^^^ picture???

Plus then he could growl and we all know I have a major kink for characters that growl.

Anyway, any comments of feedback is welcome 👍🏾👍🏾

Offline (00Q)(Masterlist)

AN: Not canon compliant, takes place after Casino Royale but doesnt follow movie timelines. Bond is Daniel Craig, Q is Ben Wishaw


Bond isn’t sure what to think of the new Quartermaster, of the high tech gear and the way the man is always in his ear thanks to mandatory ear pieces for all agents. The old Q hadn’t required those things after all, and everything had worked fine.

But Bond is a risk now, after Vesper, seeming to kill without noticing, without caring, and there are quiet rumors that he wont seduce his targets anymore, and that his drinking is out of control, so Q is told to keep a sharp eye on him and his mental health.

Bond is irritated with the constant presence of Q, but somehow their traded insults turn into teasing jabs, and then genuine affection, and eventually they move from talking via earpiece on missions to texting every day, with messages growing more and more explicit as time goes on.

But Q is nothing less than professional whenever Bond is around, and the agent has a hard time reconciling the aloof Quartermaster with the teasing devil that has him bringing himself off desperately at night to the naughty texts.

Q is a man connected to his tech, and Bond is a man living in the field, and the only way to be together is offline somewhere.
But which one is going to take the first step?


Chapter One









English actors heights chart. Because Martin.