daniel craig*


“Othello” by William Shakespeare

New York Theatre Workshop, 2016

Starring David Oyelowo, Daniel Craig, David Wilson Barnes, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Rachel Brosnahan, Blake DeLong, Glenn Fitzgerald, Slate Holmgren, Anthony Michael Lopez, Matthew Maher, Nikki Massoud, Kyle Vincent Terry & Finn Wittrock


So how was your day at work? haha 

This happened a few months ago at my office. So Daniel Craig was in the Atlanta area at the time filming a movie, and he wanted to stop by the studio that creates Archer. I had NO idea that I would be sitting right in front of him. I was completely star struck!

 Before he continued on with the tour of the studio, I asked if I could get my picture with him, and he told me he would once he was done walking around. I waited for a while and kind of figured he might of left and forgot my request, which wasn’t a big deal. But then I heard him coming down the hallway talking over his shoulder, “I’ll be right back, I promised someone I take a picture with them, now I just have to find her.” I shot my hand up and happily waved him over. 

I’m a Bond girl now! <3